Eye care and its causes

Vision is a very important function in the body, therefore, eye care is the main task of every person, regardless of whether he has problems in this area or not. In particular, it is necessary to protect them from overloads, to train, to carry out special gymnastics in order to keep working capacity for many years. And it is necessary to start these activities in childhood.

Eye care for a modern person is necessary in any case, because the life of each of us somehow comes into contact with the computer, which has a negative impact on the eyesight.

When you decide whether to take preventive action, you should consider that about 90% of all knowledge we get thanks to the ability to see.

One of the easiest methods that go into the system of vision hygiene is gymnastics. The easiest and most effective exercise is blinking. The essence of it is that you need to do 20-30 blinks, then rest( you can close your eyes, look out the window or up).Then the procedure must be repeated. The fact is that blinking not only helps to overcome eye fatigue, but also cleanses the mucous membrane.

Eye health can be maintained by performing such an exercise: for several minutes it is necessary to look at a point that is in the distance. Then you need to abruptly switch to the one that is from you in the immediate vicinity, and try to consider it as detailed as possible.

When you do all the exercises, you just need to close your eyes and sit in that position for a while. This is a very useful procedure, which needs to be done several times during the day. If you can not perform this gymnastics in the presence of your employees, try to go to another room or office.

Remember that eye care is productive only when all procedures are performed systematically.

To reduce the visual load, you need to take breaks in work and take your eyes off the monitor more often. Of course, sometimes it is difficult to control yourself and be distracted from working at the computer. However, this is just necessary: ​​you can look around, very helpful in this walk through the fresh air. In the office it is difficult to completely forget about work, it is best to change the stop, that is, to go out into the street.

Causes that can cause eye problems and visual impairment can be many. Very often, adults and children complain that they have red eyes. The treatment of such an ailment can not be prescribed without establishing the cause of such a situation. For example, this can be the result of mechanical damage( debris, dust and other rubbish in the eyes), fatigue and constant tension. Naturally, you should first contact an oculist who will diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment. For example, if redness arose after all as a result of fatigue, you should regularly do exercises for the eyes and observe eye hygiene.

Experience shows that in order to relieve fatigue from the eyes and refresh the face entirely, you can use masks, for example, from cucumber, compresses from parsley. A potato mask helps you to get rid of bags under the eyes, dark circles, and also helps to give the eyelids elasticity. To make it, grate the potatoes and wrap them in gauze. The resulting compress is put on your eyes and sit for a few minutes.

Remember that eye care is very simple, only it needs to be done regularly. Otherwise, vision will fall with time, and return it is almost impossible, even based on modern medicine. Therefore, take care of it, as they say, "from the youth"!