How to wear colored lenses? How many years can I wear colored lenses?

Probably, each person periodically looks through glossy magazines, from which pages models with bright unusual eyes are looking at him. If you are simply unhappy with the shade of the iris that you got from your parents, then, fortunately, now you can fix the situation quickly and painlessly, because wearing colored lenses became fashionable.

What are colored lenses?

how to wear colored lenses

First we will understand the general characteristics of the product. It was created several decades ago. Today the color scale of this product is very high. Naturally, throughout the history of its existence, the lenses have been improved and become safe for the body, easy to use.

Modern products are made of thermoplastic or hydrogel. They consist of several layers, between which, in fact, the pigment is located, so that the paint does not contact your eye. The central part of the element is not colored, so the color perception of the picture is not violated.

Advantages of

Can I wear colored lenses?

Before considering how to wear colored lenses, you need to know the main advantages of this product of ophthalmology:

1. Absence of discomfort when wearing. Naturally, there are some cases when the lens to a person just does not fit.

2. Ecological and biochemical safety. However, still it is not recommended to use such things if you have a serious allergy.

3. Easy to use. To fasten the lenses quickly, you just need to get used to it.

4. Thanks to this "decor" you can completely change the image, make your eyes more beautiful, bright, expressive.

5. Simultaneously with the decoration of the eyes, you can conceal a congenital or acquired defect, correct poor vision. The fact is that there are special lenses with diopters.

However, there are also negative properties of the presented product. They need to be remembered before wearing colored lenses.

Disadvantages of the

with how many years you can wear colored lenses

The following disadvantages can be identified:

- Possible appearance of dryness due to incorrect or prolonged wearing of the lens.

- If the element moves from its permanent place, it will immediately become noticeable. Naturally, such a spectacle does not look very nice.

- Unskilful use of the product may lead to injury or infectious disease. Therefore, before wearing colored lenses, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of their application.

- In the dark, it is better not to use such products, as they can limit visibility.

- The lens is a product that requires constant careful care and additional spending on the purchase of cleaning solutions.

- In the end, you can just lose the product.

However, these shortcomings can not be called too significant.

Contraindications to the use of

with how much you can wear colored lenses

Today, young people often ask the question: "Can I wear colored lenses?"He has a simple answer - yes, you can, but not all and not always. There are a number of prohibitions that make it impossible to use such products:

- conjunctivitis, keratitis or other eye pathologies that are accompanied by an inflammatory process.

- Congenital dryness of the cornea.

- Hay fever.

- Some medications.

- Postoperative period.

- Subluxation of the lens.

- Strong degree of astigmatism.

- The patient's age is too small.

- Uncompensated glaucoma.

- Injury of the eye.

- Vasomotor rhinitis, AIDS, tuberculosis.

- Systemic diseases and mental disorders.

- Allergic reaction.

- Prohibitions related to the characteristics of the patient's profession.

Now you can decide whether you can wear colored lenses for you.

What kinds of lenses are there and how to choose the right product?

how many are wearing colored lenses

You already know if you can wear colored lenses. Now consider what they are:

- Colored .Their main feature is a complete change in the shade of your eyes. In this case, note that the most natural appearance can be achieved only if the iris is well traced.

- Tinted .From color they differ in the intensity of the color. It is 20% less. You can not completely change the color of your eyes, but make them more expressive and deep completely in your power.

- Decorative .Iris in this case has a special pattern or color effect.

- Carnival .They have a festive look and completely change your eyes. You can buy lenses with the effect of feline or vampire eyes, smiley, dollar.

- Cosmetic .This is a special kind of product that is prescribed by the doctor to eliminate or hide certain defects: different eyes color, different pupil size, whether the iris is partially absent.

For how many years can I use such lenses?

how and how much can I wear colored lenses

Now we need to deal with an equally important issue of the age at which these products are allowed to be worn. In general, the best ophthalmologists are not advised to allow the use of colored lenses for children under 12 years of age. However, when discussing the issue of "how many years you can wear colored lenses," the opinions of experts are divided.

Some of them have a borderline age of 14 years, and someone trusts the child for 8 years. In general, it is possible to allow a son or daughter to use such means only when they have enough responsibility for their actions, when the child can learn to put on lenses and take care of them independently.

That is, with how many years you can wear colored lenses, it depends on your own solution. However, do not do this before the time set by the doctors.

How to choose and wear lenses?

Many patients are interested in how much you can wear colored lenses. We have already dealt with this issue. Now consider the basic criteria for choosing this product

1. To begin with, an experienced ophthalmologist is required. He must determine whether there are any contraindications or structural features of the eye.

2. In the shop where the lenses are sold, consult the consultants to find out any nuances, because it's not just about beauty, but about the health of your eyes.

3. Together with the goods, choose the case, as well as the liquid for storing these products. Please note that you can not save on this.

4. During the fitting, do not forget to take care of hand hygiene.

5. Pay attention to the expiration date of lenses and solutions. One-day wear can not be worn for longer than one day.

6. Consider your own eye color. If people with a light shade of the iris can use any lenses, then for the owners of brown and dark eyes, only emerald and sapphire shades will do.

As for the wearing of lenses, here too there are rules. For example, they should be worn with clean disinfected hands. At night they should be removed. If you do not know how many colored lenses wear, then keep in mind: doctors recommend using them no more than 8 hours. In this case, be careful not to wear them daily. Makeup should be applied only after you have already put on the lenses. Do not forget about moisturizing drops throughout the entire period of wearing.

How to care for lenses?

In order for these products to serve effectively and for long, you need to look after them. Daily perform such manipulations: at night it is desirable to put the lenses in special containers filled with cleaning disinfectant fluid.

The solution should be changed daily. If the expiration date has expired, it is better to throw it away. The capacity for lenses should be changed every 3 months. The fact is that on its walls can accumulate some substances that are contained in the liquid.

Now you know how and how much you can wear colored lenses. Good luck!