Treatment of gout with exacerbation at home by folk remedies. Treatment of gout in a sanatorium, surgical method. What should be the diet?

Gout disease is known to mankind since ancient times. All the main signs of the disease were described by Hippocrates. Previously, this disease was called a disease of kings. After all, problems with joints often occurred in representatives of the upper class. The reasons are quite obvious: lack of mobility, excessive addiction to alcohol and meat. The disease continues to remain treacherous today. However, various techniques that provide treatment for gout with exacerbation, give many patients a chance to improve their condition.

treatment of gout with exacerbation

Characteristics of the disease

Some people are familiar with the ailment of literary works. Others, unfortunately, experienced it on themselves. Gout is one of the types of arthritis. It has a very definite reason.

Pathology provokes excess uric acid, which accumulates in the body as a result of impaired metabolism. This substance is formed into microcrystals and settles in the joints. Most often they are deposited in the joints of the foot, thumb, knee. A distinctive feature of the crystals is the needle-shaped form. That's why they dig into the joints tissue, provoking unbearable pain.

The attack usually begins at night. There is a lot of pain, which in a short time is just unbearable. The joint swells and turns red. Only adequate and timely treatment of gout with exacerbation can reduce the severity of symptoms.

The disease can appear in any person. But according to statistics, the most common pathology is observed in men 40-50 years old. Quite often gout, which is not treated with adequate methods, leads to the development of kidney stone disease. There may be other, no less serious ailments. That is why it is so important to start the fight against an insidious disease in a timely manner.

Recommendations to the patient with exacerbation of

Of course, if the pain has arisen for the first time, be sure to consult a doctor. After all, only with the help of tests can you properly diagnose an ailment.

treatment of gout with exacerbation at home

If you are sure of the disease, then the treatment of gout with exacerbation at home will be as follows:

  1. Mandatory adherence to bed rest.
  2. It is recommended to fix the patient's limb in a slightly elevated state. Be sure to give her complete peace.
  3. Use anti-inflammatory drugs. On the damaged area you can apply Vishnevsky ointment or Dimexide solution.
  4. The patient needs a certain drinking regime. Alkaline mineral water, acidic freshly squeezed juices, rice broth are useful.
  5. Patient should adhere to a half-starved diet. Vegetable broths, jelly, water porridges are useful.
  6. In severe pain syndrome, analgesics or NSAIDs are taken. Most often with gout medications "Diclofenac", "Nimesulide", "Indomethacin" are recommended.

Compliance with such recommendations allows you to stop an attack in just 2-3 days.

Folk remedies

Medication methods recommended by doctors in the fight against pathology do not exclude the use of home recipes. Treatment of gout with exacerbation of folk remedies has fully confirmed its effectiveness. After all, for the millenniums of the existence of the disease, many wonderful methods have been accumulated that can alleviate the patient's suffering.

Doctors often recommend that patients include various folk methods in therapy. Their advantage in accessibility, careful checking of time and absence of contraindications.

Methods for exacerbating

So, which methods can you resort to if suddenly you have an attack?

Doctors and healers recommend the following treatment for gout with exacerbation of folk methods:

  1. Activated carbon. If for several hours a strong attack does not pass, this therapy will be effective enough. Take 4 tablets and diligently chop them. Add a little water to the powdery composition. To ensure an excellent effect, it is recommended to put 1 tbsp in the gruel.l.of linseed oil. Stir the ingredients. Apply the mixture to the damaged area at night. By the morning the pain syndrome will decrease significantly. However, remember that the activated charcoal can not cure gout. But he will perfectly eliminate the pain.
  2. Lemons. You need 1 kg of citrus fruit. It takes 5 minutes to pour the lemons with boiling water. Be sure to keep them all submerged in water. Cut the citrus, remove the bones. Pass them through the meat grinder. This "medicine" is stored in the refrigerator. Take the next drink once a day, once a day. Add 1 tsp to the glass of water.lemon billet and ¼ tsp.soda.
  3. Copper. Do not be surprised. Treatment of gout with exacerbation with copper is one of the effective ways. You can use ordinary wire. In severe pains, the wounded area should be wrapped around with copper. The patients' testimonies indicate that even the strongest sensations start to subside in about 30 minutes. And after an hour the discomfort completely disappears. The tumor after such treatment comes off on the second day. The patient is able to fully return to everyday life. treatment of gout with exacerbation of folk remedies
  4. Cherry berries. They have the strongest anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to eat at least 300 g of berries per day. Such treatment should last 7 days. Cherry perfectly reduces the concentration of uric acid in the blood. And, as you know, it is she who provokes the development of gout.
  5. Fresh celery. It is necessary to squeeze the juice out of it. Its use significantly reduces the pain in the joints. It is recommended to apply the remedy before meals 3-4 h. To get a beneficial effect of treatment, you should repeat the procedure daily for a week.

