How is flatfoot treated in adults?

Flat-footedness is quite common in both adults and children. This disease is a deformation in the form of a flattening of the foot, as a result of which the loss of its physiological functions is possible. Many people do not consider this pathology to be serious, although it can lead to complications such as arthrosis, osteochondrosis, valgus deformation of the foot, etc.

The treatment of flat feet in adults should begin as soon as possible after being diagnosed. This disease develops gradually. And if a child with such a diagnosis does not experience any special problems, adults often complain about certain clinical symptoms, including pain, fatigue, and discomfort when walking. An orthopedic doctor can determine the illness after the examination. In some cases, a radiograph of the feet is necessary.

It should be noted that the treatment of flat feet in adults depends, first of all, on the stage of the disease, and is quite multifaceted, including various procedures, massage, and in some cases, surgical intervention. Everything is done in a complex, with the aim being not only to reduce pain, but also to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot, so that it is possible to prevent some complications and stop the progression of the disease.

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If diagnosed as "flat feet", treatment in adults, as a rule, is much more difficult than in children. In children 3-5 years old it is quite possible to get rid of the disease with conservative methods. At the older age, this method is stopped only by further deformation. And in the advanced stage only the surgeon will help.

It is very important to use special orthopedic insoles, which will relieve the foot and correct the detected changes. They are used from the initial stage of the disease, as well as for its prevention. Such insoles or special shoes made in orthopedic salons will contribute to the fact that the load is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the foot, accordingly, there will be better shock absorption when walking.

When talking about how to cure flat feet, do not forget about the general strengthening exercises and physiotherapy. These exercises will help raise the overall muscle tone, and also improve ligaments. Depending on the degree of development and the type of flatfoot, the orthopedic specialist will develop a therapy program.

Foot baths are very important. In addition, you can recommend a therapeutic or hydromassage. It is done in medical institutions, specially trained people, it is not necessary to conduct these procedures on their own.

Treatment of flat feet in adults also involves surgical intervention. And, despite the fact that many have any operation that causes fear, sometimes it is necessary.

Currently, there is a method that allows you to quickly and safely get rid of this disease with the help of small incisions. The essence here is that the patient's bone structures are brought to the correct position with the help of a special implant. The patient is left with him for a long time, this period can last from several months to a couple of years. After the muscles and ligaments get used to this condition, the implant is removed.

This operation is very effective and can be used at almost any stage of the disease. If the disease is strongly triggered, simultaneous application of other corrective methods is permitted. Recovery after many of them lasts from one week to several months.

The prevention and treatment of flat feet in adults is simply necessary if there is a suspicion of the disease. This will avoid many of the problems and complications that this deformation entails.