Micromotor dental electric: description. Dental equipment

For the treatment of teeth in modern clinics there is a huge variety of instruments, one of which is a dental micromotor. It is rightly considered the most important detail, without which it is impossible to implement one or another procedure. The micromotor is the tip of the main element for the all known drill. It depends on him the course of the procedure and its outcome. built-in dental electric micromotor

Dental micromotor

Most people have a huge fear of the dental office and turn to the doctor only in the most extreme case, for example, when a sharp toothache is no longer tolerable. The first cause of fear is the dental unit, which begins to frighten patients from childhood. It makes an unpleasant sound and hurts a person. Although modern medicine has a magnificent anesthesia, anesthetizing teeth and gums, children's fear is still preserved even in adults.

The advantage of a micromotor used in a specialized dental unit is that it speeds up the procedure and ensures complete absence of pain, both during and after treatment. Therefore, due to the wide steps of modern medicine, it is not worth to be afraid of visiting a dentist, and to take care of one's own health is always necessary, so as not to worsen the situation.

tip for micromotor


In the field of dentistry, there are only two types of micromotors: electric and pneumatic, in addition( or as a replacement) for which turbine tips are used. They have significant differences from each other, which is reflected in their main advantages and disadvantages.

Most often, physicians use electrical options in their work, since their power is much higher than the pneumatic ones, and the number of revolutions reaches as much as 40,000 rpm. In turn, they are divided into collector and brushless.

The first do not guarantee a long working life, therefore for them it is necessary to use additional equipment, increasing the operating time. It is worth noting that the longevity and efficiency of the equipment directly depend on the quality of the materials of manufacture, operating characteristics and so on. Experienced dentists can easily pick up a high-quality micromotor, with which it will be convenient and easy to work with, but newcomers in this matter can not do without the help of professionals. dental unit

Pneumatic micromotors are used for those installations in which electricity is only required for lighting. They, in turn, come with a cooling function or with an external illumination.

Some doctors divide micromotors into other subgroups:

  1. Turbine tips( FG Fricton Grip).
  2. Angled tips( Right Angle).
  3. Straight handpieces.
  4. Special( micromotor: dental, surgical, endodontic and so on).

The best micromotors

At any time, there were leading products, which gained their popularity not only thanks to the brand. These micromotors do differ in the high quality of the material and give the corresponding result of the work. Below is a list of the leading equipment that has not lost its fame for a very long time. First of all, it should be noted the main advantage - the upgrade Micro-Series with LED backlight, which was previously used only in the most expensive clinics, but gradually began to spread to other dentists.

It was rightly called the most productive micromotor with a carbon brush, as the performance is really impressive. It has no equal, operates in an incredible range - from 60 to 40 thousand revolutions per minute.

Bien Air MC3 LED can also be found in the version with a short bow, as well as adjustable backlight.

W & H AM-25 RM

The air micromotor Dental differs quite high power and unimaginable reliability. Its versatility makes it possible to choose the rotation mode clockwise and counter-clockwise, so that the power is smoothly changed. To the list of main advantages also it is possible to carry safely the following:

  • longevity;
  • availability in the range of options with or without light;
  • quiet working stroke;
  • universal speed( from 5 thousand to 25 thousand revolutions).

Bien Air Aquilon 830 Unifix

Any dental unit will easily accept this micromotor and will work in good tandem with it. This model is a high-performance pneumomicro motor, characterized by a competitive price. In its design there is a ceramic stator, which is quite convenient in operation and good for a long period of operation. A quick-detachable rotary adapter helps the device to instantly connect and function in normal mode.

Bien Air Optima MX INT

Another fine micromotor dental( electric), which is an embedded system with a modern remote control device, which makes it possible to use it even in the field of endodontics.

The motor has better characteristics, because the manufacturer has created a highly efficient device specifically for the management of the engine.

Optima MXINT and, of course, the micromotor itself gives a full guarantee for absolute control of the instrument. The speed can be easily adjusted, there is an automatic reversal of the direction of rotation( clockwise or counterclockwise).

The so-called "all-in-one" system greatly simplifies the work of the dentist. For functioning in a normal mode and obtaining the necessary result, only two angled tips are sufficient, with which it is possible to perform a variety of different operations( restorative, endodontic, and others).
dental micromotor

In addition to all of the above, it is also worth noting that the model has a unique intuitive control system and is ideal for any type of seating.

W & H RC-20 RM

A dental micromotor of this type has a speed of 20,000 revolutions per minute, and also features four channels and light weight. Excellent quality and proper selection of materials for manufacturing guarantee an excellent result. With such a micromotor, the session time will be significantly reduced, and the quality of work will be even higher.

Chirana CH 660 LED

A good micromotor of dental technology produced by Chirana has always been distinguished by its excellent appearance and multifunctionality. It is an electrical switchboard model that has a backlight that regulates the amount of liquid( water) in the provided spray, the filtering air and the torque. The motor allows the use of a tip that automatically accelerates the transmission of 1: 5.turbine handpieces

Bien AirAquilon 830

The main positive point, which should be noted, is that the tip for a micromotor of this type will not be too difficult to pick up.

The model has an external diffuser and boasts a quick connection for a rotating 2-3-4-channel Unifix adapter, which is an important factor in modern dentistry.

Other products of

In addition to the leading micromotors, there are other options, which also boast excellent quality and ease of operation. Their cost will be a little lower, but there is no reason to doubt the performance. dental micromotor Other popular products include:

  1. Granum. Pneumatic micromotor, designed for tips with the presence of an external system for supplying a cooling spray, and also by regulating the speed and the direction of rotation itself.
  2. P2ED 460. The built-in kit of the dental electric micromotor, has a spray, performs 40,000 revolutions per minute.
  3. NXOP-100E.Electric version, also a kit for installation.
  4. Anthos i-MMs. Electric, has a LED backlight and a range of speed control - 1000-40000 revolutions. When working, it does not make too much noise, light in weight, compact.
  5. TASKAL Wizard. Portable micromotor dental, ensuring quick change of heads. It features 18 speed regimes, a double switch and the presence of 5 preventive heads, which are necessary for some other dental work.
  6. NXHW-100E.Collector version with a chic appearance and a body made of stainless steel and aluminum. Guarantees ease of use, simple replacement of boron. Ideal for long-term use.
  7. KaVo INTRA LUX Motor KL 701. It is mainly intended for excavating caries, polishing, endodontics, but also for other purposes, too, will work well. This model does not have a rotating washer, so it guarantees a smooth and vibration-free rotation, as well as an excessively smooth stroke. The torque is 2.7 Ncm, and the power is 45 watts. This indicates the simplicity of the work and the achievement of the desired result.
  8. NSK NLX PLUS.It is a built-in motor that can please professional dentists with a lot of interesting functions - torque adjustment, LED backlighting, speed of 100-40 thousand revolutions and many others.