"Siallor" for children: consumer feedback and instructions for use

Despite the entire existing wide selection of nasal drops, pediatricians often prescribe Sialor for children. Reviews this drug has both positive and negative. In this article, the main views on the drug will be presented. Also, you will find out that it tells you about the composition of Sialor( for children) instruction.

Siallor for children reviews

Composition of the preparation

What is included in the Sialor drug for children? Consumer testimonials indicate that a pipette, a container for preparation of the preparation, purified water and a tablet are packed in a cardboard box.

The active substance of this medication is silver proteinate, which is called the "protargol".

The use of medication in pediatrics

When can a doctor prescribe a Sialor medication? The medical reports say that the use of the formulation is advisable in the following situations:

  • for upper respiratory tract disease caused by a viral infection;
  • bacterial or fungal sinus lesions;
  • rhinitis of different nature and severity;
  • treatment of adenoiditis and eustachaeta;
  • if necessary to wash the nasal sinuses;
  • after surgical interventions in this area.

In addition to medical manipulations, preventive procedures can be performed with this drug. Remember that a qualified specialist should prescribe the medication.

Siallor protargol for children reviews

Contraindications and possible side reactions

About the Sialor preparation for children, doctors' reviews report that the drug should not be used if there is a high probability of an allergic reaction to the components. Also, it is not recommended to use the medication for children of the first year of life without prescribing a doctor.

About the composition of the Sialor( for children) medical experts say that it does not usually cause a negative reaction. However, with excessive use of medication can cause dry mucous membranes and chronic nasal congestion. The drug rarely causes an allergy, but before use, doctors still recommend testing as described in the instructions.

What use of the drug is recommended by doctors?

It must be prepared before use. To do this, place the tablet in a container of dark glass, then pour in the enclosed water. Then screw in the pipette and carefully shake the drops. It may take 5 to 15 minutes to completely dissolve the tablet. After the formation of a homogeneous liquid, you can start using the medication.

Before the introduction of the drug "Sialor"( for children), doctors recommend that you clear the nasal passages. To do this, rinse the mucous membrane with a saline solution. In each nasal passage, one to three drops of the drug are administered, depending on the age of the child. Multiplicity of application is up to three times a day. Treatment lasts up to one week. The "Sialor" medication for children up to a year is usually prescribed for five days. Everything depends on the severity of the pathology.

Siallor for children instruction

"Sialor"( protargol) for children: reviews about the drug

This drug reviews is mostly positive. Consumers say that the composition of the drug is absolutely harmless. This plays an important role for every parent, because it is about the health of the child. The medication is able to fight both with a viral and bacterial infection. Such universal drugs in medicine, perhaps, no longer exist.

Specialists report that the drug has antiviral, bactericidal( in small doses - bacteriostatic), healing and protective effect on the mucosa of the nasal cavity. Also, the drug helps prevent colds during epidemics and during the cold season.

Consumers note that the composition has a brown tinge. That's why he can stain the fabric that gets onto. Care should be taken when using the drug. Doctors say that when using the drug in children up to a year, staining of the stool may occur. This is especially noticeable in infants. Dark feces appear in the stool. To be frightened of it it is not necessary. Once you finish the correction, the symptoms will pass by yourself. If you have additional unpleasant symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

sialor for children under one year old

Instead of concluding

Now you know that Sialor is a protargol for children. Feedback about this composition is presented to your attention. Also for you the instructions for the use of the drug are described. The price of the medicine is about 250 rubles. Remember that the opened package of the drug can be stored for not more than one month. Thus it is necessary to place the medicine in the place protected from light. Remember that you should not self-medicate, especially when it comes to the health of the child. Despite all the positive feedback, this medication has contraindications and side effects. Always consult a doctor before starting treatment. Good health to your baby!