"Miramistin" in the nose with a cold: description, instructions for use and reviews

Runny nose during life occasionally occurs in any adult and every child. The nature of this symptom may be different: bacteria, viruses, allergens, physiology or external factors. To cure a cold, many drugs have been invented. All of them have different effects. Today's article will tell you about the safe and proven drug Miramistin. In the nose with a cold, it should be digested only after medical appointment, as well as any other medicines. But often people avoid unnecessary visits to the doctor due to lack of time.

miramistin in the nose with a cold

What is Miramistin?

Before using this tool, please read the instructions. Even if you are recommended by the drug experienced acquaintances, do not rely on the opinions of other people. Remember the individuality of each organism.

So, "Miramistin" refers to antiseptic drugs. He copes with many bacteria, viruses and fungi. More often it is used for external application: they wash out wounds, burns, appoint in gynecology. It is worth a medication, according to some consumers, not cheap. You can buy 50 ml of the drug for about 300 rubles. This bottle does not have spray nozzles. This form of the drug is suitable for washing and instilling nasal passages, as well as rinsing. Is on sale and spray Miramistin. It is worth such a bottle of no more than 400 rubles for 150 ml. It would seem expensive for a nasal drug. But after all, he has a lot of volume.

miramistin in the nose with a cold to the child

Use of the drug in the common cold: indications

Can the Miramistin solution be sprayed into the nose with a cold? It is not immediately possible to answer this question. The use of the drug will be appropriate in the following situations:

  • viral cold( manifested by the abundant separation of liquid mucus of a transparent or murky color);
  • bacterial rhinitis( characterized by the release of a thick greenish or yellow secret);
  • sinusitis;
  • front;
  • sinusitis.

It is possible for an adult to wash his nose with Miramistin for the purpose of prophylaxis. With a cold in children, this should not be done. Why - find out later.

miramistin in the nose with a common cold to an adult

How does the medicine work?

If you enter "Miramistin" in the nose with a cold, then it will not cause any unpleasant sensations. The medicine has no smell and taste. It looks like ordinary water. The work of the drug is as follows.

The drug envelops the nasal mucosa, destroying colonies of pathogens. Its action is not very long. Therefore it is recommended to irrigate the inflamed areas as often as possible. The drug eliminates the pathogenic flora, preventing further contamination and attachment of new microorganisms. Effective medicine for gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, certain viruses, penicillin type fungi and so on. If you are still wondering whether to spray Miramistin in your nose with a cold, then it's best to consult a doctor.

miramistin in the nose with a cold

Pediatric use

Many parents inject Miramistin into the nose with a cold in the womb. But such application forms different opinions. If the nasal congestion is caused by the action of dry air( in children often there is a physiological runny nose), then you will only exacerbate its manifestations. Miramistine solution has the property of drying the mucous membranes. In this case, the nasal passages of the baby and so suffer from a lack of moisture.

Do not recommend some pediatricians to inject Miramistin into the nose of a child because of the danger of complications. Approximately up to three years, children have high chances of transition of rhinitis to otitis media. If you enter the medication incorrectly, the flow of solution will enter the ear canal along with pathogens. Do not be surprised if in a few hours the child complains of pain in the ear.

If Miramistin is appointed in the nose for a child, then it is worth giving a drip introduction. In this case, the effectiveness of the drug is questioned. After all, the solution will not cover all the mucous surfaces, but only a small part of them. Whether to use the drug for children, each parent decides for himself. But it is necessary to learn in advance and the opinion of the pediatrician.

miramistin in the nose with a cold to the child reviews

How to use the drug "Miramistin" in the nose for a runny nose for an adult? There are several options.
  1. Rinse the nasal passages with miramistin. To do this, dial the solution into the syringe, bend over the sink and enter the medicine into one nostril. With proper use, mucus along with the drug will flow out of the other nasal passage. If this did not happen, it's okay. All the same, the mucous membranes were thoroughly washed. The procedure is carried out up to 4 times a day.
  2. Spray Miramistin into the nasal passages. To do this, use the supplied attachment. Introduction of the drug is carried out by double pressing the piston three times a day.
  3. Rinse. If rhinitis( rhinitis) is accompanied by pharyngitis( inflammation of the tonsils and throat), then it is advisable to irrigate this zone. To manipulate you need 10-15 ml of solution. Repeat the procedure every 4-5 hours.

At your own discretion or on the prescription of a doctor, select the most convenient way for you to use. It is not necessary to combine all the techniques described at once.

to wash my nose with miramistin in a cold

Prevention of the common cold

It is possible and with the preventive purpose to use the Miramistin. How does the drug work in this case? If contact with an infected person has taken place, the pathogens are likely to penetrate the mucous membrane of your nose. If you do nothing now, then in a few days you will have a runny nose. Miramistin will help you prevent this unpleasant symptom.

On your return home, wash the nasal passages with a solution. It will remove pathogenic microbes and have an antiseptic effect. Do not overdo it: the use of Miramistine for the prevention is not allowed more than 2 times a day.

And people praise "Miramistin"

Many people use Miramistin solution in the nose( with a cold).Reviews such an application has a positive. After all, the medicine is absolutely safe. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream, it can be used even by pregnant women and young children. The important thing is to do it right.

Consumers say that the sooner the therapy begins with Miramistin, the more effective the result will be. Once you feel unwell( the itch in the nose started, there was a feeling of dryness, sneezing), use Miramistin. Most consumers prefer to have this universal medicine in their medicine cabinet.

There are negative opinions about the drug, but they are more common in patients who used Miramistin solution without prescribing a doctor. Consumers report an allergic reaction. It is manifested by itching, edema in the nose and reddening of the skin. If you are faced with such a problem, then, probably, you have an individual intolerance to the composition. You are not allowed to use Miramistin. There are also negative reviews from young mothers who used a medication for babies. You already know that if the baby's cold is caused by physiology or external factors, then Miramistin will only aggravate this problem. It is not necessary to independently introduce "Miramistin" in the nose for a cold to the child. The doctors' comments focus on this.

miramistin in the nose in the rhinitis babe

Summing up

From the article you learned about the universal antiseptic, effective in many pathological processes. In addition, the drug is safe and has positive reviews. But this should not encourage the consumer to go to the nearest pharmacy to purchase a drug for self-treatment. Remember that incorrect therapy can cause complications. With a cold, it's bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis and other pathologies. Use Miramistin as directed by a doctor and do not be ill!