"Evening" pills: instructions for use, composition, description and reviews

Do you have that after a hard day you are completely powerless, but with this you can not bring yourself to sleep? Probably, these situations are familiar to everyone. It can be affected by nervous overstrain, stress, a lot of problems, and you, instead of forgetting a quiet sleep, tinker around the bed. Of course, this does not contribute to a good rest, fatigue accumulates, and with it a poor concentration of attention, mistakes in work. You can well help "Evening" pills. Inexpensive and very effective means will help you cope with the symptoms of stress and calmly meet all the challenges of our everyday reality. evening dragées

What is it?

This is not a medicine, but a dietary supplement. Of course, the control over their production is much lower, but the composition of this additive is exclusively natural, which attracts the attention of doctors. This dietary supplement is recommended as a mild sedative with increased nervous excitability and sleep disorders."Evening" pills are very attractive because it consists entirely of natural ingredients. But the most important difference from other advertised drugs is the price. It is available to absolutely everyone, and therefore the dragee can take a place in your medicine chest in the form of a rescue device for insomnia.

Dragee evening reviews

What action can you wait?

The "Evening" drops are truly unique. The testimonials fully confirm that the drug has sedative effect, so it is not recommended to take it during the day, otherwise you can skip all important events due to drowsiness. In addition, the manufacturer promises us a tranquilizing effect. The drug is very desirable to have in your medicine cabinet and cores, as it can soothe the heart rhythm and has moderate hypotensive properties. In addition, I want to note that it is used as a mild antispasmodic. evening dragee instructions

Composition of

Let's now consider what the drug called "Evening" pills consists of. We have already mentioned that only natural ingredients are included in the composition. It is the root of valerian officinalis, hop cones and peppermint oil. In addition, the composition contains lactose and sugar, as well as calcium, talc and molasses. As a glazier, wax is a bee-wax."Evening" dragees are a product that can be consumed without much fear, but nevertheless it is recommended to seek medical advice from a doctor.

Action valerian

Let's analyze the effects of each component separately. This we singled out for the first time. It is on its properties that the action of such a tool as "Evening" dragee( valerian) is based. This indicates that in its composition there is this plant. It has long been used to level out stress. Valerian has a calming effect on the nervous system. This, in turn, leads to the normalization of cardiac activity, it is able to remove attacks of violent palpitation. However, this does not end the scope of the valerian dragee( "Evening").The doctors' comments suggest that they are used for problems with the gastrointestinal tract if they are psychosomatic. In particular, this mechanome works by removing spasms and muscle clamps. evening dragee instruction

The second component - mint

For sure you all heard the recommendation to drink tea with mint when you are excited. Very good advice, since mint restores strength and enables the body to cope with nervous tension. If you notice the reactivity of the skin in case of nervous overstrain, then be sure that after taking peppermint it will pass. Peppermint is very useful as a whole for the body, it has a general strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect. And if we talk about the complex as a whole, the useful properties of this plant are enhanced by the rest of the components, which makes it less efficient. evening dessert of valerian

Hop cones

The third component of the drug contains a huge amount of useful substances, which are extremely important for the body, especially under stress. These are various acids and minerals, tannins. All this diversity of trace elements enriches the composition of the drug and makes even more useful "Evening" pills. Instruction for use advises to use it as a soothing and diuretic, as well as an analgesic. It should be noted that cones of hops make their great contribution to the overall efficiency of the complex.


In fact, this tool has virtually no contraindications. Probably, that's why the "Evening" crayfish is so popular. The reviews of many patients indicate that its positive effects are noticeable from the first day, and they did not notice any side effects. However, individual intolerance to the components of the drug is possible, so if you have never taken such herbs before, always consult a doctor. In addition, there may be an allergic reaction, so the first time you are taking medication is better to have on hand antihistamines. dragee valerian evening reviews

Indications for use

So, in which cases can a doctor recommend you "Evening" pills( valerian, hops, mint)?The instruction says that the remedy can be effective at any disturbance of calm, stress. This can be a serious exam or interview, the reporting period, or a number of other cases when we are at the limit. The drug showed itself very well when fighting insomnia. It is enough to drink a tablet one hour before bedtime, and anxiety gradually goes away, leaving you in the arms of Morpheus. If nervousness is a consequence of a lack of sleep, then it is also very useful to use the "Evening" pellet. The instruction for use emphasizes that in this case it is necessary to wait until the evening, because as a tired body with insomnia after taking a sedative medication is not at all workable. evening dragee valerian hop mint instruction

Method of administration and dose of

Do not forget that this drug is intended for adults only. If soothing is necessary for the child, then consult with the doctor first so as not to harm your baby. For adults and children over 12 years of age, the "Evening" crayfish is used. Instructions for use recommend that they take the drug 1-2 tablets 3 times a day with meals. This achieves the effect of a mild sedative. If a person is in a state of severe stress and can not fall asleep, then the dosage can be increased, but no more than twice. In this case, this step should be approved by your doctor.

Customer Reviews

But this is the most interesting part. I must say that there are no bad reviews. Buyers compare it with the most expensive sedatives on herbs and find that they do not notice any difference in the effect. At the same time, its cost is 30-40 rubles. If you have a critical moment in life when everything collapses, you lose interest in life, then try this inexpensive and unpretentious, but effective medication. Judging by the numerous reviews, two tablets at bedtime allow you to stop waking up every couple of hours with anxious thoughts, now you will be able to sleep until the morning. Accordingly, people say that, having started to sleep properly, they get up more vigorously, and consequently, they have more strength to solve their problems.

Storage conditions

Keep the tablets in a tightly closed bottle. It is desirable that the temperature does not exceed the limits of +25 degrees. The ideal storage space is the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Take care that the tablets do not fall into the hands of a child. Bright, glazed peas can come to his liking, and he will not rest until he has emptied the whole jar. If you have a similar incident in your family, be sure to call an ambulance. This drug is desirable for everyone to have in their home medicine chest.