Than knock down the temperature of the nursing mother, so as not to harm the child?

During pregnancy, women try to take special care of their health. After the birth of a baby, little changes. After all, from this moment the fair sex becomes a nursing mother. However, women do not always manage to protect themselves from various diseases. Than you can knock down the temperature of nursing mother? Women face this issue very often. It is worth noting that many drugs during lactation are prohibited. All due to the fact that the active substances of a medicine can penetrate into breast milk and harm the baby.

This article will tell you that you can drink from the temperature of nursing mom. You can get acquainted with the basic drugs, as well as learn about the traditional methods of treatment. The opinion of specialists and doctors on this matter should always be taken into consideration.

than to bring down the temperature of nursing mother

What do physicians say?

Doctors say that before you can knock down the temperature, the nursing mother needs to find out the reason for her increase. Only after this is chosen the correction method. At present, pharmaceutical campaigns represent a wide range of antipyretic drugs. Among them, one can distinguish "Fervex", "Teraflu", "Koldreks", as well as many others. They not only eliminate fever, but also struggle with headache, muscle pain, a sense of weakness, nasal congestion and so on. All of them, of course, deserve recognition. However, it is strictly forbidden to use such medicines for breastfeeding mothers.

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Also, doctors say that you should not knock down the temperature with the drug "Aspirin" and any of its derivatives. This medicine is categorically contraindicated to children at any age. Often it causes serious complications.

When is it necessary to bring down the temperature?

Before you figure out what to knock down the temperature of the nursing mother, it is necessary to say about the values ​​of the thermometer. If the fever is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, then the human body first tries to cope on its own. In this case, the temperature can rise to 38 degrees. Do not immediately grab the medicine. Let your immunity work in full force.

When the level of the thermometer rises rapidly and reaches a mark of 38.5 degrees, you need to think about how to bring down the heat feeding your mother. Consider the basic safe compounds.

Preparations with paracetamol

that you can breastfeed your mother from the temperature

Than to knock down the temperature of a nursing mother? Every medic will tell you that the safest remedy is paracetamol. This active ingredient is a part of the drug of the same name. Also based on paracetamol is a syrup "Panadol" and candles "Cefekon".

It should be noted that the tablets "Paracetamol" are available in a dosage of 500, 325 and 125 milligrams. The less medicine a mother drinks, the safer it will be for her child. If you need to get rid of a fever, then start with the minimum dosage. Rectal suppositories "Cefecon" contain in their composition from 100 milligrams of paracetamol. They also practically do not enter the breast milk. However, before using them, it is desirable to empty the intestine.

Drugs that contain paracetamol in their composition, last up to 12 hours. In this case, you can take the medication again after 4 hours. Do not use tablets without special need. In most cases, a single dose of medication is sufficient to reduce the temperature.

Means based on ibuprofen

than you can knock down the temperature of nursing mom

What can nursing mother from the temperature? Permitted drugs are considered to include ibuprofen. If for some reason you can not accept a safe and effective Paracetamol, then use Nurofen. This drug has the form of a suspension, capsules and suppositories. In the pharmacy chain you can find "Ibuprofen for children".Such a composition has a lower dosage. Start with it. Capsules for adults have a higher dosage and are recognized as more dangerous for the baby.

Nurofen medicine lasts approximately 8 hours. In a day you can make up to four receptions if necessary. Give preference to the drug in the form of candles. Like the medicine "Cefekon", they will be safer for your baby. It is worth noting that the drug based on ibuprofen is not only antipyretic and analgesic. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Due to this, the effect of treatment is achieved much faster.

Drugs with nimesulide

than to knock down the temperature of the nursing mother for colds

What can nursing mother from the temperature? If you can not take the first two described substances, then use a medicine that contains nimesulide. Such drugs include "Nyz", "Nimesil", "Nimulid" and so on. They are also allowed for use in children, but they have more negative feedback. Doctors also disagreed about these funds.

Compositions with nimesulide are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Their work is similar to ibuprofen. However, many doctors and patients say that "Naise" and its analogues have a greater effect and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Antiviral agents

than to bring down the temperature of the lactating mother during lactostasis

Than to bring down the temperature of a nursing mother with a cold? A single-valued effect will be achieved with full recovery. To get it as soon as possible, a woman can use antiviral compounds. These include "Ocillococcinum", "Viferon", "Genferon" and so on. They are allowed during pregnancy and with subsequent breastfeeding.

The above mentioned agents provoke the release of natural interferon in the human body. The result is an early recovery. It is worth noting that with the early intake of the Ozillococcinum preparation, the temperature drops rather quickly and does not rise again.

Folk remedies

than to knock off the heat to nursing mom

Than to knock down the temperature of the nursing mother, so as not to harm the child? Many representatives of the weaker sex give preference to folk methods. However, doctors recommend to observe special care in this case. Many formulations can trigger the appearance of an allergy in a baby. Here are a few proven antipyretic agents.

  • Raspberry tea. Berry can be used in the form of jam. It is also useful to make crimson leaves. Such hot drinks contribute to the elimination of toxins and the liquefaction of blood.
  • Vinegar. Wiping with a solution of vinegar leads to the fact that moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin, cooling it. For such treatment it is necessary to use only table vinegar, diluted with water. Do not replace it with alcohol. This can hurt the baby.
  • Liquid. An abundant drink and compresses of cool water on the forehead will help you cope with the fever. The more water you will drink per day, the faster you will go to the amendment.
  • Vitamin C. The shock dose of this substance will not only help you get back on your feet, but will also increase the body's resistance in the future. However, one should remember about a possible allergy.

Than to knock down temperature nursing mum at lactostasis?

drugs for breastfeeding temperature

If the temperature rise is caused by the stagnation of milk, then no folk remedies will help here. Abundant drinking can even aggravate the situation and lead to the need for surgical intervention.

If a nursing mother suddenly noticed cones in the mammary glands and a fever, she must immediately empty her breast. Only this will help to eliminate the fever. In some cases, this can be quite difficult. Go to a hot shower. Under the influence of heat, the milk ducts will expand, and you can easily stretch the breast. After the procedure, make a compress from the cabbage leaf. It prevents the formation of new cones. If you can not do anything, then you should immediately contact a mammalogist or gynecologist. Otherwise, you can bring the case to an operation.

Summing up

that you can drink from the temperature of nursing mom

You now know what it's like to knock down the temperature during breastfeeding. Try as little as possible to use medicines. If after a single intake of fever continues to bother you, it makes sense to consult a doctor. The doctor will correctly diagnose and give you the right treatment.

Never stop lactation when the temperature rises. After all, with this milk your baby is given antibodies that will protect him from infection. The opinion that breastfeeding can in this case harm the child is erroneous. Be healthy!