The best state dental clinics in Moscow

Healthy teeth are important not only for status, but for the health of each one of us. But not everyone can boast of his impeccable smile. But most of us begin to visit the dentist only if serious problems with the teeth and gums begin. But in fact almost all diseases of the oral cavity are accompanied by severe pains, which are rather difficult to tolerate. Therefore, the state dental clinics in Moscow will never be left without clients.

Dentistry №48

There is a reception here a huge number of qualified specialists who work every day on your smile. The state dental clinics in Moscow today are not inferior to private ones in the level of equipment, as it was several years ago. Specialists in stomatology №48 follow the basic rule - use only those materials and technologies, in the efficiency and reliability of which there is no doubt.

The State Dental Clinic of the 48th Moscow Health Department offers the following types of services:

  • Surgery.
  • Orthopedic direction.
  • Periodontology.

Patients are admitted every day, except on Sundays. Judging by the feedback, in recent years the quality of services has multiplied. Today the clinic is equipped with the latest technology, and only qualified doctors work with clients. The reviews emphasize that the entire treatment process is completely painless. state stomatologic polyclinics of Moscow

The State Dental Clinic of Moscow №4

It is widely known for the residents of the capital. The work of the chief doctor and a team of experienced specialists allowed to bring her to the top of the best in the city and the region. In recent years, it was completely re-equipped with the latest technology, and the building itself was repaired. Today the clinic is ready to compete even with European ones. The state stomatologic polyclinic of Moscow №4 in addition to free-of-charge service renders also paid services to all interested persons.

The polyclinic is located at: Ryazansky Prospekt, 11( SEAD, Nizhegorodsky district).Reception of visitors is carried out on weekdays. On Saturday, a shortened day, and on Sunday a day off. Patients are waited with a full spectrum of services:

  • Treatment and prosthetics.
  • Surgery.
  • Implantation.
  • Orthodontics.

Reviews suggest that here you can forget about what pain is on reception at the dentist. Exceptional cleanliness, respectful attitude to patients, calm music, all this has to relax. In the meantime, professionals are busy with their work, have the opportunity to see the film. Some patients emphasize that during the procedure they could rest and think, relaxed and without worrying about painful sensations. dental clinic 49

Clinic in Kvesisskaja

Dental clinic 11 provides emergency dental care, as well as a range of free and paid services. The clinic is located at the address: Moscow, 2nd Kvesisskaya, 4. The clinic has a therapeutic and orthopedic department. The clinic has been in operation for many years, today it has proved itself well among the townspeople. There is a reception of all citizens upon presentation of the policy. Each doctor has regular patients who come to him from other areas.

Dental clinic 11 is a district clinic in the Kirovsky district, which serves for 45 years the population of the district, that is, about 80 thousand people. Doctors perform a full diagnosis, treatment, and if necessary removal of a sick tooth. The offices are equipped with modern equipment and materials. They are always happy to help, to return a smile and a mood. stomatologic polyclinic 11

The best for our children

The fear of visiting dentistry for all of us has been preserved since childhood. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality of care for babies. Today it became quite possible. Children's State Dental Clinic( Moscow) is located at: Molodogvardeyskaya Str.43/17.The team consists of doctors who are specially trained to work with children. They are able to find an approach to each child, thanks to which the children leave the office with a smile. Reception is conducted every day, except Sunday.

In addition to compulsory dental care for residents of the district, there is an opportunity for paid treatment for all comers. The work is carried out in all areas: surgery, orthodontics, therapy. All specialists are trained to work with children. The clinic is equipped with game and projection TVs that allow watching cartoons while the doctor is busy with his work.

I want to note a large number of grateful comments from my parents. Doctors of the clinic are not just dentists, but also sensitive people who try to calm little patients and not hurt them.

