Inhalation with saline and "Ambrobe": dosage and instructions

"Ambrobene" in its action refers to mucolytics - drugs that reduce the viscosity of phlegm. Its active substance is ambroxol. The drug is prescribed for a wet cough with a viscous, hard to separate sputum. This symptom is manifested in various diseases of the lungs and bronchi. The effectiveness of "Ambrobene" increases with treatment, accompanied by a plentiful drink of liquid - water, tea, compote, juice, etc. With a dry cough - "Ambrobe" is ineffective.

Inhalation with saline solution and an ambrobe dosage

"Ambrogen" for inhalations

One of the forms of release "Ambrobene" is a solution that can be used for drinking and inhalation with it. For convenience, a measuring cup is attached to the package containing the medicine, which will allow to properly dose the product.

With the inhalation method of treatment, "Ambrobe" is necessarily mixed with a solution of sodium chloride( saline solution).Then the inhalation with saline and "Ambrogen" is already conducted. The dosage of these components is prescribed by the doctor.

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Advantages of inhalation:

  • reduces the bitter aftertaste characteristic of the drug;
  • drug penetrates directly into the lungs, bypassing the digestive system;
  • fine particles of the drug easily penetrate into the cells and tissues of the affected respiratory organs, and the effect of treatment comes quickly.

"Ambrogen" for inhalations: indications

The drug is effective in the following diseases:

  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • pneumonia.

And also with other pathologies accompanied by a damp cough.

After diagnosis of the disease, a physician may be prescribed inhalation with saline solution and "Ambroben".Dosage, instructions for the use of these drugs should be strictly observed to avoid side effects.

inhalation with ambroben and saline solution


Inhalation with "Ambrobe" should be carried out with the help of special nebulizer type nebulizer. Nebulizers are inhalers, whose action is based on splitting the liquid medicine particles into minute drops - water dust. They do not heat up and form steam. The solution remains unchanged in the human body through dispersal and inhalation.

Advantages of nebulizer in front of steam inhaler:

  • no danger of burning with hot steam;
  • without heating the medicine retains all its useful properties;
  • solution at the desired concentration reaches the affected organs and acts more quickly;
  • possibility to conduct inhalation at a distance.

The last advantage is convenient when inhalation is prescribed to children. Sometimes it is not easy to persuade a child to sit quietly at the inhaler, if he is addicted to the game. Or the baby is asleep, and to not wake him by the time of inhalation, you can simply install a nebulizer near the patient. The medicine will be sprayed into the air and enter the body when inhaled. True, the concentration of therapeutic solution in the body will be lower than with inhalation through nebulizer nozzles.

dosage of ambroben for inhalation to children with saline solution

Solution for inhalation

Almost all drugs placed in a nebulizer must be diluted. The most common means for dilution is saline( 0.9% solution of sodium chloride or Ringer-Locke solution or any other with a pH not exceeding 6.3).So, for example, the inhalation with saline and ambroben is carried out. Dosage of drugs and solutions will depend on the age and condition of the patient.

Resuscitation moisturizes the mucous membrane of the mouth, larynx and promotes better liquefaction of phlegm and reduced perspiration in the throat. Sometimes saline is used for inhalation without the addition of other drugs, especially if the disease is in mild form.

inhalation with ambroben and saline solution to adults dosage

Inhalation with "Ambrogen" at home

Before taking inhalation, read the instructions for use of the medication carefully.

Inhalations can be carried out at home. Only for children under two years of age this procedure is recommended in the presence of a doctor.

It is usually necessary to breathe during the procedure, calmly. Deep breaths can provoke a cough, and the procedure will have to be interrupted.

Dosage "Ambrogen" for inhalation

To properly administer the inhalation with saline and Ambrobene, the dosage( how to grow, we will now tell) of these components should be the same - 1: 1.

For example:

  • Dosage for children younger than 6 years - 1 ml.
  • Dosage for children over 6 years - 2 ml each.
  • Inhalation with "Ambrobe" and saline solution to adults: dosage - 2 ml each.

And if the child does not sit directly with the inhaler at the mouth, but breathes solution at a distance( sleeps or plays during inhalation)?Then the dosage "Ambrobene" for inhalations to children with saline solution may be higher. But in this case the amount of the drug should not exceed 5 ml, so as not to cause its overdose in the body. This same rule is also relevant for adult patients.

In order to properly carry out inhalation with "Ambrobe" and saline, the dosage of these funds can be carried out using a measuring cup, which is already included with the drug, or with a syringe.

The syringe is especially useful if you have purchased saline in a large container( an economical option).To maintain the sterility of the solution in the container, it is necessary to remove a metal shell from its cover, wipe the rubber cover with an antiseptic( alcohol) and, piercing it with a needle, dial into the syringe the necessary amount of saline. After that, the needle can be left in saline solution for later use.

The temperature of the finished solution should be comfortable - about 36 ° C, like body temperature.

inhalation with saline solution and dosage as diluted

Rules for inhalation with "Ambrobene"

Duration of inhalation:

  • for adults and children over 6 years - from 5 to 15 minutes;
  • for children under 6 years - from 3 to 5 minutes.

The course of inhalation treatment - 5-7 days.
Inhalation is carried out 1-3 times a day, 1.5-2 hours after meals.


  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • ambroxol intolerance.

"Ambrobene" when treated by inhalation has far fewer contraindications than with conventional oral administration. However, do not neglect the advice of a doctor, because each organism is individual.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • can not take "Ambrobe" at the same time as cough suppressants, as this will make it more difficult for sputum to escape from the lungs;
  • patients with bronchial asthma must always take bronchodilators before inhalation;
  • during the first hour after inhalation, it is advisable not to eat, drink or go to the cold;
  • during pregnancy and lactation drug may be prescribed only by a doctor;
  • if you treat a patient using "Ambrobe" inside and inhalations at the same time, then you need to correctly calculate the dosage in order not to exceed the daily dose.

Inhalation with saline and dibbling dosage instructions

Inhalations with "Ambrobe": reviews

When treating the drug "Ambrobene" for inhalations, the following reviews were noted:

  • there are no contraindications for GI disease;
  • the effect of inhalation treatment is faster than with the usual "Ambrobe";
  • the bitterness of the medication is less felt, and the children are more likely to inhale;
  • well helps in the initial stage of the common cold, avoiding its development;
  • when inhalation with saline and "Ambrobe" is carried out, the dosage( reviews confirm this) is very simple and is quickly remembered;
  • inhalation immediately softens the cough and moisturizes the mouth and throat;
  • , sometimes after inhalation, perspiration in the mouth may occur;
  • sputum quickly becomes liquid and easily dries off;
  • cough from the agonizing becomes productive, and sputum easily coughs up;
  • relatively inexpensive drug, and grabs it for a long time.

More and more people prefer the treatment of catarrhal diseases with "Ambrobene" solution for inhalations. However, this preparation is not always able to relieve the disease, therefore, before starting treatment, you must first consult with a doctor and follow his recommendations.