Edema under the eye: causes. On the one hand, edema under the eye in the morning: diagnosis and elimination of the causes of edema

Eye swelling should not be understood as a change in the structure of the eyeball, but the appearance of a pathological process in the lower or upper eyelid, in which excess interstitial fluid is concentrated in the tissues of these anatomical regions.

Why does edema develop under the eye? The reasons, on the one hand, should be sought in somatic diseases, and on the other hand, this phenomenon is provoked by external influences( injuries, bruises, allergic reactions, fatigue, etc.).

Edema under the eye of the cause on one side

Causes of edema under the eyes

The human body more than half consists of water. Most of the liquid is concentrated in the cells of the body, and the smaller part is in the intercellular space.

By means of the water-electrolyte balance provided by the body systems, this ratio is at a certain level. When it is broken, as a rule, the body develops pathological processes that provoke swelling.

What are edemas under the eyes( causes and treatment)?The photos presented in this article can give a visual display of the problem.

Why puffiness is clearly visible under the eyes of

This can be explained by the anatomical structure of the tissues around the eyes:

  • skin is delicate in these areas;
  • subcutaneous fatty fiber is loose;
  • sebaceous glands absent;
  • low level of muscle activity;
  • in this area is a large number of large and small blood vessels.

What is the difference between edema and bags under the eyes

It should be distinguished such concepts as swelling and bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes are provoked by loss of skin elasticity and elasticity. Typically, this is an age-related change. The skin is no longer able to maintain a fat layer located around the eyes. Edema appears due to somatic diseases or external provocateurs.

Why do swelling occur under the eyes? Causes and treatment will be described in this article.

Swelling under the eyes causes and treatment

Swelling under the eyes can signal the presence of somatic diseases

May occur in people with disabilities such as the thyroid gland, heart, kidneys. Also, puffiness occurs when the pituitary gland is damaged and the venous outflow is incorrect. Such edemas are characterized by a special development and flow. Most often the process captures the lower eyelid and is more pronounced in the morning hours.

With kidney pathology, puffiness usually occurs during the day. But if the process manifests itself in the evening, you can judge about the defeat of the cardiovascular system.

In somatic diseases of puffiness under the eyes, symmetry is inherent.

Reasons for edema in women

Why do the representatives of the weaker sex have swelling under the eyes? Reasons for women can be as follows: hormonal imbalance and pregnancy.

Swelling under the eyes causes in women

Increasing the level of estrogen before menstruation promotes fluid retention in the body tissues, which is also expressed in puffiness under the eyes. This phenomenon can be observed in the pubertal period, with menopause and hormonal therapy.

Many women complain of swelling during pregnancy. In particular, they are characteristic of the third trimester.

If the puffiness is observed during the whole pregnancy against the background of a strong gain in weight, the expectant mother should seek help from a specialist. In this case, swelling can indicate a serious medical condition. First of all, you should pay attention to the state of the kidneys, since a malfunction in their work can cause dropsy of pregnant women.

Edema in case of allergy

As a rule, with an allergic reaction of the body, edema is localized above the upper eyelid. There may be swelling under the eye from one side or from both. The process develops very quickly and disappears as lightning fast. Provoke this state can makeup, food and plants. Adverse genetic background

It happens that puffiness around the eyes appears even in children's or young years. At the same time predisposing factors are absent, but parents also have a similar syndrome. In this case, we can talk about the genetic predisposition of the organism. This condition is caused by an excess of fat around the eyes.


With prolonged stay behind a computer monitor, driving a car, reading books in dim artificial light, watching TV for a long time, the muscles of the eyes are stressed, which breaks the blood supply to the eyelids.

General fatigue leads to disruption of sleep and wakefulness. A person can not sleep for a long time, and awakening is difficult. The lack of normal rest is manifested in the form of puffiness under the eyes.

Age factor

With age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, the muscles around the eyes weaken, the bone tissue becomes more fragile and unable to maintain the fatty tissue around the eyes.

