Nettle with bleeding and not only. ..

Nettle, common everywhere as a weed, in fact - a very useful medicinal plant. Our ancestors knew about this and used her infusions for various diseases. Most often, nettle was used for bleeding of various origins. As a medicinal raw material, the leaves of the plant were used, which were dried beforehand.

What is the reason for its useful properties? It turns out that its leaves contain vitamins, including vitamin K, which stimulates the formation of prothrombin in the liver, one of the main coagulating factors of blood.

In addition, tannic substances and vitamin C, formic acid, amino acids, urticine glycoside, vitamin A precursors - carotenoids, chlorophyll, iron salts and some other substances are found in the leaves of the nettle. Pharmacists found that nettle with bleeding is effective not only because of vitamin K. It has a vasoconstrictive effect and can reduce the musculature of the uterus, increase the tone of smooth muscles of the intestine, stimulates the restoration of damaged epithelium. Its last property is associated with a high content of chlorophyll in its leaves.

Vitamins and iron salts affect the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow, which is also very important in bleeding. Chlorophyll also enhances the metabolism, acts on the respiratory center, increases its tone, stimulates the heart and the vascular system.

Apply nettle infusion for bleeding from the lungs, urinary tract and intestines. A particularly frequent indication for its use are female bleeding of various origin. For example, if the menstrual cycle is disturbed, in the postpartum period, with gynecological diseases, with blood diseases accompanied by clotting disorders. In the postpartum period, infusion of nettle can increase uterine contraction, reduces bloody discharge, accelerates the regeneration of the mucous membrane of the uterus, improves the general condition.

Preparation of nettle infusion

To prepare infusion, 2 spoons of dried nettle leaves are needed.(Spoons, of course, should be canteens).The leaves are poured into a glass of boiling water, and everything is put on a water bath with low heat and a closed lid. It takes 15 minutes for the herb to infuse it. Then the infusion is cooled for 45 minutes and filtered. Leaves squeeze. The volume of the infusion is brought to the original level. Take it you need half or a quarter cup to 5 times a day. Store prepared infusion allowed no longer than 2 days in a cool place.

You can buy nettle leaves in a pharmacy in packs or in briquettes. Preparing the infusion from the briquette, pour a glass of boiling water one of its lobes. Nettle sticks for 10 minutes. Then the infusion is taken 3-4 times according to Art.spoon during the day.

In addition to the fact that nettle with bleeding is usually applied as infusions, its alcohol extracts can also be used. They are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and sold in finished form. Assign 30 drops a half hour before meals three times a day. By the way, infusions of nettles also drink only before meals.

Nettles are used in the preparation of therapeutic herbal remedies used for bleeding and vitamin deficiency, with gastric and skin diseases, with diseases of the urinary tract. It is used together with burdock leaves for hair loss, used to treat iron deficiency anemia, atherosclerosis, gastritis, stomach ulcers, cholecystitis, duodenal ulcers. Since it has a good epithelizing effect, it is used topically for burns, trophic ulcers, wounds, eczema and dermatitis.

Here is such a useful, nettles. When bleeding, with anemia, wounds and ulcers, with diseases of the intestine and stomach, drugs from its burning green leaves find use. Perhaps, in time, some other useful properties of this herb will be discovered. If necessary, use it. Good health to you!