"Fortikarb" for dogs - the health of your pet

"Fortikarb" for dogs is an antiparasitic drug.

Danger of disease

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Parasites are organisms that live in the body of hosts( animals).These parasites can be both unicellular( protozoa) and viruses. The method of spreading parasites can be different, depending on their belonging to a particular species, but often they are transmitted through tick bites or flies.

Blood-parasites infect red blood cells.

Special laboratory tests should be performed in specialized veterinary clinics to confirm the presence of the disease.

Basics of the drug

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The mechanism of action of the drug is based on suppressing the production in the body of the elements necessary for parasites.

"Fortikarb" for dogs helps not only on the acute, but also on the chronic stage of the disease.

Before using the drug, it is necessary to familiarize the veterinarian with a list of recent manipulations in the field of dog health and with information regarding the general health of the animal. In particular, a special approach in the field of treatment will require a dog with problem kidneys and liver.

Its main advantage, in comparison with other similar medicinal products, is its low cost.

On "Fortikarb" the price can fluctuate in different pharmacies specializing in veterinary care, ranging from 588 to 675 rubles.

Nosense dosage

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This medication, like most drugs, only works when the correct dosage is selected.

A solution for injections can be used, introducing it not only intravenously, but also subcutaneously.

Most often it will be enough to enter the "Fortikarb" tool once. The instruction indicates that re-introduction may be needed extremely rarely, and only if the presence of the problem is ascertained a day after the start of treatment. One-time administration of the drug should be done by first calculating its amount, proceeding from the fact that for a 10-kg dog, 0.8 ml of the drug will be required( this corresponds to 4 mg per kilogram of weight).The condition of the animal will improve already within three days after the beginning of treatment.

"Fortikarb" for dogs provides protection against parasites for up to a month.

The type of the breed and the physiological condition of the dog affect the duration of the maintenance of the effect in the animals' organisms from the injection.

Its parenteral administration ensures rapid absorption and penetration into many organs and tissues of the body. "Fortikarb" for dogs is almost immune to metabolic processes in the dog's body.

Treatment may include the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants and corticosteroids.

Possible complications and preventive regimen of

Mass death of blood parasites and destruction of erythrocytes in dogs can provoke intoxication. Then it will be necessary to conduct intensive therapy.

In addition to therapeutic treatment, it is possible to build preventive measures on its basis.

As a precautionary measure, keep the dog on a leash to minimize its contact with the faeces of other dogs.

If necessary, it is better to try to leave the pet with friends, friends or relatives, but do not seek help in looking after the pet in nurseries or hotels for animals where other dogs are kept and the probability of infection is greatly increased.

To remove the stool of a sick animal, it is necessary, using gloves, a package, and it must be removed immediately outside the house in a stationary garbage can from the outside.

It should be ensured that the dog does not take into the mouth objects that are difficult to disinfect, picked up from the ground in crowded places or bought in a store.