"Grippol Plus": reviews."Grippol Plus"( flu vaccine): description, price

In modern times, there are a lot of controversial questions about the benefits of vaccination. If the very essence of vaccination of the population is more or less clear, then the quality of the vaccine produced and its ability to cause side effects of physiological effects are frightening. These effects are fixed, and it is impossible to say unequivocally that vaccines are safe.

But the fact that it is the introduction of a vaccine that can inhibit the development of large-scale epidemiological phenomena, encourages many citizens to still have a positive attitude towards the implementation of the schedule of vaccination of people. To date, it includes several of the most effective drugs that guarantee the future full health of a person.

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If all parents know about the mandatory childhood schedule of vaccinations, then not all are notified that adults need to be vaccinated. Speech, in particular, is about vaccination against influenza.

This disease does not bypass neither children nor adults. Annual vaccination allows you to develop immunity to certain strains of influenza and, in the end, they generally do not have to get sick or carry an infectious disease without complications.

What is the "Grippol Plus" vaccine?

This is not the only drug that is used to vaccinate people of different age groups from influenza. But it is the most affordable in terms of cost and availability in pharmacy establishments.

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Vaccination "Grippol Plus" is produced by the domestic company NPO "Petrovax Pharm", engaged in the development of safe vaccinations. The flu vaccine is not its only product. In practice, there were recorded cases of recall of a whole lot of vaccines "Grippol Plus", the manufacturer, after mass incidents of side effects, withdrew it from the turnover of drugstores and medical institutions.

This drug has been tested. But you can not always hear positive comments about him."Grippol Plus" raises an ambiguous opinion about its effectiveness. Totally you can not trust any manufacturer today, if you evaluate the index of the result of the action of the injection. This is not agitation against vaccinations. No. Each vaccine will act on each individual organism in different ways. Before the release of the batch, developers identify the main list of side effects that the drug can provoke. But for one hundred percent to predict the reaction of the body is impossible.

This frightens many. On the scales are the risk of obtaining side effects from vaccination and more significant complications arising from the disease with new influenza strains. The logic of things to many prompts all the same to make a choice in favor of the first component.

Different opinions contain testimonials."Grippol Plus" is not trusted by everyone. Effectiveness of the drug is assessed by the absence of any side effects and hospitalizations during the year after vaccination. Vaccination "Grippol Plus" does not apply to those vaccines that produce persistent immunity to influenza.

What components are included in the vaccine?

Influenza vaccine "Grippol Plus" includes 5 μg haemagglutinin strains of influenza A subtype A( H1N1), 5 mg of hemagglutinin A( H3N2) subtype, 5 μg hemagglutinin type B, 500 μg of polyoxidonium immunoadjuvant. The composition is given per vaccine dose.

Form of preparation, price

Vaccine is produced in the form of a white or yellowish liquid, which is packaged either in vials or ampoules. One cardboard bundle can contain either five or ten pieces.

Vaccination can also be sold in syringes, which can be in the package, too, from five to ten pieces.

The price of 0.5 ml of liquid for injection against influenza for today is from 120 to 160 rubles.

Pharmacological properties of the

vaccine The following many reviews are often noted: "Grippol Plus" is advertised as a new generation of vaccines, which includes an immunostimulant that helps reduce the dose of antibodies, and therefore is safe for human health.

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This tool allows to effectively combat strains of influenza A and B. Note that this is not all, for today the existing types of influenza. If we hope that the vaccine protects against diseases caused by other strains of a known disease, the result will be obvious - no effect will not please the drug.

Vaccination "Grippol Plus" begins to function after injection on the 7-12th day.

Indications for use

The fact that the vaccine is designed to fight the flu is understandable. Is the vaccine "Grippol Plus" assigned to children? Many people say that they do.

vaccination of influenza plus reviews

The instruction on the use of the vaccine states that this means is allowed to vaccinate:

  • children from six months of age;
  • of elderly people over the age of sixty;
  • adults and children, those who often chills and are sick with ARVI;
  • of HIV-infected people;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases;
  • employees of social spheres are mandatory.

It is very often recommended to vaccinate "Grippol Plus" for children. People's opinions unanimously confirm this fact.

Contraindications vaccination with the vaccine "Grippol Plus"

It is not recommended to inject this drug to people with allergies to chicken protein, as well as other components contained in the composition. It is necessary to strictly take into account contraindications to the drug "Grippol Plus", otherwise you can provoke the development of serious health disorders of patients.

Side effects of the

vaccine This vaccine can cause swelling at the injection site, severe pain during the injection, provoke an increase in body temperature to 38 ° C, a painful condition identical with flu, general physiological weakness, headaches, symptoms of rhinitis, neuralgia, paresthesia.

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Vaccine "Grippol Plus": doctor's reviews

Medical luminaries in modern times adhere to the need for vaccination of different age population. Systematic implementation of the vaccination plan allows to prevent the development of epidemics, to develop immunity to new emerging ailments.

Influenza vaccine plus

However, not all doctors about the vaccine in question leave positive reviews."Grippol Plus" has proved itself not from the best side. Observing the vaccinated children and adults, it's impossible to say about the high efficiency of the vaccine today. But nevertheless it is used.

Many doctors emphasize that modern influenza has the property of constant modification and it is very difficult to protect people from infection.

To make a reliable description of the vaccine, you need to clearly understand what type of influenza strain the vaccinated person was ill with for a year. If no tests have been performed, then it is inappropriate to talk about the ineffectiveness of the drug.

Vaccination "Grippol Plus": feedback from people

Vaccination should be carried out in accordance with certain rules. At the time of injection, a person should be absolutely healthy, taking into account his condition two weeks before the injection. Body temperature should be normal.

Many patients, giving the doctor unreliable information about their health, eventually face side effects and, of course, negatively characterize the vaccine.

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There are some reviews that say that the vaccine did not affect the body in any way, as they were sick with the flu and ARVI, and continue to hurt in the cold season. Often such an opinion exists among employees of social institutions and organizations, which are daily surrounded by a large stream of people.

Almost no complaints about the ineffectiveness of the drug in parents of young children. Excellent vaccine "Grippol Plus" is carried by six-month-old babies.

The decision on whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate your child with this drug is always taken by parents. To say unequivocally, what kind of reaction to this vaccine the baby will have, no one can. If all instructions are followed during the injection, complaints often do not arise. However, no one is immune from the negligence of health workers in creating certain temperature conditions for storing the vaccine, which may entail the introduction of a low-quality party. Therefore, always pay attention to the period of release thereof during purchase or vaccination on a free basis in medical institutions.

This is one of the vaccines that are prescribed even to nursing mothers and women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

In the field of vaccination, it is difficult to determine which vaccine against influenza is the safest. Today, the vaccine "Grippol Plus" is a fairly common drug for all adults who want to be vaccinated and, without fail, children.

Only a competent expert can determine the state of your health at the time of decision to be vaccinated and advise a particular name.

Among the vaccinated people there are many reviews that the effectiveness of Grippol Plus is identical to many foreign-made vaccines, but the domestic product is cheaper.

When deciding on vaccination, you should always consult a doctor, ask what drug is available at the moment, what are possible non-standard cases of reaction to the components thereof, when it is better to vaccinate.

The decision whether to vaccinate or not with the vaccine "Grippol Plus" is accepted only by you.