Dentistry "Smile": testimonials of visitors

Beautiful white teeth are a gift of nature. But you can keep it only with the help of competent care. Regular visits to the dentist for preventive examination are the key to success. State clinics have long been not as popular as private ones. Qualified specialists open their offices throughout Russia. The best clinics are united by a single name - "Smile".Reviews of them can only be heard positive.

Dental clinic "Smile", Togliatti

Quality services are provided at the address: Tolyatti city, 50 years old boulevard in October, 20 A. Patients note that the clinic has a convenient location, in close proximity to the intersection of Lenin Street. Shuttle buses run here regularly. It provides all types of dental services "Smile"( Togliatti).The reviews show that the clinic works without a weekend, every day from 9:00 to 19:00.The pride of the medical institution is specialists working in the field of pediatric dentistry. If you believe the reviews, the kids are afraid of the doctor only during the first consultation. Specialists are able to have small patients. Further treatment is carried out without pain and fear.

dentistry smile reviews

Offers several techniques for the restoration of the dentition dentistry "Smile"( Togliatti).The reviews show that the most popular in recent years is implantation. Treatment is carried out in several stages. Just a couple of months in the dentition appears a molar, which can not be distinguished from the "neighbors."

The dental clinic also offers qualitative treatment of periodontitis, pulpitis, gingivitis, caries and other diseases of the oral cavity. In addition, patients note that the institution can inexpensively perform teeth whitening or removing tartar.

Services of a dentist in Balashikha

The medical institution has been working for more than 20 years at the address: Balashikha, 40 Let Pobedy Street, 18. You can make an appointment at 8( 498) 720 72 57. Patients state that there are never any queues in the clinic, since the schedule of visits is carefully planned. Without a queue, people who have been treated before and who have received acute pain can be served.

Balashikha is really famous for his specialists. Dentistry "Smile" reviews are only positive. Particularly well expressed by patients about teeth whitening and restoration of the dentition. Services in the field of aesthetic dentistry are indeed performed at a high level. Doctors try to keep the living tooth row to the maximum. We offer gentle methods, such as dental implantation or the installation of veneers. Dentists of the clinic claim that the removal of a bad tooth is the last measure, resorting to which is necessary only as a last resort.

dentistry pearl smile reviews

Many good reviews can also be heard about the work of specialists in the field of orthodontics. The correct form of the dentoalveolar system is the guarantee of the health of the whole organism. Patients say that the doctors of the clinic take up the most difficult cases. Technologies that are used allow you to correct bite, speech defects, make the smile more attractive.

Dentistry in Krasnoyarsk

"Smile" in Krasnoyarsk is a network of three clinics that have been successfully operating for many years. Patients note that all services are provided at a high level. Experts know how to solve this or that dental problem. Democratic prices are a highlight of the network of medical institutions. Simple procedures, such as caries treatment or simple tooth extraction, will cost only 600 rubles. Patients note that a high-quality dental implant can be supplied for only 15,000 rubles.

Despite the low prices, unfortunately, not everyone can afford high-quality services today. The solution of the problem is offered by dentistry "Smile"( Krasnoyarsk).The reviews show that services can be provided on credit. The network of clinics cooperates with leading financial institutions. To cure the teeth in installments, it is necessary to apply with a passport to the nearest clinic of the network "Smile":

  • Krasnodarskaya street, 37;
  • Nikolayev street, 15;
  • Metallurgov street, 45 A.

An obligatory condition should be permanent residence in the region where the loan is provided. Patients note that on an installment plan, services can also be provided to under-age patients. In this case, the passport data is taken from the parents.

Branch in Podolsk

Qualitatively cure pulpitis, get rid of calculus or brighten up the smile at the address: Podolsk, Lenin Avenue, 27 A. The dental center offers all kinds of orthopedic, surgical and therapeutic services related to the oral cavity. The clinic is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00.You can get to a specialist by appointment, which can be done by phone or directly in the registry.

dentistry smile Togliatti reviews

A lot of attention in the medical institution is paid to aesthetic dentistry. Patients note that you can not just whiten your teeth, but also decorate them with rhinestones. The procedure is performed after the therapeutic treatment. The doctor treats pulpitis, caries, removes tartar. Only if the teeth are completely healthy, they can be decorated.

Attention is also paid to prosthetics. It offers various methods of prosthetics dentistry "Smile"( Podolsk).The reviews show that implantation remains the most demanded. Technology, although it can not be called cheap, but to date it is considered the most reliable. Therefore, many patients believe that it is worth overpaying, but put a really durable tooth. By the way, the clinic provides a guarantee.

"Smile" in Aprelevka

A medical institution is a member of an association of private dental clinics in Russia. It is located at the address: Aprelevka, Augustow street, 1. High-quality dental services are provided here since 1998.During this time the clinic managed to find a lot of regular customers. Reviews show that the services here are provided really high quality. Pleasing also for democratic prices. For the consultation specialist will have to pay only 100 rubles.

balashikha dentistry smile reviews

Has all the necessary equipment for high-quality dentistry "Ulybka"( Aprelevka).The reviews show that the clinic has a computer tomograph that allows you to more clearly identify the localization of the inflammatory process. In therapeutic treatment, durable materials are used. A huge advantage many patients consider also the guarantee provided by specialists. That is, if within a week after therapy pulpitis or tooth decay falls, the doctor restores it absolutely for free. Good reviews can also be heard about the children's dentist. Treatment of infant teeth is carried out by contactless technology, without fear and pain.

