Spray from the genyantritis: prices and reviews. Best nasal spray for sinusitis

Sinusitis is a serious ailment that negatively affects working capacity and overall well-being. With improper treatment, the inflammatory process can last a long time and, most likely, will go into a chronic stage. It will help to get rid of the symptoms of an ailment from a sinusitis. There is a huge number of drugs in this category, differing in composition and mechanism of action.

How to treat sinusitis?

Genyanthitis is called inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, accompanied by abundant mucous secretions, increased body temperature, shortness of breath, pain in the nose bridge and nose wings. The disease develops against a background of bacterial infection. The causative agent of the pathological condition are staphylococci, hemophilic rod, streptococci, chlamydia, fungi, mycoplasma.

Spray from genyantritis

Treatment of sinusitis depends on the shape and severity of the disease. When treating the disease use a topical medicine - a spray for the nose. With sinusitis, this form of drugs is considered the most convenient and effective. Among the advantages also should be noted the following:

  • Impacts at the local level, which excludes the ingress of components of the spray into the systemic bloodstream.
  • The drug reaches the outermost parts of the nasal cavity through spraying under pressure.
  • Overdose of the drug is excluded.
  • Spray from sinusitis can be used to treat children.

Getting on the mucous membrane of the nose, the particles of the medicine instantly begin to act and within a few minutes they ease the symptoms typical for maxillary sinusitis.

Types of sprays

The pharmaceutical market offers a wide selection of topical preparations for the treatment of sinusitis. However, not all of them are able to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and eliminate the true cause of the disease.

Spray for the nose with genyantema

Means can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Sprays that have a vasoconstrictive effect. They can be used for any type of sinusitis to restore normal nasal breathing. Such sprays as Tizin, Nazivin, Noxprey, Otrivin relieve symptoms for 4-12 hours( depending on the active substance), but do not affect the cause of the pathology.
  2. Drugs with saline. Provides a moisturizing effect and dilute a viscous secret."Aqua Maris", "Humer", "Salin" are developed on the basis of sea water and can be used as a prophylaxis of sinusitis, sinusitis and rhinitis.
  3. Spray from sinusitis on the basis of antibiotics. If the disease was caused by bacteria, the treatment will not do without bactericidal preparations: Bioparox, Isofra.
  4. Hormonal sprays( based on corticosteroids). Hormonal preparations( "Nazonex", "Baconase") can reduce swelling of the mucosa, but often they are prohibited.
  5. Sprays-mucolytics. Dilution of a viscous liquid, such drugs contribute to its rapid removal from the nasal sinuses. The most effective drugs of this group are "Sinuforte"( a spray for the nose with sinusitis).
  6. Combined preparations for the nasal cavity. Combining several active ingredients, these drugs provide both vasoconstrictive and mucolytic( "Rinofluimucil"), antibacterial action( "Polidex").

Spray with antibiotic for sinusitis

Quite often in the treatment of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses, topical preparations with antibiotic in the composition are prescribed. Nasal medicine has a significant advantage over broad-spectrum antibiotics - a minimal negative effect on the body as a whole. A spray of antritis with antibiotic is used to treat acute and chronic course of pathology of bacterial etiology.

The action of antibacterial agents for the nasal cavity is aimed at relieving inflammation, reducing the amount of secreted purulent secretion, reducing temperature due to direct effects on the cause of the disease.

Can I use an antibiotic spray to treat a child?

In some cases, successful treatment of sinusitis in children can only guarantee antibiotic therapy. Therefore, many ENT doctors recommend the use of a bactericidal agent of local action called "Isofra."Spray from sinusitis has in the active substance Framichetin, which effectively fights against diseases of the upper respiratory tract( sinusitis, sinusitis).

Spray from sinusitis with antibiotic

According to the instructions, the remedy can be prescribed to children over the age of one year, but many specialists recommend it to the newborn. It should be borne in mind that without prior consultation with an otolaryngologist, the antibiotic is prohibited when treating a baby.

Medicine for sinusitis: spray "Sinuforte"

To date, there is a wide selection of drugs to treat sinusitis at the local level. Not all patients resort to antibacterial therapy, many try to select an effective medicine on a plant basis. One of the popular means of this category is a spray from the sinusitis "Sinuforte".In its composition, water extract of cyclamen tubers and juice lyophilizate is used.

Spray from sinusitis Sinuforte

In addition to genyantritis, the spray will help to get rid of sinusitis, etmoiditis, frontitis, rhinitis( in acute and chronic stage).The action of the drug is to stimulate the reflex secretion, which contributes to the release of purulent fluid from the nasal sinuses. Spray "Sinuforte" can be used in pediatrics for the treatment of children older than 5 years. The medicine should be applied once a day for 6-7 days or in a day. In the latter case, the duration of the course is 12-14 days.

How to use the spray?

In order to apply the spray to its intended purpose, remove the cap and remove the stopper from the bottle. From the second vial, in which the lyophilizate is located, it is necessary to remove the upper part, then mix the liquid with the powder, pouring it into the first container. After that, the sprayer must be screwed and shaken until the powder is completely dissolved.

Medicine for sinusitis spray

Before using for the first time, you need to do a few pressings on the dispenser to let air out. When injecting the medicine into the nasal passage, it is important to keep the head upright. There may be a slight burning of the mucous membrane, secretions of a slightly pink color, a sensation of dryness in the nasal cavity. Such signs are not an excuse for canceling the medicine.

"Rhinofluucimil" for sinusitis

Nasal spray "Rinofluimucil" contains two components that effectively eliminate the symptoms of sinusitis: acetylcysteine ​​and tuamine heptane sulfate. The first component helps to relieve inflammation and liquefaction of mucus, while the second one narrows the vessels and restores normal nasal breathing. A spray from a genyantritis does not render antibacterial action and consequently can not be applied as the basic method of treatment.

Spray from sinusitis Renofluimucil price

The drug is most often prescribed to relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses in the initial stage. Also, the drug is prescribed for such ENT diseases, as chronic and vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis. The instruction warns that it is forbidden to use a vasoconstrictive spray for the nasal cavity in order not to become addictive. In pediatrics, "Rinofluimucil" is prescribed to babies from 3 years of age.

Spray from sinusitis "Rinofluimucil": price and reviews

Many patients noted a positive result of treatment with this nasal agent. Spray cost about 300 rubles.it is convenient in application, quickly removes stuffy nose, resolves purulent plugs. When used correctly, the medicine does not cause side effects. You should adhere to the indicated dosage to avoid such negative reactions as dryness of the nasal mucosa, tachycardia, increased blood pressure.