Medical aid

However, one should not rely solely on folk remedies. After all, the disease of kings can retreat only with complex therapy. Therefore, the treatment of gout with exacerbation must necessarily include medication. But remember that they should be assigned only by a specialist.

treatment of gout during exacerbation in a sanatorium

Most often, acute therapy is based on the following medications:

  • painkillers: Ibuprofen, Voltaren, Nimulide;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs: "Colchicine", "Indomethacin";
  • medications that reduce the concentration of uric acid: "Purinol", "Allopurinol";
  • external ointments: Diclofenac, Butadion, Fullflex.

Treatment of a chronic ailment with folk remedies

It should be understood that even without exacerbation gout continues to disruptively affect joints. Therefore, do not throw the therapy as soon as you manage to stop the attack. Otherwise, soon, gout treatment will be needed again, with exacerbation.

Herbs are very popular. They are a powerful remedy for gout.

treatment of gout with exacerbation by surgical method

A wonderful therapeutic effect will be provided by the following baths:

  1. Camomile. It will take 100 g of plant flowers and 200 g of sea salt. Components pour boiling water - 10 liters. Be sure to let yourselves infuse. When the fluid gets a temperature of 38-40 degrees, you can begin treatment. In the bath, immerse the patient joint and hold it in the liquid for a while.
  2. Sage. To prepare the infusion, you need 6 liters of water and 100 grams of the above-mentioned herbs.15 minutes mixed ingredients should be boiled. After cooling to 38 degrees, the liquid for treatment is ready.

The course of therapy with trays implies 25-30 procedures. If we talk about the duration of one manipulation, then it lasts 30-40 minutes. However, it should be remembered that when cooling the liquid, it must necessarily be heated.

Sanatorium treatment

Such therapy is very popular. Its main goal is to fight the main cause of the disease - increasing the concentration of uric acid.

However, treatment of gout when exacerbated in a sanatorium should be prescribed by a doctor. Because such therapy has contraindications. In addition, not all procedures can be prescribed during an attack.

It is strictly forbidden to sanatorium treatment for individuals who are diagnosed with:

  • renal failure in chronic form;
  • arterial hypertension.

The most common therapy is based on two directions:

  • taking therapeutic baths;
  • the use of mineral waters.

Patients are recommended certain resorts. As a rule, these are sanatoriums in which the patient is offered baths containing radon, sodium chloride, sulphides, nitrogen. Useful iodine-bromide.

treatment of gout during exacerbation with copper

Alkaline mineral water is recommended for use. They contribute to the acceleration of metabolism. Alkali provides the splitting of uric acid. Thus, painful crystals do not increase in size, and no tofus formation occurs.

Surgical method

The surgical method is very rarely used. Treatment of gout with exacerbation by surgical method may consist of puncture of the joint. During the operation, corticosteroids are inserted into the articulation.

As a rule, the need for surgery arises if the deposits are greatly expanded and have a negative effect on the tissue. In this case, the nodes are removed surgically. If there is a significant destruction of the cartilage, the patient is shown a recovery operation - arthroplasty.

Diet. Prohibited products

One of the most important roles in fighting the disease is proper nutrition. Observing the diet, you provide effective treatment for gout with exacerbation.

What products are not allowed in the first place? Doctors advise to refrain from eating:

  • fatty meat, fish;
  • by-products;
  • meat, canned fish;
  • animal fat;
  • smoked products;
  • of rich broths.

These products increase the production of uric acid.

In addition, it is necessary to exclude food that can provoke an exacerbation of the disease:

  • mushrooms, beans;
  • spinach, cauliflower, sorrel;
  • chocolate;
  • raspberry;
  • strong tea;
  • figs;
  • coffee, cocoa;
  • alcohol( especially dangerous beer).

Recommendations for Nutrition

What are the foods that people who are prescribed gout treatment should use when exacerbating?

treatment of gout when exacerbating what foods can not be primarily

The diet is based on the following food:

  • vegetables( potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.) - raw, boiled or stewed;
  • fruit, berries;
  • fruit drinks, compotes, loose tea, jelly;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetable broth;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • cereals, macaroni from durum wheat;
  • fresh citrus juices;
  • bread - rye, wheat, it is possible with bran;
  • alkaline mineral water;
  • marmalade, pastille;
  • decoction of rose hips.

Important recommendation of

People suffering from gout should remember that dietary nutrition is the basis of treatment. The right diet can gradually save the patient from painful symptoms. However, be aware that digression from the diet will cause new attacks. Therefore, the observance of the diet described above should become the norm of life for gout.