Osteoarthritis of the hand: symptoms, photo, treatment with folk remedies, diet

Recently, people have more and more joint diseases. In most cases, from a disease such as osteoarthritis, the hands are affected. Subsequently, a person loses the ability to normally bend his fingers, hold various objects or perform elementary small work. It should be noted that this disease is not the only ailment that affects the joints of the hands. But in any case, there are changes in the cartilage itself, after which irreversible destruction occurs.

osteoarthritis of the hand

Causes of the emergence and development of

If you look for the original cause of osteoarthritis, you need to know what can trigger this disease.

  • Congenital pathology.
  • Hereditary predisposition to bone tissue disorders.
  • Great physical activity, especially on the hands.
  • Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases.
  • Age.
  • Unserious food.

Osteoarthritis of the hands: symptoms of

With such a disease as an osteoarthritis of the hand, you can feel the following ailments:

  • Aching joint pain.
  • Strengthening of painful sensations when changing weather conditions.
  • Small swelling of the hand.
  • Noticeable impairment of motor ability( hard to sew or knit, work with small objects, etc.).
  • Constant crunch when driving.
  • Explicit curvature or lengthening of fingers.

folk treatment of osteoarthritis of hands

Stages of development of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthrosis of the hand has several stages of development:

  • First . There is no change in the mobility of the hands, the pain is weakly expressed and can occur only at night, as well as with changing weather conditions.
  • Second . Mobility is markedly disturbed, the pain is pronounced and accompanied by a crunch.
  • Third . Constant pain accompanied by a difficult movement of the hands and lack of flexibility.

Treatment of disease

How to treat osteoarthritis of the hands? The therapy will be effective in the first stage. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to achieve complete disappearance of the disease with its progression. If the disease manifests itself and proceeds for a long time, and its symptoms are very pronounced, the doctors direct all their efforts to relieve the patient of the pain and discomfort, bring the person's condition to a stable regime. Even such treatment will be long and complex.

osteoarthritis of hands

There are several ways to eliminate osteoarthritis:

  • Medicated. The patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. Together with them a person will be obliged to perform therapeutic physical training. This will help improve blood flow and reduce pain.
  • In order to remove pain and reduce inflammation of the brushes, physiotherapy is prescribed.
  • Surgical. Used in extreme cases.

Hand Osteoarthritis:

Diet When a person develops this disease, in addition to the usual treatment, it is recommended to follow a certain diet. From his diet, the patient will need to be excluded:

  • Spicy food( pepper, condiments, etc.).
  • Salty foods - do not abuse this product.
  • Flour pastry, especially baking.
  • Fried food( it is better to give preference to boiled, steamed and baked products).

It is recommended to drink more water and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. It is important to adhere to such nutrition not only for the sick, but for healthy people, so that in the future they will never face such a problem as osteoarthritis of the hand. Treatment with folk remedies often gives a positive result.

Grandmother's recipes

Many people with any discomfort are used to resort to folk recipes that can reduce the pain and symptoms of illnesses, and sometimes lead to complete recovery. Is it possible for people to treat osteoarthritis of the hands? Yes, but the main thing to remember is that any intentions are best discussed with the doctor. Otherwise, you can cause more damage to the body than it was before. If a person has a disappointing diagnosis of "osteoarthritis of the hands", treatment with folk remedies can be quite effective.

osteoarthritis of the hands

As recommendations for the fight against the disease, the following recipes can help in the treatment of osteoarthritis:

  • You can prepare a compress. To do this, mix one spoon of honey and the same amount of vegetable oil. The mixture must be boiled and after cooling it is applied to the sick places for two hours.
  • Preparation of wormwood ointment. The dry plant is stirred and heated in a bath with olive oil. This composition should be used for a couple of days before application.
  • The most effective way is to lubricate the hands twice a week with a mixture of castor oil and turpentine.

Procedure for

It is possible to sum up and collect together all the recommendations for the treatment of this insidious disease. Since such a disease can overtake every person, you need to know how to treat osteoarthritis of the hands, and what to do. It's not for nothing that they say: "Forewarned means, armed."For the prevention of the disease should adhere to such recommendations:

  • Observe the right food. Eat more natural vitamins.
  • If you have any of the symptoms of the disease, see a doctor right away, because at an early stage of osteoarthritis development you can get rid of the misfortune.
  • For yourself, you often need to hold gymnastics brushes, fingers. Daily warm-up will not only reduce pain, but also prevent the further development of the disease.
  • To adhere to all the recommendations given by the doctor - this will make the treatment as successful as possible.

Types of the disease and predisposition

Osteoarthritis is divided into two types:

  • Primary.
  • Secondary type that occurs in complications, injuries, etc. osteoarthrosis of the hands symptoms

To the disease, people can be predisposed primarily people:

  • Overweight.
  • Beautiful half of humanity.
  • With problems of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Older than forty.
  • Injuries to bones.

Nature of the disease

Osteoarthrosis of the hand develops gradually, hitting the joints in turn. First, nodules can appear, then aching pains, especially after sleep. The patient has a crunch and unnatural movement of fingers and hands. Sometimes there may be a burning sensation in the place of injury or a feeling of heat. Cysts often appear and burst in the joints. If you do not take any action to eliminate the ailment, the pathology will progress successfully, bringing more and more pain and discomfort to the sick person. It is important to remember that in the last stages this illness is incurable, so timely treatment in a medical institution will avoid big troubles in the future.

How to identify osteoarthritis?

To determine this disease, first of all you need to come to see a doctor. Most likely, he will send the patient to the X-ray, where the signs of the disease will be clearly seen. This option is suitable for the initial stages of osteoarthritis, when the symptoms are not so pronounced. It is necessary to tell the doctor in detail everything that you feel so that there are no omissions. In more severe cases, it can be determined with the naked eye such a disease as osteoarthritis of the hands. The photos in the article demonstrate the external manifestations of this ailment at different stages of its development.

how to treat osteoarthritis of hands

Based on the statistics, it can be concluded that osteoarthritis is the main reason, because of which people on the whole earth can not fully live and work. Such a hindrance is observed in most elderly people.

Summarizing the

When medication for a long time does not bear any fruit, doctors resort to surgery. Endoprosthetics allows you to correct the deformation of the cartilage or completely replace the joint of the limb. Often neither patients nor doctors wait for the last stage of the disease, as a result of which a planned operation is carried out.

It should be remembered that with inactivity, osteoarthritis can progress. As a rule, after the defeat of the brush, the disease passes to the hip joint. Then it touches the knee and ankle. Therapy allows you not to cure, but slow down the course of the disease and relieve the unpleasant sensations.

Osteoarthritis of the hand appears due to blood flow, injury and other malfunctions. Most of this disease is predisposed to women after menopause and men over forty.

To achieve maximum effect in treatment, several approaches should be used at once:

  • Medication.
  • Maintaining a diet.
  • Carrying out regular physical exercises of brushes and fingers.
  • Observance of all physician's recommendations. osteoarthritis of hands

If a person wants to resort to treatment with folk remedies, then you can make various lotions and ointments at home to ease the condition and reduce pain. Do not give up the advice of a doctor, even if the patient is using self-made home remedies. Perhaps he will recommend some of his medications or even say he will use everything in the complex. During treatment it is necessary to exclude physical activity, especially those in which the hands and fingers are involved.

Since the joints are almost always involved in the work throughout the life of a person, over time they wear out, leading to irreversible and unpleasant consequences. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health in advance."The salvation of a drowning man is the work of the drowning man himself."