Vitamins "Alphabet Cosmetics": instructions for use, composition, indications, reviews

The modern rhythm of life, the quality of products from the supermarket - all this makes the intake of vitamins not just desirable, but simply necessary. To be in time everything and everywhere, and at the same time feel good, it is necessary to supply all organs and systems with the necessary trace elements, and not just fats and carbohydrates. Nutritionists repeatedly prove that fruits and vegetables, especially closer to spring, can not be the source of all the necessary substances. Especially suffer from their lack of women. Skin, hair and nails - this is the first thing on which affects avitaminosis, and in fact we so want to be beautiful. That's why thousands of women take vitamins for beauty and health. One of the most popular is the Alphabet Cosmetic. Instructions for use advise to take them regularly, on an ongoing basis, regardless of the time of the year. It is then that the body will not experience deficiency in the necessary substances. alphabet of cosmetics user manual

Pharmacological action

Today we are talking about a vitamin-mineral complex called "Alphabet Cosmetics".Instruction for use contains information that it has in the components that are daily needed by our body. These are vitamins and minerals, as well as plant extracts. Their effectiveness has been repeatedly proven by rigorous scientific research, as well as experience in folk medicine.

These are not exactly normal vitamins. In addition to the fact that the complex contains everything necessary for the functioning of internal organs and systems, it belongs to the category beauty from within, or beauty from within. It was not for nothing that he was called "Alphabet Cosmetic".Instructions for use indicate that the complex includes vitamins for hair growth - it's A and H, in addition, calcium is added for the health of nails and antioxidants for the health and youth of the skin. It is familiar to many coenzyme Q10 and green tea. alphabet cosmetics price

Features of the

complex Today, the market presents such an abundance of various additives for health and beauty that the choice of a person is really difficult. However, it is worth paying attention to the advantages that "Alphabet Cosmetics" possesses. Instructions for use emphasize that, unlike many other complexes, here the entire set of vitamins and minerals is divided into groups, and in each of them the components complement each other's action. That is, it was developed taking into account scientific recommendations on separate and joint intake of useful substances. As a result, the probability of allergic reactions is practically reduced to zero. At the same time, useful substances are assimilated much faster and better. Studies have shown that vitamins "Alphabet Cosmetics" really slow down the aging process. This became possible due to the use of bioflavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants. alphabet cosmetics composition

Composition of

This is the qualitative difference of this complex. The entire daily norm of necessary elements is divided into three tablets, which are taken at a certain interval, so that individual components can not neutralize each other. Now we will consider in detail what the "Alphabet Cosmetics" consists of. We will also describe the composition separately. The first tablet is green, it contains calcium and vitamin D3 for its better absorption. In addition, this includes vitamins biotin, B5, B12, K1, folic acid, D3.Their action is supplemented by minerals, this is chromium and silicon.

Second tablet, yellow

It should be noted that you can take them in any order, the most important thing is that with an interval of 3-4 hours you take a full daily rate. It is on this and the effect of the drug "Alphabet Cosmetics" is based. The composition of the second tablet is vitamins E, C, B6, B2, PP, beta-carotene. The optimal addition is minerals: manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, magnesium. The second tablet is enriched with antioxidants. This coenzyme Q10, quercetin, polyphenols and curcumin. As you can see, the composition is very rich.

Third tablet, orange color

This is the last daily tablet, which is included in the complex "Alphabet Cosmetics".It also contains vitamins - B1, C, A, folic acid. From the minerals here comes iron and copper. In addition, the third tablet contains paraaminobenzoic acid and polyfructosans. It is this composition is recognized by numerous studies optimal for the female body. Its components are enough to cover all natural needs and not forget about the beauty of the skin, hair and nails. It is known that the peripheral organs vital elements are left to the residual principle, and this is taken into account by the developers. vitamins alphabet cosmetics

How to take this complex

Unlike many others, it does not imply a single intake of a universal pill that would contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And in that its cardinal difference, and for this reason, many people prefer to buy something else, not "Alphabet Cosmetics.""How do I take pills on time if I'm at work all day?"they are perplexed. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this, it is enough to take the package with you. For the whole day you will need to take three tablets, that is, the interval between them should be about 4 hours. If you forgot to take a pill on time, then you can drink two more at the same time, but this measure somewhat reduces the effectiveness of vitamin prevention.

