Symptoms of orbital fracture( orbital bone).Orbital bone where is located?

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broken orbital bone

Unfortunately, everyday life is not without dangerous situations, in which it is possible to get some kind of trauma, fracture or mutilation. In such cases, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Injuries to

People with an injured face area are frequent patients of medical institutions. Unfortunately, physical trauma is a frequent occurrence, like a fracture of the orbital bone. Spitting out the accumulated anger and fatigue outside, few people think about the possible consequences of a rash splash of their emotions. Of course, the causes of such damage can be many: car accidents, accidental collisions, falls, conflict situations, sports injuries, violence. .. Whatever the injury, you need to immediately seek professional advice for an objective assessment of your health. Often, with any physical shocks, people make their own diagnosis and seek medical advice only in case of emergency, for example, with concussion. But, as is known, many diagnoses and terms have been studied to date, and they are capable of inflicting harm not less than those that are already known. Always be careful about your health and carefully examine the person after the injury, since the effects of the blow can lead to fracture of the orbit.

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Where is it located?

In order to understand where the orbital bone is located, it is enough to study the structure of the cranium. Intracranial special indentations serve as a basis for placing the eyes. Facial skeleton cut protects the eyes from harmful factors from the environment.

orbital bone

The very orbit consists of wall surfaces. They are subdivided into frontal and sphenoid bones. If the trauma is applied to the zone separating the eyeball from the cranial fovea in front, then in this situation it will be considered a craniocerebral fossa.

What is the risk of a turning point in this area?

There is an inner wall between the eye orbit and the latticed nasal cavity. It is considered a dividing border. The presence of any pathological disorders in this area signals a possible danger of spreading inflammatory processes( edematous or infectious) to the eye. Cheeks, palate and upper jaw accompany the formation of the lower surface, which is a maxillary sinus, its thickness varies from 0.7 to 1.2 mm. All this eventually leads to a pathological transition from the sinus channels to the eye. At the very top of the eye surface there is an opening intended for visual effects. Through it comes the optic nerve. In the orbit are the eye, fatty tissue, ligaments, vessels, nerve endings, muscle tissue, lacrimal gland.

Fracture of orbit

Often fracture of the orbital bone covers the main parts of the orbit: frontal, temporal, zygomatic, maxilla and osseous parts of the nose. In case of any damage, a professional examination should be carried out after having studied the injuries.

orbital face bone

Any kind of fracture of the skull is always followed by an irreversible concussion. Fracture of the orbit entails the consequence of the impact of the eyeball. The structure of the skull - the system is rather thin, entailing a lot of unpleasant consequences with careless attitude and wrong, risky lifestyle. The type of such injury has its own name - "explosive".

Damage to the lower zone of the orbit can often not be separated. In general, there is a complete trauma to the inner, outer and maxillary walls of the eye canals.

Symptoms of fracture

How to determine the fracture of the orbital bone? Doctors identify the following symptoms:

orbital bone where is located

  • swelling, stiffness of eyeballs and pain;
  • shock state with elements of blurred vision;
  • decrease in the level of sensitivity of the lower nerve nerve, hence, and the back of the nose, cheeks, eyelids, upper teeth and gums;
  • bifurcated field of view;
  • ptosis( flattening of the eyelid);
  • for serious injuries - eyeball displacement;
  • bleeding and internal hemorrhage;
  • presence of air in the subcutaneous area and visible vesicles in the tissues.

What should a person do in such a trauma?

If the fracture of the orbital bone is not detected, infected complications can occur. Since the mucous discharge of the nasal cavity affects the orbit with a special aggravation of the already problematic position.

The face orbital face for such a diagnosis requires immediate first aid, namely disinfecting treatment with an antiseptic. At the first examination by a surgeon, special attention should be paid to excision of contaminated edges, damaged skin of the face. Only in this way can the further development of infection and complications during recovery be avoided.

You can seek advice or restore anatomical structures in the first three days after the injury. Fracture of the orbital bone of the eye does not always require surgical intervention, but examination by an expert expert once again confirms a responsible attitude towards one's health. Such fractures are considered serious bodily injuries, after which the victim may lose his ability to work or even remain an invalid.

fracture of the orbital bone of the eye

In some cases, if the orbital bone is broken, an X-ray is required to identify the severity of the problem in the patient. After that, the doctor already makes an accurate diagnosis, and also decides what to do in this particular case.

In the future, shortcomings in appearance can always be corrected with the help of plastic surgery, but it is better, of course, to protect yourself and your loved ones from accidents with horrific consequences. Be healthy!