Color lenses Neo Cosmo: look into the soul and stare with a look!

Who among you has not dreamed at least once in your life to be in the place of that pretty girl from advertising that looks from the screen with a piercing gaze? However, in life to achieve such an effect without professional make-up and a photo or video operator is not easy. But you can still do something yourself, but Neo Cosmo's bright lenses will help in this.

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About Neo Vision

In 1993, the Korean company Neo Vision began manufacturing soft contact lenses for patented technology. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in production, due to which the concern boasts a product of high quality with excellent optical characteristics. Neo Cosmo lenses are gaining popularity all over the world. Today in Russia there are only four official representations of the concern, which are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don.

In addition, Neo Vision takes care of the environment. In order to minimize the consumption of energy resources and to reduce the amount of waste, special technologies for processing secondary raw materials and energy saving are used in production.

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Types of lenses Neo Cosmo

Among the range of the manufacturer, everyone can choose the right option for themselves. Want to adjust your eyesight? Easily! Or maybe you dream about a piercing, fascinating look? And it is possible! Neo Vision offers a choice of:

  • Corrective lenses for daily wear.
  • Neo Cosmo color lenses( with and without diopters).
  • Carnival CRAZY lenses.

In addition to lenses, the manufacturer offers accessories for care, namely Neo Plus solution in volumes of 60, 130 and 360 ml. In addition to the liquid, there is also a special container in which it is convenient to store and process the lenses. Remember that the container should be changed from time to time!

Characteristics of lenses

When choosing lenses, it is important to proceed from the individual characteristics of a person, because what is suitable for one can harm another. Therefore, before buying, it is strongly recommended that you contact an ophthalmologist to not only conduct a diagnosis of visual quality, but also to measure parameters such as the radius of curvature and diameter. It is for them you will be guided by the choice.

Contact lenses Neo Cosmo have universal characteristics, which is suitable for almost everyone with rare exceptions. The radius of curvature is 8.6, and the standard diameter of the lens is 14.2.Even if you do not know for sure your performance, you can safely try the Neo Cosmo lens.

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Lenses for vision correction

The glasses have become obsolete, today many people with poor eyesight wear contact lenses. Neo Cosmo produces them in two versions: monthly( in the package 6 blisters) and quarterly( 2 blisters).As you understand, they differ, first of all, by the period of wearing.

It should be noted that lenses for a month are produced with diopters from -0.50 to -5.00, but they have a higher moisture content, which means that the eyes will not dry. If you have a bigger minus, you'll have to order a quarterly( -0.50 to -20.00).The moisture content in them is slightly less, but the wearing time is longer.

Carnival and colored lenses

According to statistics, the most attractive colors of the eyes are blue and green. But what if nature has endowed you with gray or brown eyes? Neo Cosmo color lenses come to the rescue. The company Neo Vision produces for you more than 70 different colors and shades, among which even the most capricious will be able to pick up something to your taste. What's important, the lenses have a 0.25 pitch, which is a rarity!

Lenses Neo Cosmo One Tone. Suitable if you want to slightly change the color of the eyes or make them a little brighter. The lens is painted in one shade, so it is not recommended to wear dark eyes. The maximum diopters are -8.00.Moisture content is 45%.The period of wearing is 3 months.

Neo Cosmo Two Tone Lenses. But these lenses very qualitatively overlap not too dark brown or blue eyes due to double staining. Mixing the shades allows you to make the look deeper and more expressive. The maximum diopters are -8.00.Moisture content is 45%.The period of wearing is 3 months.

Lenses Neo Cosmo Tri Tone. Like Neo Cosmo Two Tone lenses, they have several colors. And shades( and their three) can be as close to each other, and absolutely contrast. The maximum diopters are -8.00( only two colors).Moisture content is 45%.The period of wearing is 3 months.

Lenses Neo Cosmo Fout Tone. These are the brightest lenses, which are painted in four colors. They best cover dark eyes and help completely change the image. The maximum diopters are -8.00( only two colors).Moisture content is 45%.The period of wearing is 3 months.

colored lenses neo cosmo

Separately it is necessary to allocate carnival contact lenses Neo Cosmo, among which you can find even popular anime variants such as "Sharingan", as well as a thorn, cat's eye and much more. Carnival lenses are also divided into two subspecies:

  • Neo Cosmo Circle Emotion;
  • Neo Cosmo Crazy Lenses.

The first option will be a godsend for those who do not want to change the color of their eyes, but they dream of an expressive, deep and memorable look. Drawing on the surface of such lenses is applied only along the edge, due to which the mysterious effect appears. Circle Emotion are available in 4 different shades, but only with diopters of 0.00.

But Crazy Lenses - a great option for a carnival or theme party. Have you chosen a cat costume? Super! Supplement the image with Neo Cosmo lenses "Cat's sight".Or maybe you prefer "Belmo" or funny "Smilies" in the eyes? And this is not a problem with Neo Vision lenses.