"D-Panthenol"( ointment): what helps, instructions for use, a description of the drug, an abstract

The substance, which is a part of the drug "D-Panthenol", is normally present on the skin. Vitamin B5 is a derivative of calcium pantothenate. It is this compound that helps to restore cellular metabolism and skin regeneration, as well as mucous membranes. This article will bring to your attention the drug "D-Panthenol"( ointment).What it helps will be described further. You will learn about the features of using the composition. Also find out what the "D-Panthenol" has.

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Description of the drug

The drug "D-Panthenol" - ointment. From what it helps, you will learn further. To begin with it is necessary to say a few words about the composition of the medication. The active substance of all forms of the drug is dexpanthenol. Depending on the type of medicine, it may contain additional components.

The product is packaged in a cardboard box that has a greenish-blue hue. The medicine can have the form of ointment, cream, spray. The consumer chooses the form that will be more convenient for him.

Indications for the prescription of the drug

"D-Panthenol"( ointment), which is recommended? The instructions for use, which is attached to each pack of medication, contain the following information. The composition is shown with:

  • burns obtained by natural or chemical means;
  • allergic skin reaction;
  • diaper rash and diaper dermatitis;
  • wounds and boils after opening and emptying the cavity;
  • cracked skin;
  • during breast care for lactation and for infants;
  • if necessary cosmetic care for dry and sensitive skin.

"D-Panthenol" -cream can be used as a remedy or with a preventive purpose. It all depends on the symptoms that appear in the patient.

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Side effects and limitations

"D Panthenol" -Crem can be purchased in every pharmacy network without a doctor's prescription. The drug is considered absolutely harmless. That's why he is popular with future and newly mummies. Its composition has no contraindications. However, the remedy should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the components.

The described agent does not cause side effects. However, if you ignore annotation warnings, you may develop an allergy to components. This is why it is so important to study the instructions for use before use.

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Method of using

You have already learned about the drug "D-Panthenol".For what is used, the composition, - all this is described above. Now it is worth mentioning the way it is used. What does the annotation tell us about this?

The drug is applied a thin layer on the affected skin from two to four times a day. In this case, it is worth carefully rubbing the medicine into the tissue. If you get the composition in the form of a spray, then it is sprayed at a distance of 10 to 20 centimeters on the same affected areas of the body. There are no restrictions in use. However, do not often apply medication. This can cause the damaged areas to become wet.

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The cost of the

What is the price of the D-Panthenol? In fact, the cost of the drug directly depends on the form of its production and your chosen pharmacy network. The cream will cost you about 500 rubles. Then as for the ointment "D-Panthenol" the price will be only 400 rubles.

The main analogue of the drug is the "Panthenol" of domestic origin. This composition is several times cheaper. So, for the cream you have to give only 140 rubles.

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Which is better, Panthenol or D-Panthenol?

This question is asked by many consumers who even pay a little attention to the composition. For these drugs, it is absolutely identical. That is why they can be called analogs, or interchangeable means. Indications for the compositions are also the same, as, indeed, the limitations.

If to judge by cost, then buying the drug "Panthenol" is much more profitable, given that there is no fundamental difference. However, about the drug "D-Panthenol" reviews report that he has no equal. The effect of this medication is simply amazing. Domestic "Pantenol" can not replace its predecessor.

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"D-Panthenol"( ointment): what helps the remedy?

You have already learned what indications are for the use of the formulation. Now we need to take a closer look at the described question. What can help the drug "D-Panthenol"?

  • Injuries to .This item is especially suitable for children. A variety of scratches, burns and cuts can be lubricated with the described medicine. It helps the skin to heal and speeds up the regeneration of cells. Apply the drug to a previously cleaned antiseptic surface.
  • With lactation. Many newly mummies use this drug. Currently, a more expensive and highly advertised analogue is being produced - Bepanten. However, "D-Pantenol" does not in the least cope with the task set before him. The composition is applied to the area of ​​cracked nipples after each feeding. Before the next application of the baby to the breast, the composition should not be washed off. This distinguishes the drug from many of its analogues, which must be thoroughly washed off with soap.
  • From the diaper rims of .Often the formulation is used to regenerate the skin in newborns. Each kid faces the appearance of irritation or intertrigo. Sometimes it takes months to get rid of the problem. The drug "D-Panthenol" protects you and your baby from such troubles. Apply it to a thin layer on the necessary areas of the skin, treating each wrinkle. After changing diapers and washing, repeat the procedure.
  • In cosmetology .Often used described composition for skin of the face and body. If you are confronted with the fact that the dermis is irritated, dry or even crusty appeared on it, "D-Panthenol" will help you. Often it is used during cold weather, when there is a high probability of frostbite. The composition is applied to the skin before each exit from the house in 20 minutes. In prophylactic purposes, ointment is used every night before going to bed, however, it is advisable to avoid applying in the eye area. Otherwise, you risk the next morning to wake up with bags under your eyes.
  • Viral diseases .Often the composition is prescribed for herpes, shingles and other viral skin lesions. The drug promotes early healing, but can not completely cope with the problem. In such situations it is necessary to apply complex therapy.

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Instead of the conclusion of

Currently, many analogues of the preparation "D-Panthenol" are produced. All of them have the same effect and principle of use. What to choose in a separate case is a personal matter for everyone. The drug "D-Panthenol" is unique. It is inexpensive, but it can help in many situations. You can apply it to people of all ages. Take care that the described remedy is always in your medicine cabinet.