Nabotova cyst of the cervix: is it necessary to treat it?

Nabotova cervical cervix is ​​a fairly common problem. According to statistics, approximately 8-10% of the female population of the world suffers from this pathology. In fact, this cyst is not always dangerous for a woman's health. Nevertheless, in such cases it is necessary to stay under the supervision of a doctor and undergo regular examinations.

What is the Naboth cyst of the cervix?

cervical cyst

This is a benign neoplasm of the cervix, located on the side of the vagina. This cyst, as a rule, has small dimensions( several millimeters in diameter), but it can grow up to two centimeters. Neoplasms can be either single or multiple. The cyst can be easily detected during a routine examination by a gynecologist - it looks like a small dome of white or yellowish white color.

How is the Naboth cyst of the cervix formed?

The fact that the cervix from the vagina contains a specific glandular cells that produce a protective secret. These small glands in medicine are better known as Nabotov's cells( named after the discoverer).

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In some cases, the outflow ducts are clogged with epithelial cells, as a result of which the secret secretion accumulates inside the glands. So cysts are formed - small seals containing a liquid. Unfortunately, for today the reasons of such blockage are unknown. It is only known that the result is often caused by diseases and inflammations of the cervix.

Cervical cyst: signs of disease

cervical cysts

In fact, such a disease is asymptomatic. Nabotov cyst does not cause any changes in the woman's health, nor during the menstrual cycle. Therefore, in most cases, neoplasm is detected quite accidentally during a routine gynecological examination.

Nabotova cervical cyst: diagnosis

As a rule, the cyst can be found during the examination with the help of a mirror - the doctor will see small formations of white color. In the future, women are also carried out colposcopy, during which the cervix is ​​carefully inspected with the help of special equipment. The doctor will also prescribe additional tests to check whether there is a risk of malignant degeneration.

Is Naboth cyst of a cervix uteri dangerous?

There is an opinion that such a cyst is completely harmless to a woman's health. In fact, this is not entirely true. First, there is always a risk of malignant cell degeneration. Secondly, the growth of the cyst contributes to the development of various inflammatory diseases of the cervix and all internal genital organs. Nabotov's cyst is dangerous in pregnancy, since there is a risk of its rupture during passage of the fetus.

Cervical cyst: removal of

cervical cyst removal

Not always with a similar diagnosis requires some specific treatment. If the cyst is small and increases in size slowly, then the doctor can wait with the appointment of therapy - in such cases it will be enough to undergo regular gynecological examinations.

However, sometimes it is just necessary to remove the cyst and clean the gland. To this end, different methods are used. First, the cyst is carefully punctured and the entire contents removed, followed by cauterization with chemicals, liquid nitrogen, laser or radio wave equipment.