What is Lingama? Lingam massage technique

Surprisingly, in the past few years, one and the same name can be found in Hindu manuscripts and offers of intimate services salons. For example, Lingama. What is it, know the spiritual enlightened followers of Shiva and the "priestesses of love" who provide similar services for round sums.

Lingam, Lingam massage

From Sanskrit an intricate word is translated as a "rod of light."It's about the male sexual organ. This is the prototype of the god Shiva, a symbol of fertility. In the homeland of one of the oldest religions, he is treated with reverence, as the source of all life, energy, light.

What is a linga

Lingam massage is not just a mechanical effect on the skin, in particular a phallus, but a real philosophy aimed at maximum relaxation, filling the body with energy. Teaching massage techniques is a process that requires responsibility and attention.

Objectives, features, purpose

What is Lingama, why do it and what kind of sensations will a man experience? Specialists characterize the process of bodily contact from different sides.

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The pleasure of .Obviously, gentle touches of female hands to the most sensitive male organ can not but deliver pleasant sensations. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 representatives of the fair sex, having experienced the pleasure of private massage Lingam, return to repeat the procedure after a month.

The healing effect of .According to the Eastern masters, if you adhere to the ancient technology, the procedure is able to normalize health, improve the work of internal organs. The penis concentrates a lot of active points, stimulation of which finds a favorable response in the basic systems of organs. Experts say that Lingama is an effective way to relieve tension, increase self-esteem, and improve mental health.

lingama what is it

A real chance to strengthen the relationship .The Lingam technique is an intimate process aimed at the spiritual unification of partners. With a mechanical effect on the skin in its usual sense, it has nothing to do. To experience a powerful result, it is necessary to conduct it in pairs that trust each other.

Preparing for the

procedure The preparatory process is not much different from the classical massage. The main thing, a man should relax as much as possible, do not apply to extraneous things, get rid of the negative. It is recommended to take a bath with relaxing aromatic oils or a shower, use the technique of deep breathing.

The atmosphere in the room should be comfortable and peaceful. Muffled light, relaxing music, candles, etc. will help.

private lingam massage

It is important to empty the bladder before starting the procedure. Knowing what Lingam is, it becomes clear that the massage can be delayed for a long time, and it is highly undesirable to interrupt it with trips to the toilet. If a man will have a desire to go to the toilet, relax the body and mind, he will not be able to concentrate on the pleasure will not work.

No less important role is played by the right pose. It should be located on a flat surface, lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and slightly spread out to the side. To facilitate access to the penis, it is recommended to put a pillow under the buttocks. It is not superfluous to put curled towels under the inside of the knees.

About convenience it is necessary to take care and one who will practice Lingama for men. Massage - the procedure is long, so pain in the lower back, leg flow and other discomfort should not be felt. Optimal poses - standing, side, front, sitting on the waist of the partner, pointing his legs towards his head.

Recommendations for performing massage

To adjust the man to the desired wave, first you need to perform a general relaxing massage of the whole body. You should start with your feet - the main center, where stress accumulates. Gradually move forward to the thighs and buttocks. Penis and adjacent areas should not be touched. At this stage, the woman's goal is to give relaxation, to save from the accumulated negative, fatigue. Then you can go to the waist, back, chest. Movements should be stroking, patting, with slight pressure. The duration of the events is 15-20 minutes.

When a woman realizes that a man is relaxed, she must show him what Lingama is. Attention should be paid not only to the penis, but also to the adjacent areas: the testicles, the pubis, the erogenous area between the scrotum and the anus - the famous male point of G. Massaging the testicles, it is necessary to show accuracy, the described zone is extremely sensitive, strong pressure can cause discomfort.

