How to survive the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

The woman herself does not understand what is happening to her. She is angry with the whole world, she feels sorry for herself and her unhappy life, I want to burrow under the blanket and cry. And then she realizes: yes this is the notorious PMS.Yes, the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are manifested in this way - depressive condition, painful sensations in the lower abdomen and in the waist, swelling of the mammary glands. And so it repeats month after month for one or two weeks before the onset of the next month.

Whoever suffers PMS

Young girls and women aged 20-40 are especially affected by PMS.Over the years, the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are weakened, and menopause naturally come to naught. There can not be any general rules here: each woman suffers this complicated period in her own way, depending on the characteristics of her body. There are lucky ones who do not react at all to the approach of menstruation, but their minority. Approximately 80% of women are somehow susceptible to these symptoms.

And yet, what happens?

And who knows! Doctors and puzzles, trying to scientifically explain the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. There are several theories on this subject, and all are quite plausible. Most often, they tend to the version of hormonal failure, which occurs with the approach of critical days for a woman. According to this theory, during this period there is some redistribution of female sex hormones - progesterone and estrogen, and the amount of the second increases dramatically. Estrogens, among other properties, are known for their ability to retain fluid in the body, hence puffiness, swelling of the breast, and soreness almost anywhere in the body. Also, an unfavorable excess of estrogen affects the psychoemotional system, hence the attacks of aggression, and tearfulness, and depression. There is another theory - the violation of water-salt balance in the body of a woman, which gives the same symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome: treatment of

Drugs to relieve a woman's condition with PMS, of course, exist. Another thing is how effective they can be. Everything will depend, again, on the characteristics of the particular organism and the severity of the problem. It's not a secret that someone can get off with a slight irritability and a couple of migraine attacks, and someone has to call an ambulance to remove the wild pains. And yet, general advice will not be superfluous. Most often, doctors prescribe treatment with gestagens - analogues of natural hormones, which help to normalize the disturbed hormonal balance. Along with this, a course of vitamin therapy and special medical exercises is prescribed, as well as a corresponding diet. Undoubtedly, before the true causes that cause premenstrual syndrome, drugs or other medication can not be prescribed. In some cases, these symptoms may be side effects of some other disease.

And the last

How to survive the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome of a woman to those who are with her nearby? It is proved that in these days its efficiency is sharply reduced, it becomes diffused and unbalanced. A woman needs great efforts so that her condition does not affect the relations in the team. And at home? And at home, native people, specifically - the husband, should show patience and tact. If he understands that his woman can not do anything with herself - everything will be easier. And the woman herself, by the way, will not stop braking herself, if only because nobody is to blame for her suffering. However, like herself.