Fast laxative at home. Herbs, products, recipes of folk medicine

The popularity of laxative drugs is growing every day. A few decades ago, the need for their use was observed mainly in the elderly and children. Today, it is increasingly necessary to prepare a fast-acting laxative in the home, and middle-aged people who tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle of an office worker are often in need, which is why peristalsis is disrupted.

Prevention of constipation

In order to avoid long constipation, you should try to move a lot. The more a person moves, the more it promotes the development of not only the muscles of the body, but also the improvement of the peristalsis of the internal organs. The more movement, the higher the stimulation of the smooth muscles of the intestine. To date, even developed a special set of exercises that contribute to the prevention of constipation. But by practicing them, it is important to remember that after eating you need to wait with physical exertion for at least an hour.

No less important is the mode of bowel evacuation. It is advisable that it should happen every day at the same time. Even if there is no result, we should devote 15 minutes to the reflections in the toilet.

Enema is an extreme measure or the fastest laxative at home?

The most popular high-speed laxative at home is an enema. With constipation, it will have a quick and guaranteed curative effect. It is the most preferred option, since it does not depress or irritate the intestines, but only removes the stool from it by washing out, and does it almost instantly. There are three main types of enema: micro( less than 100 ml), medium( about 0.5 liters) and large( from 500 ml to 2 liters).

quick-acting laxative at home Enema is a quick-acting laxative, but it can carry not only the usual cleansing, but medicinal nature. For example, hypertonic, oily. The duration of the usual cleansing enema is 15 minutes, during which the water reaches the intestine and manages to soften the stool, ensuring its easy elimination. It should be taken into account that this action is unpleasant. In addition, the procedure itself is difficult. This requires the help of another person, who actually will put the enema to the patient.

Differentiation of laxatives according to the mode of action of

All laxatives are divided into two groups: contact, "lubricating"( softening) and increasing the volume of intestinal contents.

The mechanism of contact action is as follows: they provide movement of fecal masses by stimulation of intestinal mechanoreceptors. The time of action of such funds is 7-8 hours after use. They include medicinal herbs.

The second group includes agents that are able to bind to water molecules. Their discharge includes various oils and enemas based on oils.

The use of agents that increase the amount of mass filling the intestine, contributes to the expulsion of fecal contents in a literal sense. Representatives of such products are plantain, flax seeds and kelp.

Positive aspects of the use of traditional medicine

If the constipation is not long and painful, then enemas, calls to the doctor and the use of medications can and should be avoided. In such cases, it is customary to use folk remedies. When deciding to use any rapid laxative from traditional medicine, you should carefully study its properties and the principle of action, whether it is allowed to use it for pregnant women and children. But the most important thing in this case is that a quick-acting laxative at home should not only facilitate the emptying of the intestine, but also not harm its microflora. The most common laxative, prepared from herbs, fruits and vegetables, does not harm the intestines, but one should carefully study this question.

Kefir in the fight against constipation

Of course, you can use medicines or complex herbal infusions in the fight against constipation. But you can just open the refrigerator. In the refrigerator of each of us, you can often find an excellent remedy for the prevention of constipation - kefir.

taking laxatives Especially useful it becomes in combination with olive oil. Here it is important to remember that the laxative effect will be only fresh sour-milk product, kefir 3-day old, on the contrary, will have a binding effect on the intestines.


Due to the high fiber content, fruit, vegetables and whole grains are an excellent laxative. But in parallel with their consumption in food should drink a large amount of fluid, which facilitates the movement of fiber along the digestive system. A large percentage of fiber is found in bran and products such as apples, peschiki, oranges and zucchini, plums, prunes. The latter can not only be eaten raw, compotes and various decoctions of them are also very useful. Incorporation of these components in combination with a high fluid intake will permanently forget about constipation.

Oatmeal is a childhood nightmare or a useful remedy for constipation?

Many of us with a shudder recall the oatmeal, which was fed to children once a week in kindergartens in Soviet times. The benefit of porridge from oats is realized, perhaps, only by becoming an adult and realizing that not always useful is delicious, but tasty is useful. So, oatmeal, kissel and biscuits from oats are some of the best commonly available means of combating constipation. Also useful and just infusion of oats. Vegetative laxative is prepared as follows: 1 cup of oats pour a liter of warm( not hot) water, wait a day. They're drinking.

