Treatment of pancreatitis: drugs. Treatment of pancreatitis: folk remedies

The defeat of the pancreas is called pancreatitis. Leaving this disease without attention is impossible, because this body produces enzymes for digestion and hormones that are responsible for the regulation of blood glucose.

Diagnosis of

Drugs treatment of pancreatitis For the appointment of competent therapy, it is important to establish a diagnosis in a timely manner. For this you need to know how pancreatitis is manifested. Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment are known to doctors, but patients need to understand the cause of their poor health.

For example, with acute inflammation there are severe pains in the abdomen. They can be sharp or blunt. In addition, pancreatitis is characterized by a violation of the digestive system( diarrhea or constipation may start), belching, dry mouth, fever. The chronic form of the disease can even be asymptomatic. But in most cases, painful seizures alternate with periods of remission.

An accurate diagnosis can be made only in the hospital after a series of examinations. The patient is sent for ultrasound, urine, feces and blood tests.

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Choice of treatment tactics

Pancreatitis requires a special therapy regimen. It is desirable that a qualified doctor prescribes medicines. Treatment of pancreatitis, as a rule, begins with hunger. At this time, powerful analgesics are prescribed, capable of eliminating pain. The patient should be in hospital hospital under the supervision of doctors. In the acute period intravenously, special inhibitors of enzymes are introduced. This can be medicines such as "Contrikal", "Gordoks".Also injected plasma, saline solutions, preparations "Reopoliglyukin", "Albumin".

Medications for the pancreas in the treatment of pancreatitis In case of an acute attack, a three-day fast is necessary. During this period, only allowed to drink water without gas, broth of wild rose or unsweetened tea. Simultaneously, supportive therapy is provided. After that, a rigid diet is prescribed.

Pancreatic drugs for pancreatitis are selected depending on the patient's condition. If necessary, use painkillers. In addition, drugs are needed that regulate the pancreas.


When treating pancreatitis, it is important to relieve the patient's condition. In acute attacks in hospitals, hospitals can inject narcotic painkillers intravenously. Treatment of pancreatitis should be aimed at removing the pain and normalizing the function of the pancreas.

Preparations for the treatment of pancreatitis, which drugs to take After eliminating acute inflammation or chronic form of the disease, a "No-shpa" remedy is often prescribed. To achieve the desired effect, you need 80 mg twice a day. With intravenous administration, it is important to ensure that the drug is delivered every 4 hours.

In addition to this remedy, other antispasmodics may be prescribed. Candles "Papaverin" are popular. But with their application, cardiac rhythm disturbance is possible. Also use the tool "Baralgin".

Restorative drugs

One of the main tasks is the normalization of the functioning of the pancreas. Special medicines are used for this. Treatment of pancreatitis is carried out with the help of antacid agents. They are designed to relieve the pain symptom and protect the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. For these purposes, use drugs such as "Fosfalugel", "Maalox", "Gaviscon."

Block receptors responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid, such drugs as "Ranitidine", "Omeprazole."With a decrease in its secretion, stimulation of the pancreas is stopped. Take them for at least two weeks. In hospitals, "Ranitidine" is administered intramuscularly 50 mg three times a day. Intravenous injection is also possible. When the condition is eased, they switch to taking the pills. Typically, 150 mg of "Ranitidine" is prescribed twice a day.

Treatment of pancreatitis with medicines, folk remedies But the remedy "Omeprazole" is administered once a day. It is enough 40 mg diluted in a fizrastor. The drug is administered intravenously drip. Over time, it is possible to switch to capsules of the same name or tablets. Take 20 mg twice a day.

Additional tools

In addition to anesthesia and cessation of stimulation of the pancreas, it is important to adjust the entire digestive system. For these purposes, not only special drugs are used to treat pancreatitis. What drugs to take, in addition to antispasmodics and drugs that reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid, should explain the doctor.

Pancreatitis chronic, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment So, it is often recommended enzyme means. Often prescribe the drug "Pancreatin".It is an enzymatic agent without bile acids, which contains special enzymes of the pancreas - amylase, protease, lipase. It helps to improve the digestion and absorption of the main nutrients into the duodenum.

Instead of Pancreatin, other medicines may be prescribed. Treatment of pancreatitis is also carried out with the help of such medications as "Creon", "Mezim", "Festal".

Antibacterial treatment of

In some cases, chronic pancreatitis is exacerbated by reactive inflammation of the bile duct. This can not do without antibacterial agents.

Assigned may be an agent such as "Cefuroxime".It is administered intramuscularly 1 g three times a day. Also in this case, the drug "Doxycycline" is effective. Assign 0.1 g three times a day. Treatment should last from 7 to 10 days.

But to start independently to enter antibiotics without a confirmed diagnosis is impossible. In any case, only under the supervision of a doctor, pancreatitis should be treated with medications. Folk remedies also apply only after consultation with the doctor.

Alternative methods

Folk remedies and methods of treatment of pancreatitis Broths and infusions of various herbs have a good effect on the pancreas. Ready-made fees can be found in the pharmacy or compiled independently. It is important only to understand which combination of herbs best affects the condition of the pancreas.

An effective tincture of elecampane, mint and string is considered effective. The collection is filled with boiling water( 100 ml of water per 1 tbsp) and boiled for 3 minutes. The broth can be drunk on 1/3 cups on an empty stomach twice a day.

There are also other folk remedies and methods for treating pancreatitis. Healers are often advised to mix St. John's Wort, horsetail, string, sage, wormwood, elecampane, burdock roots, chamomile flowers and marigold. The table-top of crushed mixed herbs is poured into a glass of boiling water. After the collection is consumed, it can be drunk. It is enough to consume 100 ml three times a day before meals.

Also on the condition of the pancreas is positively affected by special breathing exercises. It is designed for gentle massage of all internal organs. It is necessary to hold your breath and stick out your belly.