How not to fear the dentist: advice and recommendations. A child is afraid of a dentist - what to do?

Fear of dentists has a lot of names: dentofobia, odontophobia, dentofobia. But the essence of this does not change. Many people have just a wild fear of a doctor's visit. And almost everyone thinks: "How to stop being afraid of a dentist?".In this article, we will consider in detail the causes of this phobia, which took the scale of the epidemic, as well as ways to get rid of it.

What is dentofobia?

what to do if you are afraid to go to the dentist Of course, any person will be a little nervous before going to the dentist. Some are just slightly worried and feel a bit uncomfortable. In others, the mere thought of having to go to the doctor causes panic fear, and because of the kind of drill starts hysterics. It is this case that is called dentophobia - fear of dentists. Many people simply do not know what to do if you are afraid to go to the dentist.

But it's worth remembering that dentofobia is the extreme degree of fear of dentists. Such fear is simply impossible to control, a person can lose consciousness. Some people may have a hypertensive crisis or an attack of angina pectoris. These patients completely do not go on contact, to any doctor it is not possible to calm them and persuade. People suffering from such a phobia, go to the doctor can only force the most extreme case. For example, when the toothache is already unbearable, the usual painkillers are already powerless, and eating just becomes torture.

What exactly are the patients afraid of?

Why do people fear dentists? Everyone knows that most of all patients are afraid of pain. Not so terrible are the injections, drill and other tools, like the fact that they can cause pain.

In addition, the feeling of discomfort is:

  1. Helplessness.
  2. Uncertainty.
  3. Fear of showing your unhealthy teeth.
  4. Fear about the amount of payment for the treatment. how to stop being afraid of a dentist

How to overcome dentofobia?

Having learned why so many people are afraid of dentists, we will consider methods of combating dentophobia. First of all, it should be noted that getting rid of fear is a process of long and persistent work on yourself and manifestation of your willpower. Do not think that it's easy and simple, show a little patience and going to the dentist will no longer seem like the end of the world.

So, you all thought it over and came to the conclusion: "I'm afraid of a dentist."What to do in this case? To begin with, understand that postponing a visit to the dental one, you make yourself and your health worse. You are afraid that the doctor will hurt you, but you start the situation yourself until the tooth itself begins to ache.

If you are afraid of a dentist, pick yourself up, call and make an appointment. Then you will have no choice but to arrive at the appointed time. And when you come, discuss with the doctor all the details, ask all the questions of interest.

Another good way, as not to be afraid of the dentist, is to read the medical reference books. Try before going to the doctor to read in books about his illness, the ways of her treatment, and you will understand that there is nothing terrible in this. An additional incentive to visit a doctor will be viewing pictures of patients before and after treatment.

how not to be afraid of a dentist Choose a clinic that is located near your home, looks cozy and friendly. Study all doctors in the chosen clinic, read reviews about them, tune in positive contact with the dentist. Many doctors also know that patients are afraid of panicking to come to their reception. If you warn the doctor in advance about your fear, he will try to calm and support you. Thus, you easily adapt to the medical environment and tune in for treatment.

If your greatest fear is pain, then discuss with the doctor the options for anesthesia in advance. To reduce the fear of the patient, some dentists offer sedation.

Sedation is the preparatory form of general anesthesia. This procedure leads to a decrease in sensitivity, the excitement decreases and the person is half asleep.

How to stop being afraid of a dentist?

This question excites every dentofob. There are several tips that will help get rid of obsessive fear.

  1. First, decide what exactly you are afraid: to remove the tooth, to treat tooth decay, to do an anesthetic injection, to remove the nerve or other.
  2. Then you should determine why you are afraid of this. For example, you are afraid to pull out a tooth because of fear of pain. You are afraid to drill your teeth, because you are afraid of the sound of a drill. And so you should work out all your fears. I
  3. Consult a physician. Many clinics provide such a service before going directly to dentistry. You can ask the doctor any question. For example, if you are afraid of pain, then discuss with him questions of anesthesia. Communicating with a doctor and discussing their problems and fears helps to get rid of fear and feel comfortable in the dental chair.
  4. In no case should you delay a doctor's visit. Do not expect that, perhaps, you will become less afraid. So you will only waste time, and the condition of your teeth will deteriorate significantly.
  5. A good rest and a healthy sleep are necessary before visiting a doctor. Take sedatives immediately before going to the dentist. Try to relax and think about the good. Before the reception, do not plan any important activities that can cause stress.

With these simple tips, we learned how not to be afraid of the dentist. Stick to them, and going to the doctor will no longer cause you negative emotions.

How to get rid of fear with the help of a doctor?

Dentists also have a hard time when a patient comes to them, who is afraid to sit down in a chair. In this case, the doctor should help him to calm down. The dentist should talk with the patient, find out the cause of the fear, talk about all the necessary procedures. Establishing contact with the patient is a very important factor in the work of the dentist.

Dental clinics are now trying to minimize the stress of customers and make visiting a doctor comfortable and painless. For this use:

  1. Classical music or sounds of nature that soothe and relax.
  2. Providing quality anesthesia.
  3. Some clinics provide customers with video glasses to enjoy watching the movie while the doctor is working.

If you do not know how not to be afraid of a dentist, and all your attempts are meaningless, then you need to seek help from a doctor-psychotherapist.

Dentobobia in children

how not to fear a dentist for young children Unfortunately, children are more prone to fear of dentists. The most dangerous age is 3-5 years. During this period, children can not explain what they are afraid of, and poorly control their emotions. The causes of child dentofobia are the same as in mature people:

  1. Uncertainty.
  2. Fear of pain.
  3. Bad memories from a previous visit to the doctor.
  4. Parental behavior.

How not to be afraid of a dentist for young children?

Many parents ask themselves: "A child is afraid of a dentist: what to do?".To prevent the formation of dentofobia in the future and to reduce the child's fear at the present time, it is necessary: ​​

  1. That the doctor should contact the child. Holding a small excursion around the cabinet, interesting stories about working tools will help the child to settle and stop being afraid.
  2. Anesthesia is mandatory.
  3. Use noiseless techniques. The sound of the drill, unpleasant sensations, smell - all this only aggravates children's fear.
  4. Use multimedia devices. The child will relax while listening to pleasant music or while watching your favorite cartoon.
  5. Correct parental behavior. In no case should you frighten a child by going to the dentist or telling him that it can be painful. Do not make a big trip to the dentist. A kid from childhood should remember that dental care is mandatory and there is nothing special about this. In addition, do not show your child any fears, be calm and balanced. the child is afraid of the dentist what to do

Reminder for dentofob

Summing up all of the above, we will compile a short list of tips on how to calm down and stop being afraid of the dentist.

  1. It is necessary to decide what exactly you are afraid of, and discuss it with the doctor.
  2. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the means of anesthesia that will be used in the process of your treatment.
  3. Only good and proven dentistry should be chosen.
  4. It is necessary to consult a doctor and ask him any questions you are interested in. Established contact with the doctor is half the success.
  5. The cost of treatment should be stipulated before you begin to be treated.
  6. We need to come up with and discuss with the doctor a conventional sign, after which the doctor should pause. This will help build trust between you and the dentist.
  7. Use of anesthesia is mandatory. why people are afraid of dentists


From this article, you learned how not to be afraid of a dentist, examined the causes of the appearance of dentofobia and how to eliminate it. Adhere to these simple recommendations, and going to the dentist will cause only positive emotions.