Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital: reception, reception. Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital: description, specialists, doctors and reviews

The regional Kemerovo hospital has been guarding the health of the population of Kuzbass for more than seventy years. In recent years, there has been an active modernization of the technical equipment of hospitals and outpatient clinics, which expands the range of medical facilities for combating the most serious diseases and serves the health of thousands of city and region residents.

History of

The regional Kemerovo hospital appeared on the basis of a small rural clinic in the village of Ust-Istkim, which was discovered in 1913 by Dr. G.A.Bukhvostov. Today the hospital in Kemerovo is the largest multi-discipline medical center in the Kuzbass with several specialized directions, a modern technical base and a professional staff of employees.

Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital found its current status and importance on January 3 in 1944, and now this date is the official birthday of the medical institution. Expansion of the hospital territory and construction of new buildings occurred in 1956.In the 1960s the clinic became the basic medical institution for the department of medical institute. In the 1970s, the hospital was once again expanded by the construction of a whole complex of buildings, which was commissioned in 1976.

A timely addition to the assets of the hospital was the surgical building, built in the early 80's. To date, this building remains the largest in the ensemble of the clinic. In the last decade, the regional Kemerovo hospital is undergoing a gradual modernization phase, expanding the range of medical services and treatment methods.


The Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital provides medical and organizational and methodological assistance to the population at all levels. The staff of the institution is staffed by specialists of high qualification level. The clinic employs about 1500 staff, medical staff has scientific degrees in medicine, honorary titles, but most importantly - extensive experience in the treatment of various diseases.

The regional Kemerovo hospital in the department of the hospital is designed for 852 beds, the clinic accepts 750 people per shift in 33 areas of medical care. For a year the flow of patients is about 140 thousand people. Inpatient services annually receive 26 thousand residents of Kuzbass.

Kemerovo Regional Hospital

Activities of

Over the past three years, the hospital has received more than two hundred units of new equipment and equipment. During the last forty years the regional Kemerovo hospital has acquired the status of the best clinic of transplantology. The first kidney transplant operation was successfully performed in 1969.According to the statistics of the clinic, similar surgical interventions over the years of the institution's operation, more than 220 cases have been committed. The professional victory of surgeons was the case when a woman with a transplanted kidney became a mother.

About 10 years ago, a "Train of Health" was organized at the hospital, thanks to which doctors can provide assistance to residents of remote areas of the region and, if necessary, evacuate them for treatment in a hospital. The regional Kemerovo hospital is also a base for training students of the medical academy and college.

Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital


The regional clinical hospital carries out reception of citizens in all basic directions of medicine. Doctors provide consultative, curative and diagnostic assistance to the patients who are being treated. The phone number of the Kemerovo Regional Hospital will be indicated below.

The following services are available in the hospital:

  • Surgery ( three surgical departments with different specializations, vascular surgery, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, neurosurgery, gynecology, etc.).
  • Therapy ( departments - professional pathologies, endocrinology, neurology, hematology, gravity blood surgery, cardiology, etc.).
  • Pediatrics ( departments - for children with pathologies, central nervous system, respiratory infections, etc.).
  • Diagnostics of ( ultrasound, two radiological departments, express laboratory, biochemical laboratory, bacteriological laboratory, etc.).
  • Polyclinic .
  • Men's Health.

The Kemerovo Regional Hospital provides assistance in thirty-three directions.

phone of the Kemerovo regional hospital

Recording to reception

Patient visits to an outpatient clinic or hospital are performed after a preliminary examination in district, city medical institutions. The attending physician conducts a thorough examination of the patient and, if there is evidence that requires additional consultation or treatment in a hospital, gives directions to the hospital.

The registry of the Kemerovo Regional Hospital records daily from 08:00 to 19:00( except Saturday and Sunday).For the record you will need documents:

  • Insurance policy, SNILS, passport.
  • Referral from the attending physician, where the visit is indicated - consultation, hospitalization, additional studies( form No. 057 y-04).In the extract, the specialist indicates an accurate diagnosis and the required medical measures. The direction should be submitted on the letterhead of the sending institution with the seal and signature of a specialist or head physician, head.department, etc.
  • A package of preliminary analyzes, studies, films, pictures, etc.
  • A medical record with a medical history or an extract from the card.
  • A certificate of an epidemic and a birth certificate are required for children.
  • A certificate of membership in a certain category is required to confirm benefits.

Every patient of Kuzbass has the right to receive additional medical care, which is fully implemented by the Kemerovo Regional Hospital. The registry, telephone for recording and receiving reference information - 39-65-33 or 39-65-34.


