Lenses "Johnson & Johnson"( Johnson & Johnson): description, reviews

In 1987, Johnson & Johnson's Vision Care division invented the first soft lenses designed for short-term use. Regularly every two weeks they had to be replaced with new ones. This was a real event for people with poor eyesight. But the company did not stop there, and eight years later a new series was launched - for one-day use.

Features of contact lenses "Johnson & Johnson"

In the 50s of the XX century the Vision Care division of the company created a new trade mark ACUVUE, under which soft contact lenses were manufactured. Constant development, conducted in the research laboratories of the division, allowed to improve the technology of their production.

The ACUVUE brand today offers contact lenses made from a modern soft silicone-hydrogel material. It provides almost 100% penetration of oxygen to the cornea at a sufficient level of moisture. You do not need to add anything extra to your eyes during the day.

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What benefits are offered to the patient by the lenses "Johnson and Johnson"?They:

  • correct sight for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism;
  • provides a high degree of moisturizing of the eyes throughout the day;
  • protects the cornea from harmful ultraviolet radiation;
  • they are comfortable, almost weightless, provide comfortable wearing all day.

Thanks to the introduction of exclusive company developments in the creation of new products of the ACUVUE brand, people with visual impairment can live a full life without feeling any discomfort from inflammation and tearing of the eyes.

Types of lenses

All lenses from Johnson &Johnson, depending on the type of disease, is directed to vision correction:

  • for myopia and hyperopia;
  • with astigmatism.

Buy them only after visiting an ophthalmologist. The specialist will determine the type and degree of visual impairment, and with astigmatism, also the criteria by which contact lenses should be purchased. For their purchase, you should contact the specialized optics salons.

Depending on the period of wearing the lens "Johnson and Johnson" are:

  • one-day;
  • reusable( for frequent scheduled replacement).

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In turn, based on the specific manufacturing technology, each of the above types is produced in different series.

Contact lenses "Johnson & Johnson" one-day

Johnson &Johnson, in the production of contact lenses, adheres to the principle that the shorter the period of their wearing, the healthier the eyes will be. And the replacement once every two weeks is long enough.

That's why in 1995, the Vision Cerise division developed the Johnson & Johnson lenses that are worn throughout the day and then simply thrown away. It is no longer necessary to spend your personal time to care for them, to acquire special solutions and containers for storage.

lenses jonson and jonson one-day

Lenses "Johnson and Johnson" one-day( 1 DAY ACUVUE) come in several series.

  • TruEye - for their manufacture, a modern silicone hydrogel material is used that lets oxygen pass to the eyes, and thanks to a special technology, moisture is retained inside the shell during the day.
  • MOIST - the new LACREON technology used in the manufacture of lenses, provides comfort to the eyes throughout the entire period of wearing.
  • MOIST for ASTIGMATISM - provide clear vision and help to avoid dryness in the eyes by the end of the working day.
  • DEFINE is a novelty from ACUVUE brand. These are contact lenses that will give a natural shine to the dark eyes and shine bright. They transform, and make the image more expressive. The coloring pigment is inside the lens, without causing irritation and reddening of the eyes, while a sufficient level of moistening is maintained throughout the day.

Refillable lenses

These contact lenses can be worn for two weeks, with each night they need to be removed and put in a special container with a solution. Since the period of their wearing is still limited to 14 days, they are also called lenses for frequent scheduled replacement. They are manufactured in the same OASYS series and are intended for vision correction:

  • for myopia and hyperopia;
  • with astigmatism( Johnson & Johnson lens for ASTIGMATISM).

lenses jonson and jonson color In rare cases, they can be used for sleep. But the company's specialists still warn about the risk of various complications in the eyes.

Color and toning lenses

Contact lenses from the newest DEFINE series will give your eyes a natural shine and radiance. Thanks to them, it is possible to emphasize your image in a profitable way, but not to radically change it.

Lenses "Johnson and Johnson" color( ACUVUE COLORS) began to be produced much earlier than the beauty series. They are designed for two-week use and are presented in 10 different colors and shades. In accordance with this, two types of these lenses are distinguished:

  • ;
  • color.

lens luminous jonson and jonson "Johnson and Johnson" toning lenses differ from color ones in that in them the inner layer containing the coloring pigment is translucent and completely covers the pupil. They are suitable for people with bright eyes. Such lenses are available in three color shades: green, blue, turquoise. The inner translucent layer with the pigment does not change the visual perception of the surrounding objects.

Color lenses are available in 7 versions: chestnut, walnut, honey, green, sapphire, blue, gray. The coloring pigment in them is also in the inner layer, but is located around the pupil and does not cover it. Such lenses are suitable for people with both light and dark eyes.

Lenses "Johnson & Johnson": price and customer reviews

The average price for contact lenses ACUVUE one-day is 900-1100 rubles for 30 pieces. Packaging with a two-week period of wearing will cost 600-800 rubles for 6 pieces. But for such lenses will require an additional acquisition - a container for storage and solution.

Lenses "Johnson and Johnson", the price of which is considered, according to most buyers, their main drawback, have significant advantages. They:

  • effectively correct vision;
  • moisturizes the eyes throughout the day;
  • does not cause irritation and inflammation of the eyes.

ACUVUE lenses are easy to use and maintain, so even teenagers can use them, starting at the age of fourteen.