People's remedies for a hangover

Many people know about what the hangover syndrome is, not by hearsay. Even with the use of a small amount of quality alcohol, headache and nausea can still unexpectedly overtake anyone. How to cope with this unpleasant state? How can I regain good health sooner? This will help people's remedies for a hangover.

folk remedies for hangovers And the first thing they advise you to do when you wake up in the morning is to take a cool shower. Just do not include too cold water, otherwise you can easily catch a cold. But a prolonged contrast shower will be an excellent way to bring the body into tonus and help him wake up completely. After this, it is worth doing a few physical exercises, because sipping and a couple of squats will master everyone. Their implementation will accelerate the saturation of cells with oxygen and, as a result, will have an invigorating effect. These are the very first and elementary folk remedies for a hangover.

The next thing you need to pay special attention to is a copious drink. Experts advise drinking in this condition at least three liters of fluid. It can be mineral water, tea, juice, broth of a dogrose or a brine.

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so as not to have a hangover

All these folk remedies for a hangover are aimed at eliminating dehydration of the body. Brine, by the way, will be the best solution in this case, since salt contributes to a significant fluid retention in the body. A variety of sour-milk products also excrete toxins, but coffee is best left for later. This, of course, is a good means for not to have a hangover, but it helps to increase the pressure, and in this condition it is definitely not necessary.

Among other things, it excellently eliminates the signs of hangover food. In this case, it is extremely desirable to eat very tightly. It will be good to eat fat broth. This dish is quite satisfying, but easy. You can add more garlic and greens to it, which will provide an alcohol-depleted body with additional vitamins. In the event that there is no appetite at all, you can eat some sour cabbage. It will accelerate the digestive processes in the body.

getting rid of a hangover But this is not all the main folk remedies for a hangover. At least you can use the following recipe for an unusual "cocktail".Whipped raw egg should be mixed with a small amount of ketchup, a few drops of ordinary table vinegar and a pinch of table salt. All this is a good mix, and then a volley. Another version of this remedy is based on mixing the raw egg with a tablespoon of vinegar, salt and pepper. All ingredients are mixed and also drunk at a salvo. After all this, you can take several tablets of activated charcoal. It helps to cleanse the body of toxic toxins.

It's always important to remember that getting rid of a hangover is not a panacea. In order to feel good the next day and not to suffer from a headache, drinking alcohol, you must drink it with fruit juice, juice or compote. This incredibly simple prescription will prevent dehydration and reduce the concentration of alcohol in the stomach. For each drunk wine glass or a glass of alcohol should be drunk exactly the same amount of water.