"Tamiflu": instructions for use, reviews."Tamiflu": analogues cheaper and better

Drugs that help cope with a viral infection, currently occupy a leading position among all sales. People come to the pharmacists, regardless of whether they are sick. Some consumers use these medicines for prevention purposes. One of the most effective drugs to help cope with the flu is Tamiflu. This is exactly what will be discussed later. From the article, you will find out what the instruction for use indicates about the composition of Tamiflu. The price and analogues of the medicine will also be presented to your attention.

tamiflu analogues

Composition and type of antiviral agent

What about the original medicine? The drug "Tamiflu" - a remedy that helps to deal with a viral infection. Also, the composition has an immunomodulatory effect on the human body, enhancing its protective functions. The active substance of the drug is oseltamivir. In tablets of this component, up to 75 mg is present. There is also a drug in the form of a suspension. To get the syrup, it is necessary to dilute the powder with chilled pure water. This medication contains 60 mg of oseltamivir per 5 ml. Each component is sealed in a cardboard box. The instructions for use are attached to each unit of Tamiflu.

The price of the drug is quite high. This is reported by consumers. One package, which is enough for the course of treatment, will cost from 1 to 1,5 thousand rubles.

"Tamiflu": analogues of the drug

When studying such drugs it was found that the composition has no similar. Oseltamivir is not contained in any other medication. The drug "Tamiflu" works on the basis of inhibition of neurominidase. This is such a process when the negative effect of toxic substances that are released after the binding of the virus and cells of the human body is blocked. The remelenza medicine works in the same way. The active substance of this drug is zanamivir. Many consumers ask what is better - "Tamiflu" or "Relenza".It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. However, it is worth saying that this analogue of the original drug is administered by inhalation.

There are analogues and other medicines for Tamiflu, such as Ingavirin. This medicine is available in tablets. It is also used to eliminate viral infections or for prevention. If we compare what is better - "Ingavirin" or "Tamiflu", then we can say the following. The original drug is recognized as more effective in combating various influenza viruses. However, its counterpart does a good job with banal ARVI and ARI.Also, the medicine "Ingavirin" has a cost almost three times lower than the composition based on oseltamivir.

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Simpler substitutes

Has the preparation "Tamiflu" analogs and cheaper ones. At the same time, depending on the price, the effectiveness of the drug is not reduced. The most popular and safe antiviral agents are interferon inducers. Among them you can note "Anaferon", "Ergoferon", "Kipferon".Also, the drug "Citovir", "Kagocel", "Isoprinosine" is very popular.

The active substances in all the described drugs are different. However, the effect they give is the same - protection from the virus and its treatment. The cost of the described means is in the range from 150 to 600 rubles.

tamiflu or relenza

Indications for use

Tamiflu, its analogs and substitutes are prescribed by doctors everywhere. The greatest popularity they get in the period of epidemics and increased morbidity. Instruction for use indicates the following indications for the use of formulations:

  • influenza A and B;
  • acute viral infection;
  • complications after the transferred illness( in complex therapy);
  • prophylaxis of complications after surgical interventions.

Drugs are used with the prophylactic purpose of protecting against colds and viral diseases. However, it is worth noting that the "Tamiflu" remedy, analogues are prescribed exclusively at a certain age. For example, the original medication is not used for prophylaxis in children under 12 years old. The agent "Isoprinozin" is allowed for use only after three years. The compositions "Anaferon" and "Ergoferon" are allowed already from the first year of life.

indavirin or tamiflu

How to use

Before using the composition of Tamiflu( analogues including), it is necessary to study the instructions for use. Also take into account the form of release of the drug and its dosage.

Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age are prescribed 75 mg of active ingredient twice a day. If a child weighs less than 15 kg, then he is prescribed 30 mg of medication. With a body weight of up to 23 kg, the dose is increased by another 15 mg. If the baby weighs no more than 40 kilos, then it shows 60 ml. Each dose of the drug is used twice a day. The duration of therapy should not exceed 5 days.


Reviews about the drug

Consumers report that the drug "Tamiflu" is very effective. However, experienced people do not advise taking it for prevention or with a common cold. This approach is explained by the fact that with the onset of a real flu, the described remedy can simply not help you. Patients report that this medicine should always be present in your medicine cabinet. The sooner after the appearance of the first symptoms you begin therapy, the more effective it will be.

what reviews have a cure for Tamiflu

Doctors are very wary of the drug "Tamiflu."We can say that it is relatively new. Until now, studies of this drug have been conducted, which sometimes show disappointing data. So, the scientists said that the compound works on the placebo effect. In doing so, they made a reservation that the drug causes much more side effects than it has a positive effect. Believe it or not - it's a purely personal matter.

Before using this or any other drug, be sure to consult a doctor for individual recommendations. Even if these are recommended by your friends, you can not exclude the fact that they may not suit you. Try to be treated safely and tested funds and only after a specialist's examination. Be healthy and do not be ill!