"Baladex": instructions for use, use in children. Reviews about the drug

Before using any medication, always consult a specialist. But often people do not have time and desire to contact a doctor. Then the patients prescribe medicines themselves. We must say right away that this can be quite dangerous. Particular care must be taken in the treatment of cough. The article will tell you about the medicine "Baladex"( syrup).Instructions for use, reviews about the drug and ways to use it are described below.

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What is this tool?

About the drug "Baladex" instruction for use reports that the drug refers to antitussives, bronchodilators. Its action is due to the constituent components. This is theophylline and guaifenazine. Both substances complement each other's action.

Teofilin relaxes the musculature of the bronchi and stops the spasmodic cough. Guaifenazine contributes to a slight dilution of sputum and its better separation from the walls. As additional compounds, the manufacturer uses citric acid, glycerol, ethanol, glucose, menthol and so on. The medicine is produced in liquid form( syrup).

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Indications for use

When does the Baladex medication advise you to prescribe the instructions for use? The annotation states that the drug is used to treat cough of different origin:

  • in inflammatory airway processes( bronchitis, pneumonia);
  • during exacerbation of bronchial asthma;
  • for correction of obstructive pulmonary diseases;
  • with emphysema of the respiratory tract.

About "Baladex"( syrup), the instruction manual says that the medication is often combined with other medicines. It is prescribed with antibiotics, antiviral drugs. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the regimen of application and the dose indicated by the specialist.

Contraindications and possible reactions

What else can be said about the medicine "Baladex"( syrup)?Instructions for use, feedback from consumers and doctors report that the drug is usually well tolerated. But nevertheless the medicine has contraindications. They must be studied before use. Disabling treatment factors include the following situations:

  • hypersensitivity to components;
  • gastric ulcer and inflammatory bowel disease;
  • alcoholism;
  • recent myocardial infarction and heart disease;
  • hyperthyroidism and epilepsy;
  • acute renal and hepatic insufficiency.

If you disregard the contraindications indicated in the manual, side effects may develop. These include digestive disorders and the work of the nervous system, an allergic reaction. If you notice a worsening of the condition after using the drug, you should contact the doctor as soon as possible for help.

"Baladex": instructions for use

The medication is prescribed individually. If the doctor did not give specific recommendations for use, then follow the instructions. The annotation says that the drug is used in a dose of 5-10 milliliters to three times a day. The duration of treatment is from seven days to two weeks.

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Use in Pediatrics

What information does the user's manual on the preparation "Baladex" have on the application instruction? For children, the drug is not recommended until the age of six. The reason for this restriction is the presence of ethanol in the composition of the drug. The use of medicines in children should always be agreed with the doctor.

The dose of medication for children is selected according to body weight. If a child weighs more than 40 kilograms, then an adult portion of the medicine is prescribed for him. With a weight of up to 40 kg, you need to take the drug 10-15 mg theophylline per kilogram. In a day, 2-3 appointments are repeated.

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Opinions about the medicine

Does the drug "Baladex" help? Instructions for use, reviews of the drug report that the syrup is quite effective. The result of its use becomes visible in a few days. The medication removes spasm from the bronchi, reduces the viscosity of phlegm. The medicine has a bronchodilator effect. It promotes mild slime.

In the treatment of bronchitis the agent is almost always combined with other medicines( antibiotics and antiviral compounds).This combination accelerates the recovery of the patient. Consumers say that the drug has a pronounced taste of ethanol. Even the flavors can not muffle it. Due to the fact that there is alcohol in the preparation, the medication can not be used among drivers of transport and persons whose work is dangerous, requiring attention. Doctors say that the application of the syrup "Baladex" is permissible during pregnancy only after comparing the benefits and risks for the fetus and mother. During lactation, the drug is not prescribed.

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We will make the conclusion

Before use of the syrup "Baladex" the instructions for use must be studied necessarily. The medication has its contraindications and possible side reactions. Abstract advises to consult a doctor about treatment. There is also information that the medication is dispensed by prescription. However, many pharmacy chains neglect this condition, which increases the risk of improper treatment. Be attentive to your well-being and always seek help from doctors. All the best!