Why is an electronic cigarette bitter? Is there a chance to correct the situation?

Recently, a real boom in electronic cigarettes has begun. Their advantages are obvious. They are comfortable, reusable, there are no nicotine cartridges, the taste of the steam resembles an ordinary cigarette. But there are problems faced by smokers. The main question: "Why does an electronic cigarette wax?".In fact, there can be many reasons. The main of them will try to find out in the article. why the ego cigarette e

What causes bitterness?

The most frequently asked question for smokers: "Why does an electronic cigarette wax?".The main reason - you bought a fake. In this case, whatever you do, the result will be unsatisfactory. If you are sure that an electronic cigarette of good quality, the causes of bitterness may be as follows:

  1. Liquid ends. The wick does not have time to completely soak up, it starts to burn and there is an unpleasant taste, which does not allow to fully enjoy the process of smoking. The solution to this problem is quite simple - refill the cartridge.

  2. Incorrect smoking process. It happens that, due to the frequency of puffs, the battery can not cope with its work. It is sufficient to reduce the current strength, because of this there will be less heating of the spiral.

  3. Battery fault. At the same time, the amount of steam is significantly reduced.

  4. The wick of a cigarette has deteriorated. Will help replace this element.

Here are the main reasons why an electronic cigarette is bitter. Eliminating them is easy enough. The main thing is to find out the problem in time. why the new electronic cigarette is bitter

Periodically do preventive maintenance

In order for the electronic cigarette not to be bitter during smoking, it is necessary to periodically observe the following rules:

  • Monitor the status of the filter. If you notice that this element has become thin and began to wipe, it should be replaced.

  • Check the amount of liquid in the cartridge.

  • Learn how to smoke properly. Do not do frequent tightening. Break between them must be at least 10 seconds.

  • It often happens that manufacturers produce a thick liquid for smoking. If so, you can add some water.

  • Tighteners should not be too deep to prevent the battery from overheating.

  • It's better to have an e-cigarette run by a specialist. But if for some reason this is not possible and you are doing the process yourself, be sure to leave some air in the cartridge.

  • Keep an eye on the purity of the automatic. It can be scum and dirt.

  • Use only known brands of cartridges and electronic cigarettes in general.

These rules will help keep the cigarette clean and it will not be bitter. why ego e-cigarette is bitter

What if the new cliromiser is bitter?

Buying an electronic cigarette, many people want to completely get rid of the addiction. This can only be done if you use non-nicotine cartridges. Many people who first bought such a product, the question arises: "Why is the new electronic cigarette bitter?"Perhaps the whole thing is in a cliromizer. It is enough to blow it out to eliminate an unpleasant aftertaste.

You need to do this carefully, infrequently. It is enough 3-5 purges. Be careful that there is no excessive vapor emission, otherwise the battery may be damaged. Also, do not forget that high temperatures can melt the details of an electronic cigarette, this threatens to cause the liquid to leak.

Cigarettes brand eGo-T

The market is represented by a huge selection of electronic cigarettes. There are well-known brands that have proven themselves in smokers. Among them, one can single out the firm eGo-T.The novelty of this product is an automatic. The quality of this brand of cigarettes is impeccable, but there are still complaints. They can often be read on the forums of smokers.

The main question: "Why is e-cigarette eGo bitter?".It's all about the main device - the automatic. Perhaps the life of the cigarette has come. Everything has a property to wear out. The device of electronic cigarettes is quite complicated. Through special air holes, liquid inevitably percolates, clogging the cracks. Because of this, an unpleasant rancid taste appears. Of course, this is not very good, because buying a similar product, I want to enjoy, and not suffocate from each puff.

Now you know why the electronic cigarette eGo-T is bitter. But there was another question: "Is it possible to improve the situation?" Specialists give a positive answer. To do this, the machine needs to be purged. You need to do this from the side where the cartridge is inserted. In doing so, do not forget to remove all leaky liquid with a tissue. If this procedure does not help, you will have to change the automatic. why the e-cigarette is bitter

"Why is an electronic cigarette bitter?" - perhaps the main issue of smokers. There can be many reasons. The main ones we examined in the article.