Psychoneurological dispensary( Voronezh): specialists and reviews

Almost every large city has a psychoneurological institution. Voronezh is no exception. The dispensary is located on the street of the 20th anniversary of October. Getting on public transport, you need to get off at the stop "Nekrasov Street".

Psychoneurological dispensary( Voronezh) on Nekrasov - what should I know about him?

Psychoneurological dispensary Voronezh

About the dispensary

This is the only institution in the field of this kind. The most qualified specialists work in it. The profile of the services they provide is quite wide even for the most demanding patients.

Services provided by

Forty-five specialists( children's psychiatrists, narcologists, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists) are called upon to provide a psychoneurological dispensary( Voronezh) with qualified services. They are ready to provide outpatient and inpatient medical care. It is available to citizens of any age group who have borderline mental disorders, anxiety, depression, sexual problems, suicidal moods, crises.

Psychoneurological dispensary Voronezh on Nekrasov

In addition, the psychoneurological dispensary in Voronezh has the ability to conduct psychiatric examinations of people. This is necessary for those who need to obtain permission to carry out a particular activity( driving a car, enrolling in an educational institution, obtaining weapons, etc.).

Dispensary has several buildings. This allows you to accommodate a large number of patients and not deny anyone from needing medical care. Two dispensary and two stationary buildings are the entire psychoneurological dispensary( Voronezh).

The cost of the services provided is not very high, which makes them accessible to all categories of citizens.

Patient Reviews

Patients' opinions about the psychoneurological dispensary are quite different. There are also negative, but most are still positive. It is in this medical institution that the most highly qualified specialists in the field of psychology and neurology of the city of Voronezh work. They are not only ready to provide medical care to anyone in need, but also surround their patients with true warmth and goodwill.

Everyone who knows about the psychoneurological dispensary( Voronezh), understands why people trust his specialists. After all, doctors who accept patients in this institution do not just do their job - they show sincere participation and care. All of them are masters of their craft and are devoted to the profession by heart and soul.