Children's Clinic №28

Here under one roof the dentists of all profiles have gathered. Adult and children's reception is conducted by narrowly specialized specialists who solve your problems. The head of dentistry sees his main task as seeing in each employee his strengths, abilities and constantly developing them by investing in training. The polyclinic was founded in 1968, but today it is one of the most significant. On the basis of the clinic, the best doctors-orthodontists, candidates and doctors of sciences work. Constantly tested and applied the most modern methods of orthodontic treatment, young doctors of dental universities are trained. Judging by the reviews, the clinic is distinguished by a kind and considerate attitude towards small patients. The guys come out of the offices with a smile and a sigh of relief. children

Clinic in Solnechnogorsk Avenue, 9

Here is the city dental polyclinic № 49.It was opened in 1979, and to this day serves the adult population. Every day up to 330 patients are admitted here. Dentistry includes 6 departments. On the basis of this dentistry, students of the dental department are trained. Thanks to this, young doctors have the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside their senior colleagues.

When choosing a clinic where you and your family will be treated, pay attention to the technical equipment. Dental clinic 49 is equipped with the latest installations, laboratory instruments. Modern materials are used for treatment. For more than 30 years, the specialists of the clinic have been working with precious metals. state dental clinics in Moscow addresses

Dental clinic №60

Here is the necessary help to patients Strogino and Shchukino, as well as all the rest in the presence of the policy of CHI.A wide profile of services is distinguished by all the state dental clinics in Moscow. Reviews at the same time emphasize that the quality of service today has become much better. Doctors do not just fulfill their immediate duties, but still communicate with patients, give recommendations for the prevention of oral disease.

Free services are provided within the framework of the CHI program, the orthopedic department also accepts preferential citizens. There is a children's department where therapeutic and surgical care is provided. There is a list of paid services that are provided to all categories of citizens:

  • Therapy using imported materials.
  • Surgery with application of qualitative anesthetics.
  • Orthopedics.

The clinic is located at: ul. Tvardovsky, d. 27. Patients note a convenient schedule of admission. The last sessions end at 21:00, which gives an opportunity to get medical help after work.

Central Clinic of the Kirov District

The Dental Clinic of the 3 Department of Health of Moscow( "Serpukhovskaya" metro station) was founded in 1958.During my history I moved several times, and today is located at: ul. Pin, 6/8.The polyclinic occupies a separate three-story building with adjoining territory of green plantings. The clinic moved here in 1981, after major repairs.

Several departments have been opened today, which allow to provide the whole range of medical services:

  • Children's preventive department.
  • Medical and surgical.
  • Orthopedic.

Admission of children and adults is from 08:00 to 20:00.On Saturday, patients with acute pain until 15:00.Judging by the opinions of patients, the cost of treatment here is much lower than in private clinics, even if you undergo therapy on a fee basis. At the same time, the technical equipment and the quality of the services rendered are at an altitude. dental clinic 48 of the Moscow Health Department

Dental Clinic №56

And we continue to consider the state dental clinics in Moscow. The addresses given in the article can be convenient, reference information. Dental Clinic number 56 is located at: ul.9. On weekdays the clinic works in 2 shifts, from 08:00 to 20:00.At the weekend, dentistry does not work. But to provide emergency assistance there are doctors on duty.

The clinic has several departments, and specialists with the corresponding specialization. There is an X-ray diagnostic room. Reviews about the work of the clinic are different, but most people note the professionalism of the professionals working in it. There are dissatisfactions, but most often relationships at the personal level, rather than services rendered. Any case can be considered separately by the administration. stomatologic polyclinic 3 department of public health services moscow m serpuhovskaya

Instead of the conclusion of

This is not all, but the best clinics in Moscow, in which real professionals work. The cost of treatment in public clinics is much lower than in private ones. But for today the difference in the quality of services is completely invisible. State clinics use high-quality, imported materials. Thanks to this cured tooth will serve for many years. There is a guarantee of the quality of the services provided. If the tooth is sick again, then the treatment will be completely free. This increases the level of client confidence in state dental clinics.