Gynecological chair: features, types and interesting facts

Many women experience some discomfort when they visit a gynecologist. The gynecological chair is widely perceived as a kind of torture construction. All this happens when the attitude to this important procedure is wrong. To minimize discomfort with the procedures performed on the gynecological chair, you need to sit on it correctly.

Importance of visiting a gynecologist

A visit to a gynecologist is not particularly pleasant for women, and in particular this applies to those girls who come to this doctor for the first time. They are very shy about this doctor, they are afraid of the look-out chair and try in every way to delay the time of his visit. Often this greatly increases the likelihood of some diseases that become chronic.

gynecological chair It is necessary to visit this doctor, not only to check the reproductive system, but this will help and evaluate the peculiarity of puberty of a woman, as well as the development of genital organs. That's why you need to know how to properly use this chair.

History of the invention

The earliest description of the design, which resembled a gynecological chair, dates back to the early 16th century. A doctor from Germany E. Bumm decided to omit part of the operating table, equipped with special foot-holders for operations on the pelvic organs.

armchair gynecological kg At the end of the XIX century, the child's doctor Raukhfuz made a special chair with special footstands made of metal, and a soft comfortable roller, located under the head. At the same time invented special footrests.

The famous Rakhmanovskaya bed appeared around the 20th century and survived almost unchanged to our time. Among its functional features it is necessary to allocate such:

  • high legs;
  • rising backrest;
  • convenient lower part;
  • presence of patella and armrests.

Over time, more interesting and original designs, differing in their functionality and reliability.

Interesting facts

In museums you can see quite a beautiful and original furniture that acts as a gynecological chair, on which the delivery of many women took. It looks rather strange, but it is not devoid of certain elegance and attractiveness.

Now such births may seem like torture, but at that time there was not much choice for women. When the time came, the mother was taken to the armchair, where she was assisted by a midwife to cope with the delivery.

armchair gynecological price This design was quite functional, it provided for handles, for which it was easy to grasp during fights, and also had special footstools. The back can be conveniently thrown back a little, and the chair turns simultaneously into a bed and an operating table. It was a real relic that was passed on from generation to generation.

Over time, the birth was started by qualified doctors, and gradually there were noticeable changes in the design of gynecological armchairs, although the traits of medieval models can still be traced. To select the required model, you first need to study the main characteristics of this product.

What is a gynecological chair?

In a medical institution, various instruments and furniture are used, without which it is almost impossible to diagnose and treat them. The gynecological and urological chair is simply an indispensable component of the examination rooms. Their choice should be taken with all responsibility, since a properly selected model will help provide comfort and comfort, both for the patient and the doctor.

The buyer is offered a large selection of models that differ in price, materials used, and functional characteristics. The price of a gynecological chair should be consistent with its quality. It is in the range of 17 to 220 thousand rubles. This is a very convenient and functional device that helps to conduct an inspection and timely identify possible diseases and disorders.

What are gynecological chairs?

Despite the fact that the functionality and purpose of this product are not too complicated and wide, there are a lot of models on the market, among which it is quite possible to choose the required option. There are different types of construction, which differ in the type of position adjustment, in particular such as:

  • mechanical;
  • pneumatic;
  • hydraulic;
  • electric.

The product with mechanical adjustment is highly reliable, as it has been tested for a long time. The disadvantage of this design can only be considered that it is not possible to change the position when the patient is already on the chair.

armchair gynecological clerk The product with pneumatic drive is characterized by the fact that the gas spring helps to change the position. This design is very convenient, but with a breakage, it is practically impossible to eliminate such a defect.

Hydraulic drive designs offer a high level of comfort and a smooth adjustment of the chair's position. The replacement of the failed parts does not cause any inconvenience and can be easily carried out by a full-time engineer.

A gynecological chair with an electric drive is the most modern and convenient way of adjusting the position of the seats. The big plus is that there is no need for additional costs for materials, and there is also the possibility to change the situation very quickly. Very popular is the model of gynecological chair MSC-1409, which is distinguished by its reliability and functionality. At the same time, it is affordable. There are many options for this design, but when you purchase it, you need to make sure of the quality of the product.

When choosing a gynecological chair, the registration certificate needs to be checked first, as this will largely determine the degree of reliability and functionality.

How to choose?

When choosing a gynecological chair it is important to consider a variety of different parameters, in particular, such as:

  • upholstery quality;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • carrying capacity;
  • accessories.

Product dimensions - a very important characteristic, which influences the level of convenience of using the gynecological office. Most of them are small enough and bulky, large equipment can be a very inconvenient element that interferes with the movement of the doctor. Very small gynecological chairs can cause certain difficulties in patients with a wide pelvic area or overweight.

armchair gynecological registration certificate The most optimal option will be a product with a carrying capacity of 150 kg. Gynecological chair in this case will have a double safety margin and significantly prolong the period of its operation. In addition, this design allows the use of additional equipment, which will increase the level of patient comfort and the convenience of the doctor.

When selecting a product, you need to pay attention to the design of the frame. Such a detail can be integral or channel. When using integral models during cleaning, certain difficulties may arise. In addition, it is important to consider the size of the pelvic region and the base. They must necessarily be the same, because otherwise the inspection can be quite traumatic. The gynecological chair "Claire", which provides a special level of comfort during admission and increases the effectiveness of the conducted studies, is quite convenient and functional.

What is it for?

There are various designs of gynecological chairs, differing in certain parameters. This product is used for:

  • examination of the genitals;
  • carrying out of medical manipulations;
  • sampling assays;
  • diagnostic procedures.

Such a design helps to significantly facilitate the work of gynecologists and increase comfort when conducting medical manipulations for women.

The main advantages of modern products

Gynecological chairs have certain advantages, among which you can distinguish such as:

  • are made of high-quality materials and have additional designs;
  • are reliable in operation;
  • safe at full load;
  • are affordable.

gynecological urological chair Despite the massiveness of the product, the chair is very easy to disassemble and transport. However, to get the maximum functionality, you need to correctly approach the issue of product selection.

How do I sit in a chair?

Many women who first come to see a gynecologist are worried about how to get into a gynecological chair for an examination? First you need to take off your clothes below your waist, and put clean socks or shoe covers on your feet. After this, you need to lay a clean towel or towel on the surface of the structure, climb up the stairs on the steps and lie down so that the buttocks are from the very edge.

gynecological chair with electric drive The legs are raised alternately on the supports so that they are located in the popliteal fossa or rest against them with soles. The correct location of the woman will allow for complex diagnosis, treatment and surgery.