How to raise the temperature on a thermometer? Is it possible to increase the temperature on a thermometer?

Surely every schoolboy at least once, but the question arose: how to raise the temperature on a thermometer? The children are engaged in similar experiments in order to skip lessons for a good reason. In this way they deceive their parents and "get sick" at home. In this article, we will talk about how to raise the temperature on the thermomete

r to the desired level. You will be presented only proven and effective ways of such manipulations.


Before raising the temperature on the thermometer, it is worth choosing the measuring instrument correctly. The mercury thermometer will do the job better. Of course, the electronic device can also be deceived. However, controlling the level of temperature increase on it is much more difficult.

So, if the thermometer is selected, and you have to measure the temperature, before you independently conduct experiments to heat the measuring instrument, it is worth familiar with the following methods.

How can I raise the temperature on the thermometer to the required level?

There are several ways to perform this manipulation. The effectiveness of many of them is proved by scientists. Some are effective, but come from the people. Let's consider in detail some effective methods how to raise temperature on a thermometer.

Get sick

The easiest way to increase the level of the mercury column is to catch a cold. During illness the human body fights against viruses and produces interferon. Due to this substance, the value on the measuring instrument increases. Before you increase the temperature on the thermometer in this way, you do not have to do any specific training. It is enough to perform a measurement in the armpit.

Using an unusual measurement method

There is another proven way to raise the temperature on a thermometer. In this case, you just need to change the usual place of measurement. It is worth noting that not all devices are suitable for such manipulation. Mercury thermometer perfectly copes with its task.

Insert the thermometer into the rectum and wait for about five minutes. In this area, the body temperature is always somewhat higher. The difference with the measurement in the armpit is approximately one degree. Thus, if your body has a temperature of 36.6 degrees, you will get a value that is more than 37 degrees.

Application of frictional force

Let's consider one more variant, how to catch temperature on a thermometer. To do this, you will need a thick fabric. Ideal for any woolen product or cotton. Take the thermometer in hand and quickly rub its end on the fabric. It should be noted that this method is suitable only for mercury devices.

Carefully follow the level of the mercury column. He can rise very quickly. When the mercury reaches the desired level, stop the thermometer from rubbing.


If you need to know how to fill the temperature on a thermometer imperceptibly, then this method is for you. It is suitable only for mercury measuring instruments.

Place the thermometer in a warm place. You can use your own body. Heating of mercury is excellent in the area of ​​the armpits. When the thermometer becomes warm, turn it with the mercury end up. After this, several times knock with a blunt base on any bone of your body. Mercury will slowly slide down. In this way, you can bring the mark to the desired level.

Using heating devices

To increase the level of the value on the thermometer, you can use a battery or an ordinary burning light bulb. Before heating the thermometer in this way, it is worth familiarizing with it in more detail. If you use mercury devices, then you can safely proceed with manipulation. Electronic thermometers can also have silicone tips, which easily melt under the action of high temperatures.

Place the sharp end of the thermometer against the hot tool. In this case, you need to closely monitor the level of the values ​​obtained. Mercury thermometers are heated very quickly and can burst. When the correct mark is obtained, cool the tip of the appliance. It can be done easily, just blow it a few times.

Hot water

This method is suitable for mercury thermometers and electronic devices that have a waterproof effect. Take a container of hot water and dip it into the sharp end of the thermometer. Do not use boiling water for this. Otherwise, the mercury thermometer can burst, and the electronic one can fail. As soon as the mark appears on the device, remove it from the container and cool it.

Red pepper

This method is used by many teenagers who want to skip school classes. To manipulate you need a pod of red hot pepper. Cut the vegetable across and chop it into the inside of the axilla. A thermometer placed in such an environment will increase its indicator by an average of two degrees.

Remember that this method has unpleasant consequences. The skin starts to burn and itch. In some cases, a severe burn or uncontrolled allergic reaction may occur.

Use of potassium permanganate

There is another way to work on the body to increase its temperature. An alternative to the previous method will be the use of manganese. If you do not have a pepper house, or you are afraid of allergies, then it is worth giving this method.

Take the powder of potassium permanganate and rub it under the armpit. In a few minutes you can start measuring the temperature, which will rise by 1-3 degrees.

Pencil guide

Many teenagers believe that if you eat the inside of a simple pencil, you can increase the body temperature. It is worth saying that this opinion is very erroneous. In some cases, the level of the mark on the thermometer actually increases. However, this is a symptom of ordinary poisoning. If you do not know how the lead will affect your health, then it is better not to use this method. Otherwise, you can not only raise the body temperature, but also get nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.


Now you know how to fill the temperature on the thermometer and get the desired mark. From all of the above, we can conclude that it is better to use mercury devices. They are more easily amenable to such manipulations and are simply controlled.

Electronic measuring devices are very difficult to deceive. What can we say about special plasters that are glued to the forehead and unmistakably show the temperature of the human body.