Than useful sperm. Some interesting facts

This is an object for research, which is of interest to a large number of inhabitants of the planet. Why is sperm useful? Many people think about this. There are many myths about its miraculous properties, many of which are not truthful, and some still have some sense. So let's look at some facts to find out if sperm is useful.

According to scientists, there is no special benefit from the use of sperm. That is, it is not a product that is vital. Therefore, to use it as an additional source of vitamins is not worth it.

However, sperm is of value to the female body. It's about the inner environment of the vagina. If the sex act does not use certain protective equipment to prevent sperm, then there is a positive effect. She, getting into the vagina, promotes the multiplication of beneficial bacteria, increasing the protective function of the body from the penetration of microbes. In addition, substances contained in the sperm, stimulate ovulation and purify the uterus from the remnants of menstrual blood. That's how useful sperm.

In addition, it has several useful and not quite properties.

Some women have a sperm allergy. This is approximately 5% of the total. This reaction does not give the woman any trouble. It can only cause a feeling of discomfort. If an allergy occurs, then you should use a condom during sex.

Scientifically proven that still from swallowing sperm is of some use. This process has a beneficial effect on women who dream of becoming pregnant. As a result, there is an addiction to DNA, which carries this fluid. The body will not prevent the appearance of foreign matter.

How useful is sperm yet? This is a kind of hormone of happiness. He is the reason for the well-being of a woman after sex. It is proved that orgasm is not the only reason for this euphoria. Together with the sperm, the hormone testosterone, prolactin and estrogen penetrate the body. They also have a beneficial effect on the mood of a woman. Therefore, those women who use a condom during sexual intercourse are more prone to aggression and are more likely to suffer from depression. In the case of sperm entering the body, the effect is more than positive.

What does sperm consist of? If you talk about its nutritional properties, then 5 ml of this substance contains 6 mg of fat, vitamin C( equal to the amount contained in one orange), zinc, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B 12. All this is about 6-7 calories.

From the scientific point of view, sperm is a mixture of foods that are excreted by the male body in the process of ejaculation. It is produced by the testes and their appendages, seminal vesicles, Cooper glands, prostate gland, urethra.

Sperm consists of seminal vesicle fluid( 65%), spermatozoa( 5%) and fluid from the prostate( 30%).This is a sticky mixture that has a viscous consistency. It is opaque and has a specific smell of raw chestnut. The taste of sperm affects the nature of nutrition.

It also contains a large number of protein compounds. After ejaculation, proteins are converted into amino acids. Therefore, the following types of amino acids are distinguished in sperm: glycine, glutamic acid, tyrosine, leucine, aspartic acid, serine, lysine, isoleucine and histidine.

It also contains carbohydrates, as an independent substance or in combination with proteins. They determine the presence of fructose, which is responsible for the mobility of spermatozoa. In addition, some other free carbohydrates are present in the sperm: glucose, sorbitol, ribose and inositol.
Summarizing the topic, how useful sperm, it should be noted that this issue is of no fundamental importance. Its use is not important and necessary, but if it gets into the body, no harm is done, and even there is a small positive effect.