Olive oil and lemon - stimulants of the digestive system

Not only delicious and healthy products of the usual diet are olive oil and lemon. Laxative oil perfectly copes with the stimulation of the digestive system, facilitating the movement of food along the intestine, and the lemon is effective for removing toxins from the body and cleaning intestinal walls from undigested food.

laxative oil You can apply these products both together and separately. For example, every morning before breakfast, use a tablespoon of butter with or without lemon, or drink a glass of water mixed with the juice of one medium lemon.

Castor oil - fast acting

The most important property of castor oil is a rapid laxative effect on the intestines. Apply it should be extremely cautious and never at night. The oil has a rather nasty taste and smell, but it is extremely effective in the fight against constipation. This is a very rapid laxative. It should beware of its use at night and overdose.

Unusual property of coffee

The rhythm of a person's life since the first school day is getting faster. People work hard and every year less and less rest, so one of the most popular drinks of our time is coffee. To assert that this drink is extremely useful, but in moderate doses, it not only has an invigorating effect, is a diuretic drug, but also represents a quick-acting laxative.

vegetable laxative It is important to remember that coffee, drunk in large quantities, not only will not be useful in constipation, but also will cause harm. He quickly removes the liquid from the body, which helps to soften the stool.

Soda - the catalyst for withdrawal from the intestinal air

Soda drinking, neutralizing the acid in the intestines, it perfectly helps in the fight against constipation, but also excels from pain in the abdominal region, which subsequently aroused increased gas production. To use it it is necessary as follows: to dissolve in a quarter of a glass of unheated water a teaspoon of powder. To drink in one gulp.

Pumpkin and millet, as well as pumpkin-cereal porridge

One of the products that have a laxative effect on the intestines is a pumpkin. If you use it in food in its raw form is not possible, the perfect solution will be a pumpkin stew or pumpkin porridge.

rapid laxative Even more delicious will be such porridge, if you cook it along with foamed, which also has an excellent laxative effect.

Forget about constipation with peas.

Every housewife has dry peas. Eating dry peas, forget about constipation can almost immediately. It is only necessary to grind the nucleoli and eat a little less than a teaspoon of powder.

"Meter" for intestines

Laxative collection "Meter" is very popular among women. This is a kind of salad for those wishing to cleanse the body of toxins. You should mix carrots, celery, white cabbage, beetroot ground on a small grater. Generously spice the resulting mixture with beet juice and eat. Remember, no salt and no oil. Even olive in the salad should not be. In the near future, the intestine will be cleaned like a broom.

Herbal pickings and infusions

Recipe No.1

Take 0.2 liters of warm water and pour a tablespoon of senna leaves or crust bark into it.20 minutes, insist the resulting solution in a water bath, drain the liquid, squeeze out the residue thoroughly, add warm boiled water to make it 0.2 liters. Break the resulting infusion into two uses. Drink in the morning and in the evening. Take these laxative herbs should be exclusively one-time. You can not abuse them because they are addictive and contribute to the disruption of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

laxative tea

Recipe №2

A teaspoon of crushed yarrow herb( dry or fresh) pour 250 ml of boiling water, insist 40-50 minutes. Drink 80 ml before eating food from 3 to 4 times a day.

Recipe No.3

A laxative collection of 1-2 tsp.dry leaves of dandelion( you can use licorice or nettle) to insist in a quarter liter of boiling water 10 minutes. Eat three times a day. Use this laxative tea can be regular, as it does not cause addiction and it perfectly helps with chronic constipation.

Recipe №4

Roots of horse sorrel brew with two glasses of boiling water, insist them for 10 minutes on a steam bath. Drink 1 glass before going to sleep at night.

Recipe №5

10 gram of seeds plantain brew 125 ml of boiling water. Insist for about 10 minutes. Drink laxative tea in a gulp before eating.

Cases of constipation, when calls to a doctor can not be avoided.

quick laxative

The most common causes of constipation, other than a sedentary lifestyle, are pregnancy, the use of unfamiliar food, depression, travel, when there is no possibility to produce the necessary "procedures" in the familiar surroundings. All these reasons are natural, so laxative herbs should be present in every home medicine cabinet. Only in extreme cases it can be chemical medications. Remember, use of medications is highly recommended only after consulting a doctor. Referral to medical care is mandatory in the following cases:

  • if constipation lasts more than 2 days and laxatives do not help,
  • if the patient can not empty the bowel completely, and this is accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature, nausea and / or vomiting, the presence of blood in the feces,severe pain in the intestine.

It is worth remembering that medications applied in the above cases can lead to bowel suppression and undesirable consequences in the form of intoxication, allergies and so on.

Stay healthy!