Drink for weight loss "Drain effect": reviews of women and instructions for use

Every woman dreams of being slim and beautiful. To reduce weight, there are many ways and drugs. Stages of the Energy Slim program are clearly aimed at losing weight. One of the products of this program is the drink "Drain effect".The reviews point out that the weight loss agent helps to remove excess fluid from the body and triggers fat burning processes.

Product description

The product "Drain effect"( reviews of slimming people pay attention that this product perfectly tones and invigorates) is a draining drink. Its action is based on six natural components. He starts the process of losing weight by draining tissues. It starts with the slimming program from "Energy Slim" - "We're losing weight easily".

The action of the drink "Drain Effect" is aimed at removing excess fluid from the body. Cleansing of toxins and toxins. Stimulation of microcirculation processes. Drainage of tissues and organs, resulting in excess fluid and fat leave the body.

The drink helps to eliminate swelling, improves well-being, increases tonus and energizes. After the cleansing process, a person's mood rises and the general well-being improves.

Drink properties

It is noted that it gives a good result when losing the product "Drain effect", reviews( instructions for the drink are attached and describe in detail its effect).The product for weight loss has a lot of useful properties, among which:

  • stimulation of metabolism;
  • reduction of fatty layer;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • development of the correct power supply system;
  • stabilization of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • blocking of unnecessary calories;
  • cleansing the body;
  • disposal of the body from toxins and toxins;
  • removing excess fluid from the body;
  • increased endurance, work capacity;
  • obtaining a charge of vigor and energy.

The drug favorably affects the physical and mental activity of a person. Helps to find lightness and good mood. Heals. Improves well-being and tightens the body.

Drain effect reviews

Composition of slimming remedy

Drink for weight loss "Drain effect"( reviews note increase in working capacity and physical activity after its use) contains:

  • fructose;
  • palatinose;
  • maltodextrin;
  • herbal extracts of lemongrass, rhubarb, white tea, prickly pear and peppermint;
  • flavor;
  • concentrate, created from aloe vera;
  • citric acid, which acts as a regulator of acidity.

Aloe vera and prickly pear in the product remove stagnant fluid from the tissues and remove it, eliminate swelling. Lemongrass along with white tea stimulates microcirculation processes. Rhubarb in combination with aloe vera stabilizes the activity of the gastrointestinal apparatus. Mint prevents stagnation of bile, promotes its circulation, carefully cleanses the liver. Maltodextrin in combination with palantozoic and fructose charges the body with energy. Remove fatigue. Promote a more active way of life.

Drain Effect Energy Reviews

Method of use

Must be used in the doses recommended in the instructions, the product "Drain effect".The reviews point out that it is best to use the drink together with other slimming products from the Energy Slim program.

To prepare a drink "Drain effect" you need to dilute the contents of one stick in 200 ml of pure water, which should have room temperature.

The product should be applied one stick twice a day. Since the drink is invigorating, it is advisable to drink it in the morning. For the best effect, the diet Energy Diet is added to the diet.

dreary effect negative reviews

The program "Slim easily" from Energy Slim

They note that the drink "Drain effect" has a pleasant taste, reviews. The slimming program, where the specified product begins, includes four stages. At each stage they use their own product, which involves certain weight loss mechanisms, such as:

  • DrainEffect. Removes excess fluid from the body. Removes cellulite. It awakens the body.
  • FoodControl. Reduces the feeling of hunger, as a result of which the amount of eaten is reduced by 50%.It forms the necessary caloric deficiency. The organism at this stage gets used to eat less and live without snacks.
  • Metabolic. Accelerates metabolism. Causes active burning of fat cells. Gives additional energy to the body.
  • BodyShape. Prevents formation of new lipid layers. It tightens the contours of the body. It fixes the result.

The program implies the use of these funds for 25 days and is divided into five parts:

  • 1-5 day. Awakening of the body. Use two Drain Effect sticks in the morning and at lunch, half an hour before meals.
  • 6-10 day. Stimulation of metabolism. Sticks Drain Effect is used in the same way as in the first stage. Introduce the FoodControl product for thirty minutes before lunch and dinner.
  • 11-15 day. Continued acceleration of metabolism. Take one capsule of Metabolic after a snack, between the main meals. Drug FoodControl is drunk in the same mode as in the second stage. Drain Effect is canceled.
  • 16-20 day. Formation of the silhouette. Use one capsule of Metabolic between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. Add two BodyShape capsules immediately after lunch and dinner.
  • 21-25 day. Fixing the result. BodyShape after lunch and evening meal.

During the execution of this program, you should eat certain foods. Refuse from sweet and carbonated drinks. Clean water, tea, coffee, herbal teas and non-carbonated liquid are allowed.

