How to choose an oxygen concentrator for home use?

Oxygen concentrators are called special devices used for the prevention and treatment of pulmonary and cardiac diseases. Until recently, equipment of this variety could be seen only in medical institutions. Today, if you want, it's easy to buy including a compact oxygen concentrator for home use.

Concentrator for home use

Principle of operation of

Unlike previously used, such devices are not equipped with any cylinders. Concentrators of oxygen produce it independently. The technology on which the work of these devices is based was developed by NASA specialists in 1958. The principle of operation of a modern oxygen concentrator is quite simple. In the case of the device there are two columns with a zeolite. This substance, like a magnet, attracts to itself the atoms of nitrogen and other elements that make up the air, and easily passes oxygen atoms. That is, it works like a filter. Original certified oxygen concentrators are available from the official representative of Invacare, Bitmos and Philips on the website

The main types of concentrators

Having asked about how to choose an oxygen concentrator for home use, you should, of course, pay attention to its main parameters. Professional equipment of this type, used in hospitals, is large in size and of considerable power. Such concentrators can produce up to 10 liters of oxygen per hour. Household models have smaller dimensions and are divided into two main groups:

  1. Intended for therapy. This kind of equipment is used to treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, respiratory and heart diseases. Often such devices are used to accelerate the recovery of postoperative patients. Oxygen installations of this type can produce from 5 liters per hour.

  2. Intended for the prevention of diseases and general recovery of the body. These very small devices produce 1-3 liters of oxygen per hour. Very often concentrators of this type are used for the preparation of oxygen cocktails.

  3. Equipment designed for oxygen bars. Such models are installed in fitness clubs, beauty salons, child development centers, etc. The performance of models of these brands can reach 3-5 liters per hour.

oxygen concentrator for home use

Weight of

equipment This parameter is also something that should be taken into consideration when choosing this medical equipment. Oxygen concentrator by this feature can belong to the group of portable, relocatable or stationary. The latest version of the equipment is supplied with a special high-pressure storage tank. To move such models are not intended and are not used in everyday life. Portable devices weigh no more than 4.5 kg. Therefore, they can be transferred to any convenient place simply in the hands. Such concentrators are usually equipped with an autonomous power supply system and can be used in the field. Movable models are equipped with solid wheels.

Criteria for choosing

In addition to power and purpose, when buying equipment such as an oxygen concentrator for home use, it is necessary to pay attention:

  1. On its dimensions. Before buying a hub, you should determine the location of your hub in an apartment or house. Install this equipment at least 30 cm from walls and heaters.

  2. Noise level. This parameter is directly dependent on such an indicator as the power of the device. The more it is, the more noise the hub makes. Small models are almost noisy. Devices of medium size in this regard are somewhat less convenient. In most cases, the noise level of models intended for household use does not exceed 35 dB.

Experts advise you to pay attention when buying a concentrator on the availability of such an accessory as a humidifier. Using the device without this supplement may lead to dryness of the mucous membranes. Also, the equipment of this equipment must include spare nasal cannulas, hose and filters.

Oxygen concentrator for home use

Concentration of oxygen

When selecting the equipment of this variety, among other things, pay attention to such an indicator as the oxygen content in the output flow. It is measured in percent. Modern models can produce a flow with an oxygen content of 75 to 95%.Most hubs have flow rate switching modes. The larger this value, the smaller the oxygen content of the mixture. In any case, experts do not advise buying concentrators with an oxygen output of up to 60%.To produce high-quality therapy using such devices will simply be impossible.

Producing countries

Of course, when choosing a device such as an oxygen concentrator for home use, it is necessary to pay attention to the brand of the device. After all, the quality of the patient's health depends on how good he is. At the moment, the equipment of only three manufacturing countries is represented on the Russian market: the USA, Germany and China. German and American concentrators are distinguished by their excellent build quality, reliability and long service life.

Modern Chinese oxygen concentrators are inferior in quality to Europe, but they are also much cheaper. The disadvantage of the equipment produced in this country is also that it, unlike the German and American ones, it does not have a gas analysis system. The quality of oxygen produced by the Chinese model can not be verified.