In adults, the kidney function is disrupted, electrolyte balance is slowed. All this leads to chronic swelling of the eyes in old age.

Increased salt content in the body

It is known that salt helps to retain water in the body. In particular, it is harmful to eat it before going to bed. With a constant intake of salty foods and canned food around the eyes, liquid will accumulate, causing swelling.

After the salty and spicy food has been eaten, thirst arises. It makes you drink more fluids. And because of salt, it can hardly be removed from the body.

The influence of the

lifestyle The causes of puffiness may lie in the wrong order of sleep and wakefulness. Lovers of a merry passing of time in the circle of friends at night are at risk of getting the next day swelling under the eyes.

Swelling can provoke the use of alcohol or drugs, sweet and carbonated beverages, bright light, short sleep.

Also, before going to bed, do not advise drinking strong drinks and coffee. Smoking and alcohol should be excluded altogether. And, as it does not sound surprising, you should drink more liquid throughout the day. The amount of liquid consumed should be approximately 2 liters, with most of it should be consumed before 14:00.When there is a shortage of fluids, the body includes its reserves and seeks to store it for future use, which can cause swelling.

Tears before going to sleep

Many of us have noticed that tears cause puffiness under the eyes. Most often it appears in the morning. This is because tears contain salt, which prevents the removal of fluid from the tissues.

Tears act in two ways: on the one hand, they prevent the removal of fluid from the tissues, on the other - promote irritation of the skin under the eyes. And if you take into account the fact that a whiny mood can cause insomnia, then it's no surprise that you wake up with swollen and blue eyelids.

The use of cosmetic products

Cosmetics itself can not cause puffiness, but its incorrect application is quite.

In this case, it is necessary to comply with a number of rules:

  • wash off cosmetics a few hours before bedtime;
  • for removing decorative cosmetics use special means for removing make-up;
  • after washing, soak the face with a soft towel, and do not rub it;
  • carefully study the composition of your cream, it should not have components that contribute to the appearance of edema.

Swelling under the eyes in the morning

What can cause, besides the irregular daily routine, swelling under the eyes? Causes in the morning can signal a defeat of the kidneys and liver. If the process is detected gradually, we can judge the damage to the cardiovascular system.

Swelling under the eyes causes in the morning

Treatment of puffiness with massage

Alternative medicine advises to apply massages. Making light circular movements towards the ears, you promote stimulation of active biological points located in the area of ​​the cheekbones. To soften the massage, it is advised to moisten the fingertips with essential oil. But its use in its pure form is not recommended. It should be diluted with cosmetic.

This method is not suitable for people suffering from hypertension. In this case, it is advisable to use ice cubes for massage. The effectiveness of the procedure will be higher if the water is frozen frosted chamomile or make cubes from decoction of parsley or green tea.

Should be carefully cube in the direction of the cheeks, as if squeezing out swelling downward. But do not massage for too long, since you can freeze the skin. The face should not be supercooled, otherwise you risk getting a cold or sinusitis.

Application of contrasting trays

Contrasting trays have a beneficial effect. You should take two bowls. In one pour cold water( it should be added a little salt), and in another - warm. It is necessary to wet alternately the towel with water of different temperatures and apply it to the eyes, but do not press strongly. Then you have to wash your face with warm water.

Application of compresses

Compresses with green or black tea are perfectly struggling with puffiness under the eyes. They contain caffeine and tannin. Tannin tannins contribute to the removal of swelling, as they have astringent action, and caffeine narrows the vessels.

Separately, we should mention chamomile tea. Camomile, as you know, has an anti-inflammatory effect, can soothe the skin and remove irritation. You can treat bags under the eyes with cotton pads, moistened in chamomile broth. They are applied to the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Soothes and removes skin irritation with vitamin E. In cold water, several drops of this vitamin should be added and mixed thoroughly. Then it is necessary to moisten the cotton wheels in the solution and apply to the eyes for 20 minutes. Such a compress has not only a preventive, but also a cosmetic effect. It promotes nutrition and softening of the skin around the eyes, making it supple.