Duration of admission

In this regard, today often argue specialists, including doctors and nutritionists. Someone thinks that you need to take vitamins all year round, because even in the middle of summer we do not consume the right amount of vitamins from natural sources of food. The reason is simple: to provide the body with everything you need, you need to eat a kilogram of vegetables and fruits a day, and this is not counting nuts and cottage cheese, fatty fish and kefir, a variety of cereals. If you count the diet for a family of four, you get a good amount of food. They need to be bought, cooked and eaten. Given the average income of citizens and a high level of employment, it turns out that this is not really real. Then how to drink "Alphabet Cosmetic" is not so expensive. In addition, it's great to save your time. If there is only enough time in the evening to prepare semi-finished products, it is much more convenient to correct a monotonous diet with the help of a balanced complex. In addition, if we consider the "Alphabet Cosmetics", the price does not seem too high.

However, the instructions for use recommend a preventive course at three months. During this time, the body will be able to restore all the processes that could be broken due to the chronic shortage of trace elements. But consider that the body does not know how to accumulate them for future use, so if you can not build a balanced diet, you will soon have to take a multivitamin again. complex alphabet of cosmetics

Vitamins for beauty and health

This is how the "Alphabet Cosmetics" complex is positioned. Its price, compared with other popular means for the beauty of hair and nails, is fairly democratic. Packaging of sixty tablets, which is enough for twenty days, will cost 420 rubles. Due to what this complex can pretend to be the "elixir of youth"?It is the right set of vitamins and minerals that provides not only good health, but also a beneficial effect on hair strengthening, nails and skin condition. So, a full set of B vitamins provides good circulation in the vessels. Vitamin E slows the aging of skin cells, and coenzyme Q10 and bioflavonoids have an excellent rejuvenating effect.

Similar drugs

We have already mentioned that there are a lot of such tools on the market. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: which of them to choose? In fact, the cost of "Alphabet" for beauty is one of the most affordable. However, in order not to be unfounded, let's list the others, which are not less often found on the shelves of pharmacies. This is "Alerana" and "Veluman", the cost of which is about 500 rubles. The Vitrum Beauty complexes are gaining popularity, they will cost about 1000 rubles. Today, almost everywhere you can see the advertising of the modern complex "Lady C".They contain not only vitamins and minerals, but also extracts and extracts of various plants. The cost is from 700 rubles. Finally, I would like to mention the preparation Perfectil Plus, which is known for positive reviews, - the price is about 800 rubles. That is, there is something to choose from, it is not necessary to buy "Alphabet Cosmetics".Analogues are known for positive responses, but many doctors speak for the separate intake of individual groups of vitamins and minerals, so it may be worthwhile to listen to their opinion.

Separate attention deserves a complex called "Complivit Radiance".In its composition - a full set of vitamins and minerals, and the cost is lower than all other listed complexes. alphabet cosmetics how to take

Reviews of doctors and philistines

We have already mentioned several times that doctors recommend this complex for its optimal composition, as well as the separation of trace elements into groups, which ensures their better assimilation. And what do consumers think about it? Many women say that the effect of taking these vitamins is noticeable at once, that is, they are comparable to expensive complexes of the "Nutrilight" series. At the same time, the price is affordable and attractive. alphabet cosmetics or compliment the radiance

Let's try to compare

So, the last question that interests us: "Alphabet Cosmetic" or "Complicant Radiance" - that more meets the needs of the female body and contributes to the preservation of its fragile beauty. For this we need to consider the composition of the complex "Complivit Radiance", the cost of which is very pleasing - from 250 rubles per package, which contains 30 tablets. So, each tablet contains vitamin A and E, B1, B2, B6, C, nicotinamide and folic acid, vitamin B12, calcium pantothenate, magnesium, selenium. Additional components are the motherwort extract and tsimitsifugi. That is, the composition is good enough, it will provide full support to your body with the necessary trace elements, and also protect against stress. However, unlike the "Alphabet", you get all the elements in one tablet, that is a great chance that some of them will not fully digest. We tried to tell you in detail about one of the most recommended vitamin and mineral complexes, and the final choice, of course, is yours.