How to sleep in a short time

About the importance of sleep is unlikely to someone will argue. We understand that we need to rest for a sufficient amount of time, but, unfortunately, we can not always afford to lie down at a certain hour. What to do? Is it impossible to sleep a little, but at the same time feel good? In fact, it is quite realistic to keep oneself in shape, giving a minimum of time to sleep. How to sleep in a short time? It is necessary to comply with several rules at once. The fact is that several factors influence the course of this process. Each of them must be taken into account, otherwise there will be no result.

How to sleep

To begin with, we should note that a person must sleep eight hours a day. It is the amount of time that the body needs in order to fully recover the energy spent for the day. Eight hours is a luxury for someone who wants to succeed everywhere. Yes, indeed, often it is necessary to limit the time of sleep to a minimum. To sleep 4 hours and get enough sleep is real. Periodically, you have to set yourself a "vysypnye" days, but with this mode of everyday life you can live normally.

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How to sleep in a short time? To begin with, you need to set yourself up correctly. It's all about psychosomatics. What are we talking about? The fact that before going to bed you need to properly adjust yourself. You will never get enough sleep if you close your eyes and think about getting up very soon, which means that tomorrow you will feel extremely bad. Why dwell on this? Thoughts that come to mind before going to bed, have tremendous power, think about opening your eyes in the morning and feeling great. It is not difficult. Try it, the effect will surprise you.

Everyone who thinks about how to get enough sleep in a short time should think about what role breathing plays in relaxation. Breathing exercises - this is what helps to find peace of mind and instantly calm down. Lie on your back or sit comfortably, and then take a few deep and slow breaths-exhalations. In this case, try to imagine how your muscles relax. And the stress accumulated during a day evaporates. In general, breathing exercises, helping to relax before going to sleep, there are many. You will find them in the literature on yoga.

Before the above exercises, we recommend a small workout. It's not about physical exercises that will drive a dream, but about those that will help stretch the muscles. In other words, just stretch, twist your head, hands and so on.

How to sleep in a short time? Do not even think that you can do it in a stuffy room. Before going to bed, open the windows for at least fifteen minutes - the room should be thoroughly ventilated. If possible, leave the ventilator ajar.

Before going to bed, be sure to take a warm shower. It helps to relax. In the mornings it is recommended to take a contrast shower - it helps to cheer up.

Scientists have recently been shown that the one who sleeps until midnight is best to sleep. Do not have time to do things? And why not leave them in the morning, that is, at a time when the head is as clear as possible?

If you are seriously thinking about how to sleep in a short time, pay attention to what and when you eat. Before going to bed is categorically contraindicated. The last meal is five hours before bedtime. We strongly recommend that you give up acute, oily and other harmful foods.

How sad it may sound, but a person must necessarily sleep in a separate bed. This applies even to spouses. The second person will still interfere with relaxation.

Do not think about anything specific before going to bed. The fact is that bad thoughts will create a negative attitude, and good ones will cheer up. They must be at such a critical moment that there is no emotional response to them.