Device brand

If to speak about concrete manufacturers of household concentrators, at the moment the greatest popularity among the domestic consumer is used:

  • Armed( China).

  • AirSep( USA).

  • Atmung( Germany).

  • Bitmos( Germany).

Concentrators of the brand "Armed"

The range of products of this Chinese company is very wide. In the market there are both professional instruments of this brand with a capacity of up to 15 liters of oxygen per hour, and very small, producing no more than 1 liter. If necessary, it is easy to choose, including an assembly of this manufacturer, intended for use at home.

oxygen concentrator for home use reviews

Household models of this company are easy to use and customize. Some models include a useful accessory, such as a diffuser. With its help, it is possible to mix various kinds of pleasant smells( lavender, pine, lemon, etc.) to oxygen. It is actually a convenient and practical oxygen concentrator for home use. Reviews about this brand are also good thanks to the low cost of this equipment. If you want, you can buy a fairly powerful concentrator for 15-20 thousand rubles.

Models AirSep

The most popular are relocatable and portable models produced by this company. Their absolute advantages include:

  • Light weight. This figure for portable models AirSep is almost half that of conventional models.

  • High performance. Even very small models of this brand can produce up to 5 liters of oxygen.

  • Possibility of use for treatment of people with very serious lung diseases.

  • Availability of a power failure alarm system.

Therefore, the quality has just excellent this oxygen concentrator. A direct supplier of such equipment usually sells it for 100-300 thousand rubles. At resellers models of this brand can cost even more.

oxygen concentrator direct supplier

Concentrators Atmung

In addition to ease of use, the advantages of this company's equipment include high performance, energy efficiency and organic design. All models of this brand are supplemented by inhalers, LCD monitors and control panels. Also, the advantages of the concentrators of this manufacturer include full safety in operation. Are moving models Atmung more expensive than Chinese, but cheaper than AirSep - about 20-50 thousand rubles.

Models Bitmos

The advantage of this concentrator for home use is primarily the build quality. Also, the virtues of this equipment are considered very quiet work. If necessary, devices of this brand can be used around the clock. The air-oxygen flow can be adjusted as desired to an accuracy of 0.1 liters per minute. Good feedback from consumers of the Bitmos model was also earned for the presence of an antibacterial filter in the design. The moving instruments of this brand are worth about the same as Atmung, up to 60 thousand rubles.

how to choose an oxygen concentrator for home use

Second-hand models of

Some citizens of our country can expect the high cost of not only American or German models, but even Chinese ones. If the funds are not enough, and the equipment is really needed, you can think about buying a model that was in use. The oxygen concentrator for home use used can cost two times cheaper than the new model.

Preparation of cocktails

Prevention and treatment of diseases by inhalation of oxygen is not the only function that such devices can perform. The oxygen concentrator for home use also allows you to prepare very healthy cocktails. Such drinks can relieve fatigue and can be used as a good tonic.

In order to be able to prepare such oxygenated juices at home, you need to buy a special cocktail. The latter is connected to the concentrator, after which a liquid substrate is poured into it. When the device is operating, the latter is actively saturated with bubbles with oxygen. Of course, only natural syrups and juices are needed for making such cocktails.

Possible harm to

To take oxygen cocktails made using a concentrator, or breathe the oxygen flow generated by these devices, is certainly useful. But you need to do this, be sure to observe the measure. Too often you can not use a hub. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before using it and get the necessary recommendations. Critics of these devices believe that in addition to oxygen, their filters can pass through themselves and various carcinogens, in large quantities contained in the air of modern cities.

Oxygen concentrator for home use allows

Buying equipment such as an oxygen concentrator for home use can certainly contribute to the health of all family members. Are these devices quite expensive. Therefore, when choosing them, you should pay attention not only to such parameters as performance, oxygen saturation and dimensions. Be sure to look at the manufacturer. The device manufactured by a company that is not known to anybody, instead of good, can cause irreparable harm to the health.