The Kemerovo Regional Polyclinic was founded in 1944.In 1973, the consultative and diagnostic center became part of the complex of the city hospital at the Regional Hospital. During the year, more than 200,000 patients come here for advice and treatment, and a team of doctors takes up to 600 people per shift.

The reception is conducted in thirty-seven areas, some of which are integrated into specialized centers:

  • Allergology, occupational pathology, hearing rehabilitation.
  • Diabetic, convulsive conditions in children( including epilepsy).
  • Pediatric cardiology, medical genetic counseling, etc.

Consultative departments:

  • For children and adults - allergology, hematology, gynecology, diabetes, cardiology, otolaryngology, neurology, etc.
  • For adults - gastroenterology, nephrology, therapy, vascular surgery,urology, nephrology, traumatology, etc.

The clinic operates a diagnostic department where all types of research for adults and children are conducted. Admission is carried out according to CHI programs, on a commercial basis. The children's department is isolated from the general flow of visitors, which helps protect children from unwanted diseases and impressions.

Kemerovo Regional Clinical Hospital

Rules for admission to the polyclinic

Patients are admitted after a preliminary examination by a district specialist who has decided to send a referral to the patient for additional procedures, examinations or consultations.

The reception in the clinic is carried out only by a record, which is made in the registry( the phone was listed above).Going to a specialist, the patient should have with him a package of documents:

  • A topical medical insurance policy.
  • SUNYLS, passport, birth certificate and certificate of epidemics( for children).
  • Direction indicating the necessary assistance( consultation, diagnosis, hospitalization, etc.), results of preliminary analyzes.
  • Outpatient card of the patient or an extract from the medical history.
  • If necessary, a document authorizing preferential treatment.

The services in the polyclinic are provided through the OMS, VHI and on a commercial basis.

Kemerovo regional hospital registry

Ophthalmological Hospital

The Kemerovo Regional Ophthalmologic Hospital was established in 1985.The staff consists of 337 people with specialized medical education, of which 65 are highly qualified doctors. The clinic has equipment for providing high-tech care and standard methods of treating eye diseases.


  • Hospital, calculated stay of 260 people at a time. The structure includes five departments, including a day hospital.
  • Polyclinic. During one shift, specialists take up to 220 patients.
  • Cabinet of ultrasound, X-ray room.
  • Cabinet of electrophysiological examination.
  • Operating unit consisting of 7 rooms for surgical interventions with modern technical equipment.
  • Department of anesthesia.
  • Laser Surgery.
  • The office of vision protection( for children).
  • Two laboratories - optical correction of vision and eye prosthetics of complex cases.
  • Physiotherapy and emergency care.

Kemerovo Ophthalmologic Hospital

Admission to the Ophthalmic Clinic

The Kemerovo Regional Clinical Ophthalmologic Hospital accepts patients by appointment.

Admission rules:

  • Patients are referred to the clinic by the treating physician at their place of residence.
  • A package of documents is required - an outpatient card, an OMS or VMI policy, a direction( form 057-y).

The doctors of the regional ophthalmology clinic select patients for research in the EFUI cabinet, the eyeball structure, and the retinal tomography. If desired, the patient can be examined on a commercial basis.

Psychiatric hospital of the region

The Kemerovo Regional Psychiatric Hospital is a large specialized medical institution. The inpatient department is designed for 1057 people, the clinic is the center of a number of examinations - forensic psychiatric, military-medical, medical and social.

The structure of the hospital includes:

  • Diagnostic department( functional, clinical, laboratory, etc.).
  • Stationary departments of several types and directions, including a day hospital.
  • Intensive Care Unit.
  • Multidisciplinary offices( for particularly severe cases).
  • Center for Forensic Psychiatry.
  • Dispensary.
  • Center for Children and Adolescents.
  • The Gerontopsychiatric Center.
  • The center is psychotherapeutic.
  • Medical rehabilitation department.
  • Specialized brigade of constant readiness.
  • Chair of KSMA and other departments.

Kemerovo Regional Psychiatric Hospital

Rules for admission

For treatment in the clinic( except for emergency cases, which the team leaves), a preliminary entry in the registry and a referral from the district psychiatrist are necessary.

A package of documents required for a patient to receive medical services in a psychiatric clinic:

  • For hospitalization - referral, passport, MHI policy, outpatient card.
  • When applying to the dispensary department - passport, insurance policy and insurance certificate, outpatient card.
  • To solve social issues - a passport, a work record card, a manager-certified characterization from the last job.
  • Issuance of a certificate of fitness for military service - referral from a military registration and enlistment office, an outpatient card, characteristics from a place of study or work, a passport.

The regional Kemerovo psychiatric hospital provides medical services through the MHI system and on a commercial basis.