For the best contact with the skin, it is recommended to use special massage oils and lubricants. Surfaces must be as slippery as possible, this will ensure maximum softness of touch. Dryness of the hands and penis will provoke excessive constriction and discomfort.

how to make lingam

Asking how to do Lingama, it is important to monitor the correct breathing of a man. The exhalation and exhalation should be even and deep. Increased respiration and mild dyspnoea indicate a rapid onset of orgasm. In this case, it is advisable to lower the tempo and continue the massage. So at the end of the procedure, ejaculation will be as strong as possible.

Lingam does not need to end with orgasm. A woman should not pursue this goal. In each movement, tenderness, smoothness, sensuality without intensive stimulation for ejaculation should be traced. The longer the procedure lasts, the more effective it will be. Experts argue that if a man is in the balance of an orgasm at least 5 times, the last completion will be breathtaking.

Lingam Massage Technique

It's time to move from theoretical principles to practice. There are many techniques of performing massage, based on the pursued goals, each girl can come up with her own movements. Below is a list of techniques that are recommended to use the beginner.

linga for men

"Falling leaf"

Lingama( massage for men) involves wrapping one hand with a phallus just under the head and covering it with a free hand. The palm should be straight, so that the edge of the head rests against the center of the palm. Smooth movement, the woman drops her first hand down, and the second draws an imaginary spiral, touching the genital organ only in the middle of the palm.


Finding out what Linga is really will allow for a more complex exercise. The member clasps a hand from below, the second hand is located directly above the first. The thumb of the upper arm should force the urethra without any force. By activating the remaining fingers, perform a wave from the bottom up - starting from the lowest one to press( slap).

Lower arm: little finger, ring, middle, index, large. Upper arm: little finger, ring, middle, index. Great pressure on the urethra on the head.

When executed correctly, the fingers will always be on the penis before and after pressing. If the first time when the technique is difficult, you can move your fingers on both hands synchronously.

lingam technique

"Infinite input"

The exercise is simple and versatile, it is suitable for restoring the forces after a complicated technique. Grabbing a member with one hand from above, it is necessary to smoothly lower it downwards. With your other hand, grab the penis from above before the first hand reaches the base and also leads it down. Repeat the movements 10-15 times. A man will feel an infinitely gentle touch. The woman regulates the speed of movement of hands and the strength of the girth, controlling the saturation of sensations.


The technique helps to increase blood circulation in the tissues of the penis. For its implementation, it is necessary to grasp the barrel under the head with the large, index and middle fingers of one hand, another to hold a similar exercise under the first. To make motor movements with brushes in opposite directions - clockwise and counter-clockwise. Gradually put your hands down to the trunk of the phallus. Having reached the bottom point, return to the starting position by smooth movement upwards. Repeat the cycle several times.

"Ring"( "elevator")

At the base of the exercise lies the girth with three fingers, like nettle. The first "ring" hugs the penis at the very bottom, the second - a few centimeters higher. The first hand shifts its position through the second, forming the third ring. When the last girth reached the head, the woman smoothly drops both hands down like an elevator. The number of rings is determined by the length of the genital organ and the interval that the masseuse leaves between the hands.


Circle the penis with five fingers( all 5 fingers should be bent in one direction, as if a vertically elongated object rises).Lock one hand on the head. Lower down until the head rests against the palm of your hand. Return the hand to the starting position. Grasp the head again, but already with the usual fist method. Move down to the bottom. The first hand left there without moving. The second is to go all the way first. Change hands, repeat the procedure several times.

lingam massage technique

"Letter V"

The index and middle fingers of each hand should form the letter of the Latin alphabet V. The head of the penis should be placed between the two fingers of one hand, slide smoothly, and change hands after the hand. Stimulation is directed only to the front and back of the penis. To strengthen the senses, you can build a cell - one hand is placed according to the standard described above, the other - perpendicular, caressing the left and right sides.


A member is clamped between straight even palms. First place behind the phallus across, the thumb should look up. The second palm with the finger pointed upwards is to be applied from the front. Make smooth movements down and up. Going to the head, turn the palms 180 degrees( thumbs will point in the opposite direction), continue to move in the opposite direction.