The drug 'Sonapaks'.Instructions for use

The drug "Sonapaks" has been used in general somatic and psychiatric medicine for more than thirty years. According to experts, this drug among psychotropic drugs is the most effective and safe when used in recommended therapeutic dosages.

"Sonapax" medication instructions for use characterize as an antipsychotic. The drug has a peripheral and central effect on the nervous system. The latter is due to the oppressive effect mainly on the brain stem and in a smaller volume on the cerebral cortex. The action of the peripheral is associated with cholinolytic, antihistamine and alpha-adrenolytic properties, which are more pronounced than other neuroleptics.

The preparation "Sonapaks" has no antiemetic effect, less often( in comparison with other drugs) provokes the development of extrapyramidal disorders, does not affect the motor activity.

Active substance - thioridazine - has all the properties of neuroleptics. The component has a slight antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-auretic effect, has no activating properties. The substance is completely and fairly quickly absorbed from the digestive tract. After two to four hours, the maximum concentration is noted in the blood. Excretion is carried out with feces and urine. It was found that the active ingredient is able to penetrate into the milk and through the placental barrier.

The medicine "Sonapaks".Instruction for use: indications

The agent is prescribed for neuroses complicated by sleep disorder, depressed mood, obsessive states, stress, anxiety, fear. The drug is recommended for severe disorders in behavior caused by neurological diseases or psychotic disorders, accompanied by the inability to concentrate attention for a long time, aggressiveness. Medication "Sonapax" instructions for use allows for the appointment with an abstinence syndrome with alcoholism, substance abuse, moderately and pronounced depression, psychomotor agitation of different nature. A drug is recommended for skin diseases accompanied by intense itching, tick, Huntington's disease."Sonapax" medication is prescribed for children in behavioral disorders with increased psychomotor activity.

Recommended dosage

The dose is selected individually.

Adults, as a rule, are prescribed fifty-two hundred milligrams a day outpatiently and one hundred-three hundred milligrams per day in stationary conditions with agitation depression, schizophrenia, mania, acute psychosis. Usually, therapy begins with the use of low doses( 25-75 mg per day), gradually increased to the optimum effective therapeutic dosage. The increase in the amount of medicine is carried out throughout the week. Antipsychotic effect is observed after the expiration of ten to fourteen days. Duration of therapy is several weeks. Subsequently, a maintenance dose( 75-200 mg) is recommended once a night.

Treatment of patients in old age begins with a minimum dosage. Cancellation of the drug "Sonapaks" instructions for use recommends that you implement gradually.

To eliminate skin itching, an individual dosage is established, not exceeding two hundred milligrams.

Children are prescribed "Sonapax" with age. From four to seven years - ten to twenty, eight to fourteen - twenty to thirty, from fifteen to eighteen - thirty to fifty milligrams per day. Multiplicity of admission - two or three times a day.

It should be remembered that the medicine "Sonapax" has side effects. At the appointment, the dosage is selected in accordance with the characteristics of the disease and the patient's condition. The increase in doses is carried out depending on the tolerability.