What is Thai massage? How to do Thai massage?

Surely everyone has heard of Thai massage. But very often people have superficial knowledge about this event. They are not ready to explain what a Thai massage is, what are its benefits. Is it really as useful as they say about it?

what is Thai massage

So, let's understand, what is Thai massage? And how to do it yourself.

Characteristics of the procedure

It is impossible to answer unequivocally what Thai massage is. After all, it is a whole art, allowing to favorably influence a person.

Thai massage is used to improve the physical and mental state of the body.

It combines various methods of influence. These are:

  • passive yoga;
  • acupuncture;
  • stretching;
  • reflexology.

Thai massage techniques have been developed for centuries in the countries of South-East Asia, based on religious and philosophical teachings.

So, what is Thai massage? It is an integral part of Thai medicine, which not only heals the body, but also the spirit and mind of man. Along with the massage in her use of herbal medicine, spiritual practices and proper nutrition.

This particular technology:

  • gives flexibility to joints;
  • improves posture;
  • relieves pain;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • calms the nervous system.

Thai massage photo

Two kinds of Thai massage are applied:

  • jap sen - pressure on certain points for stress relieving and body cleaning;
  • stretching - to increase flexibility.

The benefits of the procedure

Thai massage, photo of which allows you to get an idea of ​​the event, is first of all the creation of harmony between body and soul. With pressure on the active points, relaxation occurs. The circulation of energy is restored.

The use of Thai massage helps with fatigue, headaches, acts on deep subcutaneous layers, restoring the skin's elasticity and smoothing wrinkles.


Before doing Thai body massage, make sure that it does not cause harm to health. Do not forget that the basis of the event is a medical procedure - massage. And he has contraindications. Therefore, before you start the course, you should consult your doctor.

Categorically contraindicated Thai massage with:

  • malignant tumors;
  • cardiovascular failure;
  • gangrene;
  • thrombosis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • acute renal failure;
  • acute inflammation;
  • injuries;
  • artery disease;
  • aneurysm of blood vessels;
  • mental illness;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • of HIV infection;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • Allergies.

With local restrictions on certain areas of the body, you can act with caution or completely abandon the massage in these areas.

Basic recommendations

If you want to try yourself to make a Thai massage, photos and recommendations will help you to properly perform the procedure.

how to do Thai foot massage

But it is important before the event to consider several tips for better impact:

  1. Do not massage immediately after eating. And also if the patient feels hungry. The best time for the procedure is 2 hours after eating.
  2. All conversations during massage are forbidden.
  3. Pain during the procedure should not be severe.
  4. The room should be maintained at a comfortable temperature.
  5. Do not massage under stress.

And now we will consider the main directions of this procedure

Traditional Thai massage( nuad thai)

In this procedure, the patient lies on the floor, on the mattress. The masseur influences the body not only with his hands, but also with elbows, legs and knees.

Massage with herbal pouches( nouad pracop samurray)

This is an interesting procedure. At this type of Thai massage apply herbal compress. It is done before the procedure.

The healing herbs are wrapped in coarse cloth. They are kept above the steam until the temperature of the nodule increases.

The masseur pushes the muscles with a warm bag. Thus he warms them up and prepares them for further procedure. Heat contributes to the discovery of pores through which medicinal herbs affect the body. In this case, much more benefit will be provided by Thai massage. Techniques for performing the procedure will be discussed in detail below.


What does this procedure mean? Reflexotherapy is also called Thai foot massage. It is based on the fact that there are certain points on the human foot. They are responsible for all internal organs.

With this kind of massage, push the wooden stick to different areas of the foot, thus affecting the human organs. During the procedure, severe pain may occur. This suggests that the organ for which this point is responsible needs to be examined and treated.

And now let's look at how to do Thai massage at home. The technology of execution is quite simple and does not require special skills.

But before proceeding to the examination of the procedure, it is necessary to understand what is Thai massage of the whole body. This effect on the body, consisting of sequential procedures for each site. The event begins with a massage stop. Then the legs, back, shoulders are worked.

Foot massage

As mentioned above, the event begins with this zone. The following techniques will help you understand how to do Thai foot massage.

how to do Thai massage at home

  1. The customer lies on his stomach. Hands stretched along the trunk. The head is turned sideways. The masseur performs the steps on the patient's feet. How does this happen? He must stand on the client's foot. Then the masseur gently presses the cushion, under the big toe. Thus, he performs alternately steps in the footsteps of the partner, transferring the weight of the body to either the right or the left leg. This exercise requires smoothness in the movements, so as not to hurt the patient.
  2. The second stage - pressing with heels. The customer is also in the starting position. The masseur turns his back to him and starts gently massaging the patient's feet with heels. If there are problems with joints, this step is best to be missed.
  3. Then it is necessary to return to the first stage again - careful pressing of the pads of the fingers on the feet of the patient.

Foot massage

Thoroughly working the foot, you can move on.

