Monastic tea from nail fungus: composition, recommendations for use, reviews

Recently, more and more people suffer from fungus - a hard-to-treat disease, which in most cases affects the feet and nails. Onychomycosis - so even doctors call this ailment - appears for various reasons. Provoke development is capable of both weak immunity and poor-quality footwear. To get rid of the misfortune, people use a lot of folk methods, among which the leading position is occupied by monastic tea from the fungus of nails. The composition of the drink is natural, so it is suitable for almost all patients.

Danger of a fungal infection

According to statistics, 5 to 15% of the population of the planet are at risk. In this case, the most frequent cases of infection are patients who have crossed the 60-year mark. Often ill children and adolescents who regularly visit public pools, as well as adults - lovers of baths and saunas. It is possible that you can get infected in the pedicure salon, if the master does not observe the basic conditions of hygiene and does not care about the safety of customers.

monastic tea from fungus nails composition

As the manufacturer convinces us, monastic antiparasitic tea from nail fungus will help all these people. If you do not immediately treat the infection, it will begin to actively progress, hitting the nail plates, making them curved, bumpy, dark and lifeless. As a result, the hands and feet look ugly. When the microbes get inside the plate, through the lymphatic system they are able to spread throughout the body. In this case, the fungus will affect all the nails on the upper and lower limbs. The launched disease practically does not give in to treatment, threatening with constant relapses.

The main causes of

It turns out that the fungus is a disease not only of the nails, but of the whole organism. That's why all the patients will benefit from monastic tea from the fungus of nails: the composition of the infusion made from the gifts of nature will positively affect the internal organs and systems. Onychomycosis is a parasitic disease. This means that the colonies of harmful microorganisms have chosen your body for life and reproduction. To prevent this, you need to know the elementary factors that cause the disease: regular nail injuries, the use of uncomfortable, substandard and tight shoes, a malfunction in the immune system and uncontrolled intake of medications, especially antibiotics.

monastic antiparasitic tea from nail fungus

In our time, many Russians have a nail plate fungus. At the majority of people it is at an early stage, accordingly, it is easy to treat. The doctors' testimonies testify that the patient is not in a hurry to apply to the dermatologist, therefore the parasites calmly multiply and migrate throughout the body.

First signs of

Once they have appeared, you need to immediately visit a clinic. The doctor will recommend various medications for the disease, as well as folk remedies, including monastic tea from parasites. Of the nail fungus, of course, a person can not lose work capacity, but harmful microbes can become a catalyst for other dangerous ailments.

To prevent complications, your observation will help. Noticing the first symptoms, take urgent measures. Early signs include: changes in the shape and color of the nail plate, redness of the skin and its thickening, itching, burning and the appearance of cracks, especially between the fingers. Usually, at first the feet and folds of phalanges suffer. And only then - nails. The first symptom is peeling of the epidermis on the legs, accompanied by unpleasant sensations and discomfort.

Treatment with monastic tea

Traditional medicine persistently recommends using this particular drink in the fight against parasites. Let's understand, what word can characterize monastic tea from a fungus of nails: a divorce or a panacea? The reviews of many patients say: its regular use cleanses the body of the products of the vital activity of parasites. Accordingly, the person feels better. Treatment of nail fungus with monastic tea is based on the following principles:

  • Elimination of the development of the disease.
  • Activation of the nail restoration process.
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Improve liver function and neutralize pathogenic toxins.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory effect.

monastic tea from parasites from fungus nails

Some physicians say that the effectiveness of the "work" of tea is proven during clinical trials. Instead, opponents of drink lovers are sure that advertising for tea is a divorce of clean water, the main purpose of which is to lure money from too gullible consumers.

