Kinetosis: what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Cinema

Such troubles on the road, like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, excessive sweating, are signs of kinetosis. This condition is most often observed in children. Adult people usually outgrow kinetosis, even without any treatment.

However, in some situations, even when traveling in any mode of transport, symptoms of seasickness may appear. Next, you will find out what kinds of kinetosis exist, find out the signs of this condition, and also in what ways you can get rid of the problem. kinetoz what is it

Is it a disease or a feature of the body?

It should be noted immediately, describing kinetosis, that this is a condition in which there is nausea, dizziness, excessive sweating, quickening of breathing. Kinetosis occurs during driving in road, rail, airplane, ship, boat.

Experts still can not decide whether it refers to the category of diseases or whether it is a normal reaction of the body to acceleration and uneven movement.

kinetoza species

Preventive measures

Some people who regularly experience the symptoms of the condition described do not know what kinetosis is, what it is and how to get rid of it. But there are specific ways, using which, you can forget about the feeling of nausea and urge for vomiting during flights and crossings. Let's list them:

  1. Spend a distracting maneuver. Try to focus on something else, for example, for a child - when viewing a cartoon on your phone. Then you can not worry about motion sickness.
  2. Do not overeat. Knowing that your child or you yourself are suffering from kinetosis, before the trip, give up the dense food. In this case it is better to have a snack.
  3. Find the right place. If a person is rocking, if possible, he should be put on the front seat, so that he looks ahead, and not into the side windows.
  4. Traveling on a boat, boat or any other means of transport, a patient suffering from kinetosis, it is better to be in the cabin."But why then go swimming, if all the time to be locked up?"- you ask. You can do otherwise: be on the deck and be sure to fix the view on the horizon line or on any non-moving object.
  5. Choose the time. Disease kinetosis is more pronounced in women during menstruation, as well as during pregnancy. Therefore, during these periods of life it is better to refrain from trips to long distances.
  6. Remove the psychological problem. Often people themselves provoke kinetosis. Symptoms of it arise as a result of fear and anxiety before possible unpleasant sensations. In this case, you need to try to distract yourself, for example, listen to music or talk with friends.

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Varieties of

There are several forms in which kinetosis appears. Types of such conditions:

  1. Cardiovascular kinetosis. It is characterized by an increase in blood pressure, palpitations, difficulty breathing.
  2. Gastrointestinal kinetosis. There is nausea, vomiting, exacerbation or distortion of taste and olfactory sensations.
  3. Nerve kinetosis. In this case, a person complains of dizziness, headaches, drowsiness. This is the easiest degree of this condition.
  4. Mixed kinetosis. This is the most common degree of motion sickness. The signs of all three forms are mixed and combined.

Reasons for the development of road trouble

Actually, the reason is one. We will analyze it in detail, so that all readers will understand. From birth, the human brain learns to correctly assess and perceive movements: walking, jumping, falling, etc. It does this with the help of vision, the vestibular apparatus and receptors in internal organs.

When a person finds himself in unusual conditions of motion( rolling on a ship, riding in a car), incorrect impulses come to the brain. In response to this, protective mechanisms are triggered, which are manifested by various unpleasant symptoms of motion sickness, characterized in medicine as kinetosis.

The reasons for this road trouble are now clear, so let's look at how to ease a person's condition and get rid of the problem. kinetosis in 17 years of pills

Secrets of successful well-being

To the traveler does not sway, he needs to know some tricks:

  • If you know that in transport you can become ill, try to rest, sleep in the car, on the ship, in the plane.
  • Organize access to fresh air. This is an obligatory condition for the person who is crawling. Access to fresh air should be permanent, that's how the traveler will not feel the smell of gasoline or oil, which can provoke the appearance of nausea and vomiting.
  • Spot acupressure. About kinetosis( what it is) readers already know, but that an effective remedy against this condition is acupressure, know units. The person should press with a fingernail of the right hand in the center of the left palm. Then the hands change.
  • Liquid will save. To prevent dehydration of the body during the journey, it is necessary to replenish the water reserve. Excellent options against motion sickness are: cranberry juice, sour juices, tea with lemon, compote of dried fruits. It is very important that the drinks are warm, since cold drink irritates the stomach, so it can cause vomiting.

