Removal of warts by laser or nitrogen: which is better, where to make, effects, reviews

In our time, there are several ways to eliminate papillomas. Removal of warts by laser or nitrogen - which is better of these two methods? Today we try to answer this question. Why did we choose these ways to eliminate the built-up edge? Because recently manipulations, carried out with the help of laser and liquid nitrogen, show excellent results on the way to the successful removal of papilloma. removal of warts by laser in Moscow

What is a wart?

This is mostly a benign skin formation, another name is papilloma. The wart has a viral etiology. Transmission of the causative agent occurs on contact with the patient, through the objects that he used. Why do some people have warts, while others do not have them throughout their lives? It turns out that the predisposing factors for the appearance of papillomas are:

- Decreased immunity.

- Psychological trauma.

- Increased sweating of the hands, feet.

- Wegetoneurosis.

When should I alarm?

With a wart, you can live a lifetime, if it does not interfere or it is not visible. But there are such symptoms, noticing that it is important to contact the doctor promptly:

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- Bleeding.

- Darkening of the wart, its increase.

- Spreading papillomas all over the body.

- Painful sensations when touched.

Most often a person goes to the hospital with the purpose of eradicating the wart on his hands. Photo of papilloma on the upper limbs can be seen below. Also in this article you will find pictures before and after removing the build-up.

removal of warts by laser or nitrogen which is better

Applied methods of destruction of build-up

There are different ways to remove warts:

- Laser.

- Cold( liquid nitrogen).

- Radio wave method.

- Electric current.

- Surgical method.

Recently, specialists have been removing warts with a laser or nitrogen. What is best for a particular person, the doctor decides individually. But these two methods are considered the most popular and effective.

The process of wart removal with laser

First the doctor treats the skin around the lesion with an antiseptic, then uses a local anesthetic. They trim the skin under the wart. Then the specialist determines the depth of penetration of the laser beam, depending on the type of skin and the degree of complexity of manipulation. Then the doctor switches on the device, dissecting the skin. The laser starts to pull out the formation from the tissue, while cleaning the epidermis from the remnants of the shell. Removing the wart by this method does not involve bleeding. This is a big plus of this method of treatment, as a doctor can perform his work with maximum efficiency. warts on hands photo

How do I care for my skin after laser wart removal?

  1. After carrying out this manipulation, a crust appears on the site of the lesion. In no case is it necessary to rip it off, it itself disappears within 10 days after the procedure.
  2. In the first 24 hours after laser exposure, the place where the wart was, can not be wetted with water. Do not let the penetration of moisture help a special waterproof plaster.
  3. After laser removal it is forbidden to visit the sauna and bath. Also, cosmetic products should not be applied to a place that has been exposed to such effects.

The removal of a wart by a laser has no negative consequences for itself. No festering occurs. The dent that appears after the laser disappears quickly. wart removal by laser effects

Strong and weak points of laser removal


- High efficiency. Usually, the procedure for getting rid of a neoplasm does not require repeated passage.

- Absence of scars.

- Elimination of pain, as the procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

- The working parts of the device do not come in contact with the skin, so do not be afraid of possible infection with an infection.

- Lack of blood.

- The diameter and depth of exposure are monitored by a physician.

- Speed ​​of manipulation.


- Expensive.

- Impossibility to conduct histological studies of the removed tissue.

- The presence of side effects. In view of the fact that the doctor uses an anesthetic, the patient can have negative manifestations: fatigue, drowsiness, peeling of the skin, dizziness.

People's opinions about laser elimination build-up

The removal of warts by laser reviews gets mostly positive. People like the fact that the manipulation itself passes quickly. Some, however, are confused by the fact that you need to use local anesthesia. The results of laser removal of warts people are happy: there are no scars, the place quickly heals. However, some people note that they had a relapse. That is, on the same place again appeared growths. But this is by no means a sign that the procedure is ineffective. The fact that the wart is a consequence of the impact on the body of papillomavirus. And if it is present in the body, then the growth can appear again. But no method of getting rid of a wart releases the virus. To do this, you must additionally take drugs that raise immunity. Wart removal methods

The cost of laser removal of the build-up

The price of this method of getting rid of tumors can be different and it depends on such indicators:

- The location of the papilloma.

