Acne on the pope

To us, women, the mood can spoil everything, everything, but on the first place, perhaps, there are flaws of own body. For someone, "Armageddon" can come when an extra centimeter is found on the waist, for someone - with the appearance of a mimic wrinkle, and for someone - with a treacherous pimple at the most inopportune moment.

On the other hand, is there a suitable time for the appearance of acne, wrinkles or extra centimeters? No, of course, the universe expects from us that, in the opinion of Prince Myshkin( and not only him), the world will save, and we desperately try to keep up with her, Mrs. Beauty.

Conversations about inner beauty for each of us, suffering from an inferiority complex, become a kind of protection, but in fact all our nature is eager to be beautiful outwardly, to enjoy its reflection in the mirror and to catch the admiring glances of others.

But is it possible, if all thoughts revolve around a terrible secret: you have pimples. .. on the pope. Yeah, there's nothing to envy and admire, unless your courage and unwillingness to give up. Let's try to deal with this problem, especially since millions of women are facing it.

So, pimples on the pope: why they appear .

Buttocks are in constant contact with external stimuli, the skin of the fifth point dries quickly, receives less oxygen and often comes into contact with poor-quality materials that cause irritation.

The most common reason for pimples on the pope is dryness of the skin. The lack of moisture and oxygen leads to the fact that the pores are clogged. As a result of contact of the skin with various materials, the infection penetrates into the clogged pores - inflammation occurs and a pimple appears.

Another reason for the appearance of acne is an allergic reaction to synthetic detergents. In such cases, it is sufficient to change the washing powder and iron the laundry every time after washing.

Acne on the pope may appear due to skin contact with synthetic materials in which it does not breathe. In this case, it will be reasonable to change the wardrobe, leaving your favorite lace panties for special occasions.

Allergy can cause wool tissue, or rather, microbes, it inhabits.

Another reason for the appearance of acne on the buttock area is stomach problems. If the work of the intestines, say, is lame, and constipation for you is a common thing, then do not be surprised by your problem. The body does not function fully, and the skin takes over part of its work, trying to free the body from the products of decay, this provokes the appearance of acne.

In addition to the above reasons, pimples on the pope in women can appear as a result of hypothermia( for example, a girl walks in cold frost in winter with thin nylon pantyhose) or lack of vitamin D.

In some cases, pimples on the buttocks appear as a reaction to oral contraceptives thatbased on hormones. Acne on the pope: how to deal with them.

On the skin of the buttocks there are practically no sebaceous glands, the same ones that are present here, give off a small part of the fat. Hence the conclusion: standard ways of getting rid of acne in this case are not good.

· If iodine does not cause an allergic reaction, you can use it. Lubricate with iodine pimples on the pop twice a day. Procedures spend, while instead of a pimple there will be a speck.

· You can cauterize the pimples with salicylic ointment( you can use salicylic alcohol, but the result will have to wait longer).

· An excellent remedy for pimples on the pope - a basidon. It is quickly absorbed, dries the pimple and kills the bacteria. Unlike other products, it does not rub over the entire skin, which does not provoke its drying.

· Well, of course, we eliminate the reasons for the appearance of pimples on the pope. We are talking about changing synthetic underwear for cotton and linen, moisturizing the skin, normalizing the work of the stomach, taking vitamins and, of course, following the rules of personal hygiene.