When the problem concerns children under the age of 10 years, this is normal. But if in adolescence the sea sickness does not pass, then this is already a pathological condition, with which it is necessary to fight. There are specific drugs with which you can defeat kinetosis in 17 years. Tablets of "Dramin", "Avia-sea", "Travel Dream", "Bonin" and others cope with this task excellently.

Drimin drug

It is prescribed for sea and air sickness, treats vestibular and labyrinthine disorders. Tablets are given to children from 1 year old, as well as adults. Take the drug before you eat. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, these tablets are not allowed to drink. You can not get involved with Drimina, otherwise there will be side effects: dizziness, severe fatigue, drowsiness, skin rash, dermatitis, trouble urinating.

The cost of 5 pieces of tablets varies between 140-150 rubles. kinetosis disease

Preparation "Bonin"

These are chewable pills that have an antiemetic, antihistamine and sedative effect. Tablets are effective for 24 hours. They are assigned to children from 12 years old, as well as adults. Pregnant and lactating mothers should be taken only after consultation with the doctor.

The drug "Bonin" can cause such side effects: fatigue, blurred vision, increased excitability( in children), dry mouth, drowsiness.

Tablets "Kokkulin"

This is another remedy for kinetosis. Produced in the form of absorbable tablets. For the prevention of seasickness, take 2 pills 3 times a day a few days before the proposed journey. For treatment - 2 tablets every hour. Children under 3 years are not allowed to take this medication. Pregnant and lactating women - drink only after the approval of a doctor. By the way, this drug does not cause drowsiness.

The cost of "Kokkulin" tablets is about 200 rubles.for 30 pieces. kinetosis pathological physiology


Because most people have seasickness, it is necessary to cope with their experiences, fears. If it is impossible to do this on their own, then the means "Sindogluton" or "Ephedrine" will help a person.

These drugs have anti-swing action, while maintaining normal mental as well as physical activity of a person. The scheme of taking these drugs is identical: drink 10 mg every 4 hours. A day can take no more than 50 mg of the drug.

These drugs can cause side effects: arrhythmia, increased heart rate, impaired movement, angina. Therefore, it is important to take them only on the advice of a doctor.

Antiemetic drugs

It is more difficult to deal with road trouble, in which a person begins to feel nausea and vomiting. These conditions are typical for such problems as gastrointestinal kinetosis. The pathological physiology of these processes is hidden inside the body, and for the elimination of this type of seasickness, the preparations "Cerukal", "Torekan" have proved to be excellent.

They block the activity of the vomiting center in the brain, so a person feels well with them during the trip. The minus of these drugs is that they remove only one symptom of the disease, while the other signs( dizziness, rapid breathing, etc.) are not removed.

The best therapy is training

Kinetosis can be treated without the use of various pills. A person should know that if he has a weak vestibular apparatus, then he is in a zone of risk of road trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to train this body.

The best way to do this is to ride the carousel and swing. Parents should not restrict their children in active games, forbid them to go to playgrounds. Jumping, somersaulting, skipping rope - all this is trained by the vestibular apparatus. And for adults, a great tool against kinetosis is dancing, sports and swimming.

Bracelet "Travel Dream"

Helps to cope with motion sickness and a bracelet "Travel Dream", which can be bought at the pharmacy. It is used for seasickness during air travel, traveling by train, car, or by driving on attractions. This bracelet suppresses motion sickness syndrome, providing a constant point impact on the wrist area. treatment of kinetosis

This tool is good because it can be used many times. The bracelet starts to act 5 minutes after putting on. If, nevertheless, a person feels that he may soon become ill during a trip, he can press on a special ball on the bracelet, which stops the unpleasant symptoms of kinetosis. Children can use this remedy from 3 years.


Now in the vocabulary of every person who read this article, a new word "kinetosis" appeared. What is it, hope, you now also became clear. As you can see, a phenomenon like motion sickness has a scientific name. In addition, there is a classification of this pathology: some people suffer from disorders of the gastrointestinal nature, others have heart problems, others can notice several signs of seasickness at once.

You can treat kinetosis with various pills and even bracelets. But the best way is to train the vestibular apparatus. Therefore, parents, do not forbid children to ride for a long time on swings, carousels. This way they can avoid the problems described in the article.