Salads on the basis of fresh herbs and vegetables( cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, radish, fresh beans, onions, celery, soybean shoots, sea kale) are recommended for consumption. As a dressing for a dish, you can use olive or other vegetable unrefined oil. You can add lemon juice and spices to your salad to taste.

During the period of weight loss, vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, white cabbage and color should be preferred. Advised to use the menu of turnips, baked potatoes, asparagus, radish, pumpkin, as well as sweet potato.

At this time, you should try to eat low-fat food. Do not eat flour. Introduce in the diet as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible. Drink at least two liters of clean water. Physical loads here will be superfluous and will only improve the result.

Drain Effect Feedback Instruction

Advantages and disadvantages of

The use of the drink "Drain Effect Energy" does not always give the desired effect. The reviews mark his positive and negative sides. The advantages of using the product include:

  • Naturalness. Means for weight loss does not contain chemical additives, and all components are natural.
  • Professional approach. The product is created by the unique development of dieticians, who are leading experts in nutrition.
  • Efficiency. The drink allows you to lose up to 5 kg in two weeks without diet and physical activity.
  • Purification. Removal from the body of harmful substances, toxins and toxins, as well as excess fluid.
  • Energy. As a result of excretion of unnecessary substances, the body loses several kilograms, which gives lightness and vigor to the body. It increases mood and improves well-being.
  • Drainage of fabrics. As a result of drainage of tissues all zones of the body are worked out, which contributes not only to elimination of fatty deposits, but also eliminates cellulite.

Among the negative sides, users noted the high price of the drink. The fact that it is difficult to buy in ordinary stores and have to go to the salon or book online. Many do not like the strong laxative effect of the remedy, which does not allow you to lead a habitual way of life.

Drain effect reviews of doctors

Efficacy of

It is claimed that it helps to remove liquid from the body and remove swelling of the drink "Drain Effect", reviews. The effectiveness of this drug is confirmed by many people. They used only one drink to lose up to two kilograms per week. If the whole program was applied, the results were more impressive: up to 8 in 25 days.

During the program, the body got used to eating properly. New healthy habits were formed. The craving for sweet and fat was reduced by 100%, which subsequently did not allow to return to the weighed kilograms.

Cost. Where can I buy?

The drug is purchased in NL International's branded stores, which are located in large settlements of our country. Their addresses can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. You can purchase the product "Drain effect" through online stores( real reviews indicate that after consumption of the drink from fatigue, there is no trace of lethargy).

The product "Drain effect" is worth between 750-800 rubles. The price of the full slimming program Energy Slim is 3,990 rubles.

Drain effect efficiency reviews

Drink "Drain effect": women's reviews( positive)

Many users were satisfied with the result that gave them this product. They note that the drink has a pleasant refreshing taste. Diluted easily and has a convenient packaging, which allows you to take the stick to work.

Users, without using the full program, were dumped two weeks before five kilograms of excess weight. Such a result was observed without the use of diets and physical exertion. Ladies note that swallowing has gone after consuming the product. There was lightness, energy. Increased efficiency and physical activity.

There are women who buy this drink to maintain harmony. Use it from time to time. They say that after drinking the course, they lose from 2 to 5 kg without fitness and food restrictions. Some people with edemas use the "Drain effect" in order to remove excess fluid from the body. It is said that in this plan the drink operates smoothly.

Reviews negative

There is a negative drink about the drink "Drain effect".They note that the product has a strong laxative effect. You have to go to the toilet every ten minutes and for three hours after using it. Some for this reason did not take it for two weeks, because they were afraid of dehydration. These people warn that with the liquid from the body, useful substances are washed out, which can be dangerous for health. There are users who note that the slimming remedy gives only a temporary effect and to take it without a complete program is meaningless.

Some people consider the price of the product to be too high. They do not like that the slimming remedy is not sold in regular stores and you have to look for a branded salon or order online.

Drain effect reviews of women

What do doctors say about the Drain Effect?

Reviews of doctors note that the use of this drink for weight loss does not require additional training and a cardinal transition to another food system. With it, you can start losing weight on any day. Nutritionists claim that the product contains useful substances, from which the body is charged with vigor and energy, and the person begins to move more. Burn calories and lose weight. All this becomes the reason of good mood and perfect state of health.

Specialists note that it is impossible to say exactly how many kilograms will be left after using this product. From their words, the process of losing weight affects many factors, this: age, sex, physical activity and diet. Applying the product from NL International, you can passively lose weight, but for a while. According to doctors, if you do not change your lifestyle, the weight loss will eventually return.