Schalcon( lens solution): description, types, instructions for use and reviews

The Italian company "Shalkon" is engaged in the production of contact lenses and solutions for them. Previously, the company worked for the domestic segment of the market. Now the company began to sell its goods to the foreign market. Today we learn what the specific features of solutions for lenses of this company are, what kinds of liquids are there. Also find out what people think about the products of this organization.


Schalcon was founded in 1977. It is an Italian company that manufactures contact lens care products and also implements vision corrective polymers. The main office of the company is located in Rome. The products of this company have long won the domestic market. Recently, the company began to export its products to European countries. Therefore, residents of Russia and Ukraine now have the opportunity to purchase and try contact lenses and care products for this Italian company. By introducing advanced technologies and high quality standards into the production process, Schalcon is conquering new markets, cities and countries every day.

By the way, the firm supports the policy of creating private outlets. The company is pleased to provide its partners with the opportunity to sell products of the company "Shalcon".In Russia, the official distributor of this enterprise is the Moscow corporation "Med-In".reviews about lens solution schalcon universal plus

Fluid Schalcon Universal Plus

This solution has the following functions:

- Moisturizing contact lenses.

- Storage of polymer products.

- Disinfection.

- Remove various deposits from the lens.

- Cleaning of glasses substitutes.

Schalcon Universal Plus lens solution has the following composition:

- Buffer isotonic solution.

- Sodium edetate.

- Cocoylhydroxyethylimidazoline.

- Polyhexamethylene biguanide.

After the opening of Schalcon - a solution for lenses manufactured in Italy - it should be used within 3 months. After the expiration of this time, the fluid should be disposed of.

Schalcon - a solution for lenses, which is available in such volumes: 50, 150 and 400 ml. schalcon lens solution

Usage rules

  1. Wash hands with soap and water.
  2. In a clean container, pour the Schalcon Universale contact lens solution to the desired level.
  3. Remove the polymer products with a special plastic tweezers. Put the lenses in the container with the solution so that they are completely immersed in the liquid.
  4. For the disinfection of polymer products, they must be kept closed in a filled container for at least 2 hours, and preferably overnight.
  5. In the morning, open the box from under the lenses, put them on. Pour out the liquid, rinse the container with "Shalcon" solution( by no means tap water).
  6. Place the plastic box upside down on a clean paper towel. Allow her to dry. schalcon lens solution

People's opinions about the Schalcon Universal Plus solution

This Italian liquid has a small number of reviews on the Internet. People in the old fashion buy solutions of more famous companies, for example Renu or Opti Free. Nevertheless, there is a small amount of feedback from users who were fortunate enough to buy this liquid. Reviews of the Schalcon Universal Plus lens solution are all positive. So, users mark such positive sides in application of this liquid:

- Affordable cost.

- Bonus included. As a gift, along with the liquid, there is also a container with active silver.

- There is a special markup. On the bottle there is a red line on which you can navigate, when it is already worth buying a new bottle.

- No need to clean the lens mechanically. Schalcon - a solution for lenses, with which you no longer need to wipe each polymer product with your fingers.

- Lack of allergy, as well as dryness and burning sensation in the eyes.

- Cost-effective use. Users note that this solution lasts for 3 months, just for the period when the terms of its use are already approaching.

Premium Lens Fluid

The Schalcon Proclarity Multiaction lens solution is multifunctional, since it not only moistens the polymer products, but also effectively removes various fat, protein or other deposits. This liquid is suitable for all substitutes for glasses, including silicone hydrogel polymers.

The feature of this solution is the No Rub function, thanks to which the person no longer has to clear the lenses themselves. contact lens solution schalcon universale

Reviews of people about the liquid "Shalkon Proclarity Multi-action"

This tool also has a few responses on the Internet. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is a bad liquid for lenses. Just a product was published recently, many more do not know about it, and therefore are afraid to buy something new. But those people who ventured did not regret buying. A large volume( 380 ml), an additional container with silver ions, in which bacteria and fungi will not appear, an acceptable price that goes cheaper than other manufacturers, comfort when wearing lenses - all these advantages concern the Italian liquid Schalcon. A solution for lenses only begins to appear in optics. Although the Internet has long been sold this liquid. By the way, it's better to buy it there, it will be cheaper.


The price of the solution of "Shalkon Proclarity Multi-action" ranges from 600-700 rubles.for a bottle with a volume of 380 ml. If you buy less liquid( 50 ml), then you need to pay about 200 rubles. But in case of ordering a solution in a small bottle, a person should know that in the end he will receive only a bottle of liquid. A container with silver ions in addition will not go. schalcon lens solution proclarity multiaction

Solution Schalcon Lacrime

This is a sterile liquid with a chamomile extract that can be used to moisten both hard and soft contact lenses. If a person wears glasses substitutes in continuous mode, then with this solution he can moisten the eyes in the morning, after sleeping. It will take about 2 hours for the polymers to be saturated with oxygen and moisturize.

The Schalcon Lacrime lens solution is created as an artificial tear. The composition of the liquid contains special components that are similar in composition to the human tear. Thanks to the extract of chamomile, the eyes will always look fresh.


The Schalcon solution of the Italian company is multifunctional, inexpensive and comfortable due to advanced production technologies and new quality standards. Now people are just starting to try this liquid. Soon, users will understand that the solution of Schalcon is not worse, or even better than all known liquids Renu or Opti-Free.