Chekhov: providing dental services

In this city on Chekhov 33 street there is a modern dental clinic "Ulybka", which offers a huge range of services at democratic prices. The medical institution has been operating since 1996.Having visited the medical facility for the first time, many patients return here again. The reviews show that really responsive specialists work here. The atmosphere in the clinic has to cure, almost immediately the fear of the drill disappears.

The clinic offers preparations and working materials of only high quality. In order to avoid the development of an allergic reaction to anesthesia or medicine, each specialist pre-talks with the patient, finds out what diseases he had experienced in the past.

Many positive reviews can be heard about surgical dentistry. Removal of a tooth in the clinic "Smile" is absolutely not a terrible and painless process. Good painkillers are used. And quality tools allow you to perform surgical intervention in a short time. Simply removing the molar takes no more than a minute. Dentistry does not cause any negative emotions( Chekhov)."Smile" reviews are positive thanks to modern materials and a good-natured team of specialists.

We treat teeth in the city of Nizhny Novgorod

In the street of the October Revolution( house 43) another dental clinic "Smile" offers its services. A lot of positive feedback can be heard about dental prosthetics in this clinic. Most patients choose an inexpensive technique - cermets. Such prosthetics are performed here really qualitatively. After the completion of the procedure, the crown is difficult to distinguish from living teeth. The only downside is fragility. After 10 years, the prosthesis will lose its appearance and will require replacement.

dentistry smile krasnoyarsk reviews

Also offers dental implantation "Smile"( Nizhny Novgorod).The feedback from specialists shows that few are still being solved for this procedure due to the high cost of materials. The same patients who performed implantation in Nizhny Novgorod, argue that the technique is worth it. Manipulations are absolutely painless. In addition, experts argue that the replacement of crowns in the future may not be required at all.

Dentistry "Smile" in Kemerovo

In the city of Kemerovo there is a whole network of dental clinics called "Smile".The first branch was opened in 1990 on Lenin Avenue( house 60).In just a few years, the medical facility has managed to win the trust of patients. Quality, durability, friendly staff, democratic prices - all this is dentistry "Smile".The reviews show that the clinic showed excellent results from the first days of work. Visitors were many, so there was a need to open new branches. Now, dental services are provided on Freedom Street( house 3) and Bolshevik( house 2).

In its work uses only modern dentistry technologies "Smile( Kemerovo).The reviews show that in the city only this network offers non-contact dental treatment, without using a habitual drill. That is why parents write here for the reception of small patients. Treatment of caries is carried out without any unpleasant sensations.

dentistry smile Podolsk reviews

The pride of the network of clinics "Smile" is a computerized 3D tomography, which allows to accurately determine the localization of the disease. If you believe the reviews, many patients who are being treated in other medical institutions are recorded here for a qualitative diagnosis.

Dental services in Vologda

According to the patients' reviews, the dental center "Smile" in Vologda is one of the most popular institutions of this category. Despite the fact that the services are provided on a fee basis, people with dental diseases prefer to apply here. The clinic uses only high-quality equipment. The dentistry "Smile" is taking us round the clock. The reviews show that with acute pain relief can be provided even at night. You can make an appointment by dialing: 8( 172) 704 000.

The medical center renders the entire range of services related to dentistry. There is also a reception of an orthodontist. The clinic enabled many to restore the functionality of the dentition after injuries. It should be noted that here also treatment is carried out and birth defects.

offers various types of prosthetics clinic "Smile"( dentistry, Vologda).The reviews show that the medical institution has its own dental laboratory. In the work, specialists use exceptionally durable materials. After the prosthetics, the new teeth can serve the patient for 10-15 years.

Dental Clinic "Pearl Smile", St. Petersburg

A medical institution is the embodiment of modern dentistry. In the work the specialists use the latest techniques and high-quality materials. Can offer a huge range of dental services "Smile".The patients' feedback shows that not only the standard therapeutic treatment of teeth, but also prosthetics, is performed here. Also work is carried out in the field of jaw surgery and orthopedics. A lot of good reviews can be heard about the children's dentist. Parents say that clinic doctors really know the approach to small patients. Children treat their teeth without fear and agree to sign up for the next appointment.

In St. Petersburg today, two clinics represented the dentistry "Pearl Smile".The reviews show that the most visited institution is Iskrovsky Avenue, house 19. Another branch is located at the address: Murinskaya road, house 74.

Dentistry "The world of smiles" in Samara

The medical institution is located at the address: 5 Prosecka, house 47It works every day without days off, like dentistry "Pearl Smile".Reviews show that the reception is by appointment. But with acute pain you can get to the doctor and without waiting. All types of dental services are offered, ranging from simple therapeutic treatment, ending with prosthetics and artistic restorations. Offers qualitative teeth whitening dentistry "Smile".The reviews show that the procedure is absolutely painless and takes no more than an hour.

dentistry smile April review A medical institution regularly conducts campaigns that attract the attention of customers. Annually in December everyone can carry out professional cleaning of teeth with a discount of 50%.In addition, with 10% discount, re-implant teeth dentistry "The World of Smiles".The reviews show that those wishing to return again for services in a medical institution are enough. Democratic prices, quality materials and qualified specialists all attract a huge number of new visitors.