"Raznotrav" from prostatitis: reviews of doctors

Prostatitis is a serious and insidious disease, which without timely treatment can lead to dangerous complications. According to official statistics, more than 70% of men over 30 years old suffer from this disease. The drug "raznotrav" from prostatitis( the reviews confirm this) is an effective medicine. Clinical trials have shown excellent results. Let's consider features of application of this tool, responses of patients, and also analogues of a medicine.

motley grass from prostatitis reviews

Causes of the disease

Before we study in more detail, what is "raznotrav" from prostatitis( user reviews are given below), we will find out what causes provoke the onset of this disease. Among them:

  • Management of a sedentary mode of life( hypodynamia).
  • Irregular sex life.
  • Subcooling.
  • Harmful habits( smoking, alcohol abuse).
  • Frequent presence in the menu of acute, oily and salty foods.
  • Age over 30 years.
  • Venereal diseases, as well as chronic disorders in the work of the genitourinary system.
  • Stresses, neuroses and constant fatigue.
  • Dysfunction of the intestine, a problem with the stool.

Complications of

Reviews of "Raznotrav" from prostatitis testify to the high effectiveness of the drug. If the disease is not treated, it can lead to such serious complications as:

  • Impotence( 90% of the sick men after some time experience sexual impotence).
  • Decreased quality and number of spermatozoa, resulting in infertility.
  • Prostate adenoma.
  • Impaired immune system.
  • Chronic course of depression and neurosis.
  • Oncological lesion of the prostate.

a preparation of motley grasses from a prostatitis responses

Treatment of

Timely appeal to a specialist who prescribes the right treatment is the key to successfully overcoming the ailment in question. Many doctors recommend the drug "Raznotrav" from prostatitis. The patient's feedback further confirms its effectiveness. The components of the drug well eliminate the symptoms of the disease and successfully level the inflammatory foci.

Among the advantages of the drug under consideration are the following:

  • The composition includes environmentally friendly natural ingredients in the form of medicinal herbs without additional impurities.
  • The selection of the constituent elements is made in such a way that the maximum therapeutic effect is ensured.
  • The use of the drug does not have a negative effect on the body.

Principle of operation

The dry concentrate "raznotrav" from prostatitis was mostly positive. In many respects this is due to his sparing effect along with high efficiency. The active components of the drug are quickly absorbed. This has a beneficial effect on the body and provides the following:

  • Already the first application allows you to get rid of pain symptoms in the testes and inguinal area.
  • The drug prevents the development of sexual weakness, adenoma and stagnant processes in the prostate gland.
  • The work of the urethra is optimized.
  • Immunity is stabilized.
  • All the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids are supplied to the male body.
  • Hormonal failures are eliminated and excessive mass is prevented.
  • Energy, vivacity and vitality are added.
  • Positive effect on blood circulation.

miscellaneous herbs for prostatitis reviews

"Raznotrav" from prostatitis: how to use

Feedback from users and recommendations of specialists determine the duration of treatment for at least three weeks. To think about the use of the drug in question should be if there are difficulties with urination( there are painful symptoms or frequent desires).In addition, the need for medication can be indicated by pain in the groin or testicles. Drops and decoction of dry concentrate is not contraindicated to use for preventive purposes.

Dosage of the medicinal preparation "Raznotrav": the contents of the sachet are dissolved in a glass of water, it is used twice a day during the meal. The average course duration is 21 days. If necessary or on the advice of a doctor, it can be extended.

An interesting fact: in a study of the drug "raznotrav" from prostatitis, the reviews of which are listed below, involved more than 500 patients with a disease of varying severity. The course of treatment was 21 days. The result speaks for itself: patients with prostatitis in mild and moderate form completely recovered, and those who had a severe degree, felt a marked improvement.