- Size of the lesion.

- The complexity of the build-up.

The table below shows the prices for laser wart removal. The price of the procedure may vary depending on the place of performance. The table shows the cost of laser exposure for residents of the capital of Russia:

Place of localization Size of built-up Difficulty category Approximate price( in rubles)
On the sole of foot

Up to 0,5 cm

0,5-1 cm

More than 1 cm



On the body -









Laser warts are removed in Moscow in many clinics. The cost of manipulation will depend on the prestige of the medical institution, the qualification of the medical staff, equipment.

Rid of neoplasm by cryodestruction

Liquid nitrogen affects the pathological tissue with cold, destroying the cells. The condyloma gradually dries up. Stages of cryodestruction:

  1. A special applicator is applied to the wart. He stays in the affected place for about 30 seconds. The doctor presses or extinguishes the build-up.
  2. After the manipulation, the wart pales, swells and turns red. In the first days, the build-up becomes like a bubble, which is strictly forbidden to pierce. He must go by himself for 7 days.
  3. In the place of the bubble, then a crust appears, it also disappears. There remains only a small pink spot, which soon acquires a normal color.

Many people doubt and can not decide to remove warts with laser or nitrogen. What is better - the method of cryodestruction or laser treatment? An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of removing the neoplasm with nitrogen will help to answer this question. wart removal by laser price

Pros and cons of cryodestruction

Positive moments:

- Painless procedure. The need for local anesthesia disappears.

- Absence of blood during cryodestruction.

- Speed ​​of manipulation.

- Absence of scars.

- Possibility of carrying out in relation to children.

Negative points:

- Inadmissibility of controlling the depth of nitrogen exposure. This means that if a large wart is present, several cryodestruction procedures may be necessary to completely eliminate build-up.

As can be seen, nitrogen cauterization and laser exposure have both positive and negative sides. There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what is best. Only together with the doctor you can understand what method of getting rid of the build-up will suit you. wart removal with laser reviews

Reviews of people about cryodestruction

There are many responses of people who with the help of liquid nitrogen removed warts on their hands. Photo of a place that has been exposed to, many even put on public display. And you can see immediately that the method of cryodestruction is very effective. And the people themselves confirm the fact that it is easy to get rid of the papilloma with the help of liquid nitrogen. However, nevertheless some patients remained dissatisfied with this method. So, someone after the cryodestruction had scars, and someone even noted that the procedure itself was very painful.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to carry out this manipulation. But if you get rid of the wart with liquid nitrogen, you need to choose a clinic, in which real aces work.

The cost of cryodestruction

The cost of getting rid of one papilloma with liquid nitrogen can be from 100 to 1000 rubles. The cost is affected by the prestige of the clinic, the type of apparatus for manipulation, the location of the localization of education, the appearance of the wart. We are considering prices that are relevant for Moscow. However, consider that the cost of getting rid of the build-up in the capital is 2 times more expensive than in other cities. So, for a plantar wart it is necessary to pay about 500 rubles. Vulgar build-up will cost 300 rubles. As you can see, the prices for cryodestruction are much lower than for laser treatment. If you proceed from the cost, it is better to choose removal of the built-up liquid nitrogen. However, you should not forget that in this case, not one cauterization may be required, but several, since during cryodestruction it is impossible to determine the depth of influence on the tissue.


We hope, after reading the article, you determined which method of liquidation of education to choose: removal of warts by laser or nitrogen. What is better - to spend a lot of money and not worry about the reappearance of the build-up or save, but do not conduct a histological examination? And it, by the way, shows precisely: malignant was education or not. Which method to eliminate the warts to choose depends on the specific situation. Both ways have a place to be, they are quite effective and popular.