Healing composition

Exclusively medicinal herbs are included in monastic tea from nail fungus. The composition of the drink is curative and useful:

  1. Sage. Helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Normalizes the work of the nervous system.
  2. Camomile. Removes inflammation and accelerates healing.
  3. Wheat. Restores the structure of the nail and eliminates itching. Stimulates immunity.
  4. Wormwood. It stops the reproduction of colonies of microorganisms.
  5. Oak bark. Cleans blood from the products of reproduction of pathogenic fungi.
  6. Tansy. Activates the processes of tissue regeneration. Helps the skin and nails to recover.
  7. Strap. It has antitoxic and bactericidal functions. Heals parasitic infections.

monastic tea from nail fungus reviews

This is only part of the herbs that make up tea. In fact, the real and full recipe of the drink is kept in strict confidence. Therefore, not knowing all the components of collection and the right proportions, you can not prepare it yourself at home.

Where to buy?

Monastic antiparasitic tea from nail fungus in pharmacies is not for sale. Buy the product only on the official website of the supplier. The special agent provides goods to all CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. There is a special form for ordering. And take them around the clock. The operator as soon as possible answers any questions from customers: most often people are interested in the opportunity and ways to purchase a drink.

treatment of nail fungus with monastic tea

By the way, the price of tea is around a thousand rubles. For this amount you can buy a pack of drink. To make a purchase, you fill out the form, where you specify your personal data: name and surname, address, phone number. Then wait for the call of the operator, which will clarify the identity of the customer and his coordinates. Customer feedback indicates that the logistics of the company is working perfectly. The goods are sent to the buyer immediately: on the day the order is placed. Delivery lasts from 10 to 14 days, depending on where the customer lives. For the goods you pay at the time of receipt. Buy the product in some other place the manufacturer does not recommend, referring to the numerous fakes on the market.

How to take?

Brewing monastic tea is very simple. To make the drink tasty and aromatic, two tablespoons of herbal mixture are used for its preparation. They are put in the kettle for brewing: ideally, if the container is made of glass or clay - these materials better retain useful substances and keep the necessary temperature longer. Then fill the collection with boiling water: you need about half a liter of liquid. Insist fragrant herbs for half an hour, while the capacity is not covered with a lid. After 30 minutes, the drink is filtered and consumed.

How to drink monastic tea from nail fungus? First, a one-time dose for an adult is ½ cup or ordinary glass. Take the drink twice a day. Secondly, the course of treatment lasts a month. Even if the improvement is earlier, the feedback is not recommended to interrupt the process, as the parasitic infection can return. Instructions for the detailed use of tea are contained inside the package: if you want, you can familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the proper use of the monastic drink.

Use of the drink

Monastic tea from the nail fungus, the composition of which is indicated above, has a natural composition and homeopathic effect. He went through all sorts of research and testing, has a special patent, which indicates the legitimacy of the sale of the drink and its safety for consumers. In addition, the miraculous properties of the drug have been tested on people more than once: the result showed the effectiveness of tea in the fight against fungal infections.

monastic tea from fungus nails divorce

The product, consisting of taiga herbs, helps to strengthen human immunity, making it more resistant to catarrhal and viral diseases. It actively cleanses the body of all harmful substances that poison it: free radicals, carcinogens, heavy metals and the products of vital activity of parasites. According to reviews, patients feel better, more energetic, more active. They even note the improvement of mood, after his reception they feel a powerful burst of energy. Tea positively affects the work of all human systems and organs.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not recommended to take monastic tea from nail fungus. Customer testimonials indicate that even natural ingredients can negatively affect a baby's health. For example, cause an allergic reaction. Drink can not be drunk to small children and people who have an individual intolerance to its components. Tea relieves the body of all parasites, including worms, ascarids, helminths and other worms. Therefore, if the baby suffers from such a disease, and the treating doctor has allowed, the drink can be given even to the smallest patients.

how to drink monastic tea from nail fungus

Keep tea bags in a dark and dry place. For example, in a pantry or basement. The room should not be moldy, and also the fungus on the walls and excess moisture. Reviews recommend storing the collection away from spices and other products with a pronounced smell. The closed box has an unlimited shelf life. As for the printed product, it should be poured into a tightly closed container: glass, wooden, tin or cardboard. Store this tea can not more than 4 months.