"Raznotrav" from prostatitis: reviews

Responses of patients about this drug are almost all positive. There is no overdose on admission and side effects. The effectiveness of the drug was noted by all patients. Along with the treatment of prostatitis, the remedy improves the potency. This fact was also indicated by the majority of men taking this medication.

miscellaneous treatment of prostatitis reviews

On the composition of

Herbs included in the collection should have a multifaceted action:

  1. Uroseptic effect. Active substances accumulate in the genitourinary system and suppress the infection, which provoked the disease. These components include: tansy, goldenrod, horsetail and their analogues. Most of these herbs are diuretics.
  2. Reduced pain syndrome. Often, prostatitis is accompanied by severe pain in the perineum and in the lower back. In the composition of the "Raznotrav" from prostatitis, feedback is an additional proof of this, includes components that suppress pain. These are: aspen bark, chamomile, ivan tea, licorice.
  3. Stabilization of the hormonal background. Disease of the prostate affects the reproductive system. In addition, the disease causes glitches in the hormonal background. Normalize the indicator will allow such herbs as spurge, bolshevolnik, palas.

Features of

Treatment with herbal preparations has its own peculiarities and rules. If the patient ignores the recommendations of the doctor, the proper effect should not be expected. It is not recommended to collect medicinal preparations on their own. The most tangible effect is from the morning plants. Better yet, buy Raznotrav. Comments on the treatment of prostatitis with this drug indicate its effectiveness and safety. Next, consider the analogues of the drug in question among the herbs, many of which are part of it.

mixed herbs concentrate dry from prostatitis reviews

Horse chestnut

A mixture of this component can be purchased at a pharmacy already ready for use. If you know the place where such a plant grows, try to collect and prepare the broth at home. For the drug will need 25 g of chestnut peel, which is filled with alcohol in a volume of 250 ml. The drug is infused in a dark place for 10 days. The container must be shaken periodically. Tincture is taken on 30 drops three times a day.

Parsley and nettles

This culture is available in almost any dacha or vegetable garden. For the treatment of prostatitis it is necessary to isolate juice from it. For the drug it is mixed with honey in equal proportions and thoroughly stirred. Take two spoons three times a day.

With regard to such a common plant as nettle, it must be poured with boiling water, after cooling to take inside during the day. This tincture improves blood circulation. Choose fresh and green shoots.

Oats with buds of birch and hazel

The combination of oats with birch buds will allow to overcome prostatitis at an early stage and return the potency. The infusion is prepared with the addition of rose hips. Three ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. Suspension is used three times a day before meals. At a time 0.5 cups are drunk. This remedy also positively affects the work of the kidneys and liver, strengthens the immune system.

Drape is also quite easy to find. Take one tablespoon of the collection, poured a glass of steep boiling water. After cooling, the tincture is filtered. Take the drug on one spoon three times a day. The result is visible after 14-15 days.

motley grass against prostatitis

Two effective prescriptions for prostatitis

In addition to Raznotrav, doctors and traditional healers recommend paying attention to two simple recipes:

  1. Monastic collection. This mixture is sold in ready-made form. Doctors say that with proper and regular use of the remedy, there is a positive dynamics in the treatment of prostatitis until the disease is completely cured. Components are carefully selected according to the principle of operation, proportions and compatibility. The collection almost immediately eliminates the pain symptom, normalizes the urinary process, beneficially affects the potency, stabilizes the circulatory process, eliminating stagnant phenomena in the pelvic area.
  2. One of the easiest ways to treat prostatitis is ordinary pumpkin seeds. Do not prepare tinctures and decoctions, enough daily to eat a handful of dried seeds. For best effect before eating, mix pumpkin seeds with honey.

Advantages of

The drug "raznotrav" from prostatitis, the composition and reviews discussed above, like other medicines, has several advantages:

  • No side effects. Unlike chemical preparations, the medicine is not an allergen and does not act fatal to other organs.
  • Promotes increased immunity, has a tonic effect on the whole body, which can not be said about classical tablets.
  • Even ready-made fees are an order of magnitude lower than chemical analogs, not to mention the grasses collected with their own hands.
  • Efficiency. The use of herbal medicines is usually prescribed for a long period. The main thing is not to miss the medication, otherwise the course will have to start again.

miscellaneous herbs from prostatitis composition and reviews

Result of

There is a mass of folk remedies and prescriptions for the treatment of prostatitis and restoration of male strength. Before treatment, consult a doctor. This will help to choose the optimal drug and the right course. As evidenced by the reviews of patients and specialists, one of the most effective drugs for getting rid of a dangerous ailment is Raznotrav.