Natural badger fat against various ailments

badger fat Badger fat has a natural efficiency, the badger accumulates useful substances in the fat layer for successful wintering. Given that it feeds on valuable roots, medicinal herbs, it forms a unique composition of biologically useful substances.

Natural composition and easy assimilation of valuable components determine the well-deserved place of badger fat in topical natural remedies.

Composition and properties of

Badger fat contains a unique combination of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, many of them are indispensable, so they must be delivered to the body from the outside.

The natural complex of vitamins A, E prevents the development of tumors, improves skin and hair condition, prevents the onset, blocks the development of inflammatory diseases of respiratory organs, kidneys and genitourinary organs. Their combination increases the anti-inflammatory activity of PUFA.They have antioxidant properties, enhance immunity, tissue healing.

Organic acids help to improve digestion, enhance the antioxidant effect of fatty acids, vitamins.

B vitamins are responsible for the regulation of the heart, nervous system, vision, hematopoiesis, and participate in the formation of immunity.

Action on the body

Badger fat has a positive effect on many systems, separate organs:

  • Immune system;
  • Blood characteristics;
  • Skin condition;
  • Metabolism.

It is successfully used to treat:

  • Pulmonary diseases( bronchitis, pneumonia), especially tuberculosis, due to the ability of badger fat to inactivate the tubercle bacillus;
  • Purulent diseases and infections;
  • Healing wounds.

Numerous positive reviews about the successful treatment of colds, purulent processes, long-term healing wounds, gastritis, ulcerative processes, bronchopulmonary problems, circulatory system, skin pathologies, burns, frostbite allow recommending badger fat for wide use to children aged 3 years and adults. Children under 3 years of age are shown only mild external rubbing, excluding the heart area.

Individual intolerance is a contraindication. Children under 3 years are not recommended to take fat inside, to avoid allergic reactions.

Where to buy

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