Treatment with medicines

The radical methods of treating edema around the eyes include injections with the addition of "Pinoxide".Recently, this drug has been used to relieve puffiness under the eyes, as experiments have shown that the drug helps to optimize blood circulation. It causes resorption of swelling.

To eliminate edema, it is necessary to remove excess fluid from the body. If the methods of external influence have not been of any help, one should turn to diuretics. But we must remember that such drugs contribute to the washing out of their body of nutrients. For example, the amount of potassium and calcium in tissues decreases. Therefore, before using them, you need to consult a specialist.

Important advice

For puffiness under the eyes, do not self-medicate. When the exact cause of edema under the eyes is found, the pathological process is eliminated faster. After all, in this case, the doctor chooses the right therapy, aimed at eliminating the internal or external provocateur.

cause edema under the eyes removal

Causes of puffiness under the right eye

In a number of cases, swelling may be asymmetric. Many wonder why there is swelling under the eye? The reasons, on the one hand, lie in the diseases of internal organs, on the other - represent an allergic reaction or trauma.

Often such a phenomenon provokes an inflammatory process. At the same time, the skin around the eyes turns red, the temperature near the eyes rises, the person is disturbed by painful sensations during palpation. Inflammatory process can be caused by furunculosis, haljazionom and also banal flu or common cold. Swelling can be caused by sinusitis, meningitis and inflammation in the gums. As a rule, the upper eyelid swells.

Conjunctivitis provokes not only puffiness, but flushing and itching, as well as the secretion of pus. After a while, a second eye can be affected.

Mechanical damage also causes eye swelling. It can lead to not only damage to the upper or lower eyelid. Provoke such a phenomenon can bruises, burns, insect bites, injuries in the scalp, facial bones. Damage violates the integrity of blood vessels, and blood with intercellular fluid descends into the eyelid area. Such swelling, as a rule, disappear without treatment in a relatively short time.

Causes edema and a variety of surgical interventions in the head, especially the face. This phenomenon is also observed with venous and lymphatic outflow. Procedures of a cosmetic nature can lead to a violation of outflow of lymph and venous blood. As a result, the intercellular fluid accumulates near the eyes. Impaired lymph drainage occurs as a result of increased venous pressure in people with heart failure or pericardial disease.

An insect bite, which may be imperceptible at first, also provokes swelling, which manifests itself in a few days.

Danger presents and hypothyroidism, expressed in a reduced function of the thyroid gland with iodine deficiency. There is a violation of protein metabolism, which is expressed in puffiness under one eye or throughout the body.

Why does it swell under the right eye? The reasons will be established by a specialist.

What measures should be taken

When swelling occurs under the right eye, for the beginning, it is necessary to exclude such reasons as alcohol abuse, eating overnight food containing salt, long work at the computer, insufficient rest time or sleep on the right side. If they are causes of puffiness, you should use tea lotions or a decoction of chamomile. If you suspect an infectious inflammation of the eye, you should consult a specialist.

Puffiness under the left eye

What causes swelling under the left eye? Causes may be as follows:

  • excess fluid accumulates in the skin of the eyelids;
  • adipose tissue squeezes the skin forward, which increases the periorbital fiber;
  • in the century accumulates blood coming from the vessels located on the face with injuries of the bridge of the nose and forehead.

Edema under the left eye of the cause

Edema under the right or left eye

Why does edema develop under the eye? Causes on one side( under the left or right eye - now it does not matter) can be covered in sinus or allergy.

If the right upper jaw is inflamed in the genyantritis, then the right eye swells, and vice versa. Puffiness of the eye in this case is accompanied by pain and redness. In acute process, antibiotics and physiotherapy are used.

Sometimes puffiness under the left or under the right eye can be caused by the body's reaction to a cosmetic.


So why does the edema develop under the eye? The reasons, on the one hand, lie in somatic diseases, and on the other hand, can be caused by external exposure to the eyelid. In any case, you should contact a specialist for assistance. It will help to eliminate swelling under the eyes. Causes and treatment can be explained to them.