  1. The partner lies on his stomach, slightly spread his legs. The masseur kneels, between the legs of the client, and begins to press his hands on his hips, moving up from the bottom. Movements should not be sharp, but not soft, but rather energetic. At pressing the masseur should transfer weight of the body on hands. Such movements are carried out 5-7 times.
  2. After that do stretching exercises. The masseur stands on one knee, picks up the client's feet and tries to carefully approach the patient's heels to his buttocks. When doing stretching, you should not allow the appearance of pain. It is necessary to move the client's legs smoothly, without sudden movements. When the heels have approached the buttocks as close as possible, you need to hold your legs in this position for 10 seconds. This exercise is performed 3-5 times. It helps to make muscles more elastic.
  3. The next step is stretching the legs. The masseur is behind the client, sitting on his feet. Takes the patient's legs and lifts, bending at the knees, so that a right angle is formed between the calves and thighs. Then gently moves the client's stops to the right until the left thigh starts to rise. The same thing needs to be done to the left. The masseur during this exercise should feel the contraction of the patient's muscles in order to tune in to their rhythm. Perform such movements should be from 3 to 5 times in each direction.

Back massage

Continuing Thai massage of the whole body, move to the next zone.

  1. The masseur is kneeling or leaning on one leg. Fingers divorced, upper limbs relaxed. Next, he puts his hands on the sacrum, without touching the spine. Produces alternate pressure, with the transfer of body weight. This way moves the palms up to the shoulder area. The patient must inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. The masseuse needs to adjust to the breath of the client. These movements are performed 5-7 times. how to do thai face massage
  2. The next stage of the Thai back massage is the exercise "Cobra".The masseur sits on his feet, on the client's thighs. Takes the patient's hands by the wrists, slowly straightens, lifting the partner's torso until it assumes a vertical position. Do this exercise is not sharp, but neat and smooth. To strengthen the effect, you can sit lower, on the popliteal region. Repeat the movements 3-5 times. When performing this exercise, the masseur should pay attention to the distribution of weight. If his body weight exceeds the weight of the patient, you can place your knees in the buttock area. This will facilitate the conduct of the session. If the client has problems in the lower spine, this exercise can not be done. Thai full body massage
  3. The next stage of back massage may be to work out the elasticity of the muscular corset. The client sits on the heels, feet together, knees apart. The trunk is extended forward. Buttocks, he must touch the legs. If this does not work, then you need to lay a blanket or towel to fix the position. The masseur stands and gently presses the client's sacrum, moving the skin down, but not touching the spine. The exercise is done 5-7 times. If the client has pain or had spinal injuries, such a massage should not be done.
  4. To open the lower energy centers, perform the following. The patient lies on his stomach. The Masseur squeezes his hands into fists and starts tapping them in the area of ​​the sacrum, without touching the spine. Exercise is performed rhythmically, without jerks, with relaxed wrists. Continue tapping for 40-80 seconds. This type of massage is excluded in case of overwork and injuries.
  5. The second stage of this exercise is the impact in the heart area. It is used to improve breathing and release energy. Tapping is performed for 30 seconds on both sides of the spine in the region of the heart. Do not do patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  6. The last step of the exercise. One hand is placed on the heart area, the second - on the sacrum. The masseur must balance the energy flows within 1-2 minutes.
  7. Then you need to stretch. The patient lies on his back, crossing his knees bent at the knees. The masseur takes the client's wrists, watches his breathing and tries to pull the partner up, on exhalation. In the vertical position, the client is within 10 seconds, then the masseur gently lowers the patient. Exercise is repeated 5-6 times.
  8. The following exercise helps the operation of the shoulder girdle. The patient sits on his heels. The masseur smoothly kneads the humerus of the client for 3-5 minutes.

Facial massage

It should be remembered that all zones need to be treated. Therefore, consider how to do Thai face massage:

  1. The patient lies on his back. He must be completely relaxed. If he has an unpleasant feeling in the lower back, then a knotted towel is placed under the knees to relieve tension. The client's torso is better sheltered, because during the procedure it can become chilly. The masseur sits down behind on the soles of his feet and produces thumbs of forehead stroking: from the center to the temples.
  2. Then performs circular motions clockwise in the area of ​​the temples.
  3. Further massages the nose and cheeks, also stroking from the center to the edges.
  4. The chin is treated towards the base of the skull.
  5. With light movements around the circle, the ear lobes and all the ears are massaged.
  6. Then the masseur closes the patient's ears for 1 minute. During the whole procedure, it is necessary to monitor the breathing of the client and try to tune with him on one wave.
  7. Finish the facial massage by placing the thumbs on the central part of the forehead of the client. In this case, the palms touch the hair growth line. In this position, the masseur should try to fill the client through improvised triangles with positive energy.

Thai whole body massage with herbal pouches

Massage with herbal pouches

This technique allows you to achieve a very good effect. After all, Thai massage of the whole body with herbal pouches, in addition to the effective effect described above, includes the healing power of plants.

For filler bags use the collection of ginger, basil, lemon grass, turmeric. They are placed in a natural cloth and heated on a steam bath.

With heated bags carry out pressing movements on active points and along energy lines. This kind of massage helps with nervous overexertion, general overfatigue of the body, pain in the muscles.

This procedure can only be carried out by qualified specialists in the salons.

Thai slimming massage

Many people know that this procedure is quite effective in combating obesity. How to do Thai massage for weight loss?

The procedure that helps to adjust the weight and contours of the body is performed as follows:

  1. The therapist acts on the client's energy centers, improving the effect by applying extracts and oils.
  2. The procedure continues for several hours. During this time, the masseur rubs oils and extracts into the patient's skin.

Before the slimming massage is recommended to go to a Thai bath. This helps to open the pores. And consequently, a much better effect will be produced by phyto-drugs.

Thai slimming massage is performed only by licensed specialists in salons.